daily weigh ins

#MoveItMay begins... TODAY - 1/5/2017

If you are joining me today its a simple challenge and here’s how to start

1) post your base stats or goal, this can be whatever you want.

2) Move It every day in May. This does NOT need to be massive workouts or runs or whatever. Small exercises, yoga, walks etc.. are fine.

You just need to move about and do something every day in May that suits you.

3) if its possible. Eat a bit healthier

4) Have fun. NO PRESSURE. Don’t feel the need for daily or weekly weigh ins.

Just post something either daily or weekly about what you’ve done that day or that week and maybe what your goal is for the week ahead. If you wanna post stats whilst doing this.. great but if you are not comfortable. Don’t worry about it.

Aim of the game is to feel fitter and healthier.

5) any questions/problems etc. Just ask.
I’ll be following the #MoveItMay all throughout the month.

Good Luck. Have fun and #MoveIt


No, no, no. You may not escape, sir!

Beeb Update

Amazing news! Einstein is doing wonderfully today! He’s been screeching at full volume and his doc said he looks fantastic!

He still has a little fluid in his air sacs, but he’s got 5 more days of antibiotics to help that dissipate. Doc said he’ll likely be on the liver tonic and the furosemide for the rest of his life.

His weight was down just a little, but Doc said it was expected with the medication. He’s getting a fancy delicious birdy bread supplement to his diet to help put on a few grams and we’re adding daily weigh-ins to his routine.

He’s beak-grinding and preparing for a nap after the excitement of the vet office. His next appointment will include xrays to check progress and that’ll be Feb 1st.

I want to take the time to thank every single one of my followers here. Whether it was a like, reblog, ask, or message you have all really helped me through this. I couldn’t imagine going through this without your amazing support! I hope I can repay your kindnesses by continuing to share pictures and updates to brighten all of your days as well.