daily update 7


art contributed by tumblr member jonariku

The cocoons spread throughout the city grew a steadily increasing heartbeat throughout the duration of the day. Quiet at first, but near the end the sound was so loud that it sent vibrations throughout the entire city. Cracks began to form down the sides of the structures, and before long what was contained within had been set loose on the city.

Spiraling black strings of matter burst, overflowing before taking on the form of a physical manifestation. Reptilian scales embedded within the beast’s skin, limbs latching onto one another as foreign beings towered above the majority of the city. The gatekeepers, slightly transparent in color yet tainted by nature. Reapers foregoing lore, they weren’t in possession of scythes nor were their bones bare. It didn’t matter as their tasks were all the same - to strip breath from lungs, motion from limbs, sight from eyes, noise from tongue. Sounds emanate from their bodies, voices dissimilar to those who roam the city. Upon further inspection, these creatures compound were made of the felled and forgotten.

Taking several steps forward, long limbs drag across concrete shattering infrastructures at will, leaving scraped imprints along the ground. It didn’t take long for most to surmise that this would be among one of the most difficult bouts the city has ever seen.

Over 300 feet in size each, they would certainly be the biggest.


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