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How do you find your maintenance caloric intake? Does it include the standard workout week?

- First off, what are maintenance calories?
The amount of calories you need to consume to maintain your current weight. This is determinant on many different factors (age, height, sex, lean mass, hormones, exercise/activity level, diet, etc)
- Why is this important?
In order to gain muscle mass or lose fat you will have to be either in a caloric surplus or caloric deficit respectively. To determine how many calories you need you will need to know your maintenance and add (surplus) or subtract (deficit) from that. (Note: Cardio can definitely help you put yourself in a deficit by burning more calories in your workout HOWEVER if you still end up eating more calories you may still end up at maintenance or even at a surplus!!!)
- What’s the formula?
There’s many different formulas and some might be better than others but here here is a VERY simple calories per unit weight calculation which is based on how active your lifestyle is (it is not very specific to individual and offers too wide of a range sometimes but it gives you a good guessimate for you to try to find your maintenance)…
    - normal, healthy, sedentary individuals: 12-13 kcal/lb
    - moderate activity (active 3-5x a wk): 14-15 kcal/lb
    - highly active lifestyle (active 5+ a wk): 16-17kcal/lb
ex. I am moderately active and weigh ~125lbs so… 125lbs x 14kcal = 1750kcal and 125lbs x 15kcal = 1875kcal so… ~1750-1875kcal is the range in which my maintenance most likely lies
NOW to get a more accurate measure you will have to narrow it down… for about 2-4 weeks monitor your weight by weighing yourself every morning when you wake up and before you consume any food. At the end of the week take an average of them and compare it to the previous weeks.. if it is roughly the same you have found your maintenance. Congratulations!
- What now?
I want to LOSE weight: From your maintenance start by taking ~10-20% of your maintenance away and again like the method before monitor your weight WEEKLY (it is very important to note that DAILY weigh ins are NOT A DETERMINANT OF HOW HEALTHY YOU ARE so please do not stress if it fluctuates against what your goals are) There is no exact numbers or pattern to follow when dropping the calories but if you are progressing well after ~1-2 weeks drop another ~5-10% and so on.. these results are GRADUAL and patience is very important.
I want to GAIN weight: Same as above except now you are adding ~10-20% of your maintenance calories. Monitor your results and adjust as required.

New weight loss plan for the next two weeks (Starting October 3,2017)

1) Fast daily

2) Weigh in daily and Record it (weigh ins=8AM)

3) Take 4 Garcinia Cambogia weight loss pills daily (2 morning and 2 at night)

4) Workout 45 mins-60 mins daily

5) Take a cold shower daily


No, no, no. You may not escape, sir!

Beeb Update

Amazing news! Einstein is doing wonderfully today! He’s been screeching at full volume and his doc said he looks fantastic!

He still has a little fluid in his air sacs, but he’s got 5 more days of antibiotics to help that dissipate. Doc said he’ll likely be on the liver tonic and the furosemide for the rest of his life.

His weight was down just a little, but Doc said it was expected with the medication. He’s getting a fancy delicious birdy bread supplement to his diet to help put on a few grams and we’re adding daily weigh-ins to his routine.

He’s beak-grinding and preparing for a nap after the excitement of the vet office. His next appointment will include xrays to check progress and that’ll be Feb 1st.

I want to take the time to thank every single one of my followers here. Whether it was a like, reblog, ask, or message you have all really helped me through this. I couldn’t imagine going through this without your amazing support! I hope I can repay your kindnesses by continuing to share pictures and updates to brighten all of your days as well.