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The Storc Brought Him - Chapter 4 - LiveOakWithMoss, TheLionInMyBed - The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien [Archive of Our Own]
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The Lay of Wabbit the Stuffed Goblin. 

(Did we do one of these for chapter three? Cause that one’s up too)

👻 Hey guys! Jojoween is already ONE WEEK AWAY! 😱

We’ve been peeking through the tags and we’re real happy to see all of the cool work already posted! Don’t worry, we’ve seen them all and they’re safely queued to be posted on the 24th!!

✨ Here’s some general housekeeping before the event starts ✨:

  • If you don’t know who we are or what this event is, and this is the first post you’re seeing from us, have a look through our event posts and see if this interests you.
  • Everyone can join! All halloween themed jojo fanworks are welcome!
  • Help us find your stuff easier by @-ing us (@jojoween), tagging your work with #jojoween16 in the first 5 tags, or submitting directly to us.
  • It would be helpful to the mods (and tagging) if you could state somewhere within your post which prompt/costume contest category you are doing.
  • Remember that the event officially starts on the 24th!

✨ Here are some suggestions of things that you can do for fun if you are a daily/bd/pd/ask blog! ✨:

  • If you haven’t already, try designing a costume for your muse and enter it in out costume contest! 🎭
  • Use this spooky ask meme to let your followers get to know the deeper and darker side of you or your muse! 🎃
  • Practice drawing freaky mosnters AND your muse by trying out this fun ask meme! 😈
  • Trick out your blog’s theme in the spirit of halloween and give it some extra spoo~ky vibes! 👻
  • Decorate your muse’s house/crib with sick halloween decor to get in the halloween mood! 🍭
  • Have your muse tell a spooky story or two! 😱
  • On Halloween night, open your ask box to some trick-or-treaters! Give candy to people that leave a “Trick-or-Treat!” in your ask box! 🍬
  • Daily Jojoba is also hosting their own trick-or-treating extravaganza if you are interested! 🍫

anonymous asked:

I love you and I'm always excited for that little daily update of yours <3 can you share with us what will be your post for tomorrow? I totally get it if you can't talk about it, I'm just curious. Love you, girl <3

Awww, thanks honey! Not a problem, my hcs for tomorrow will be one of my favorite scenarios to write: meeting MC before she joins RFA. I’ve done three posts about it before, and I have more two in the ask box and askbhdjsks I love writing about this so much, because I love giving some background to MC and how fate plays a part on this for them to meet again ahhhhh I love it and I’ll never reject reqs about this. Hope you all like it as much as I do <3

Okay, in an attempt to be helpful and not just a grumpy old man about this:

To people complaining nobody reads their lore  (and who are genuinely sad/wondering why)

Like any other creative content, getting any kind of fan base takes patience, practice, and time. Nothing will magically be handed to you. Throwing stuff out into the abyss and hoping someone sees it and responds is well and good, but if you’re really looking for readers, you have to specifically make the effort to get that attention and keep it. You’ve got to make content that works on the platform you’re using. Content that’s interesting. You’ve got to make it often enough that people have something to read now, and are always looking forward to what’s coming next. There’s a lot of factors to consider. Here are just a few things you need to keep in mind: 

1) People want quality writing. You need to keep practicing so your lore is actually good. Developed, intentional, polished. The more you do it the better you get. Not making content isn’t going to get you anywhere. Having a huge pile of lore with barely any notes is still going to benefit you more than not writing anything because at the end of it you’re a better writer. People want good quality content. There’s no getting around this, you’ve got to put in the practice. 

2) You need to know your platform. Putting lore on tumblr is probably going to be more popular if you write short snippets and vignettes. Small stuff that doesn’t always need a “read more.” Think about the worldbuilding posts that get notes here: Someone writes a couple paragraphs that start with an interesting idea and explore that idea, and keep it brief. Start with that format. If you see a popular post, look at what makes it good and try doing that. Images also help; drawings, graphics, edits, photos. That’s just what tumblr is made to share. Use that to your advantage.

(If you’re wanting some attention on FR, it might be less straightforward because FR isn’t designed to count your popularity by a simple number count. The site is designed for you to build up your lair mostly for your own benefit. You will have to put effort into writing in the creative forums and writing interesting bios. Dragon bios should be brief, good for short stories, summaries, or brief info dumps, while the forums are great for posting longer stuff, content that is updated daily/weekly, etc.)

3) Make content that is interesting. They will not care enough to comment on lore that has nothing interesting about it. You can’t always just write for yourself if you really want attention for your work. Think of what makes each character interesting and write about that. Play it up. All those other uninteresting lore details are boring until people are actually attached to your characters. Write humor, too. People get attached to what makes them laugh. They will relate to and remember a character who makes them laugh. Humor draws people in quickly. It’s one of many strategies to get people interested fast. But it’s not the only way. Get creative.

4) Be the attention you want to receive. Do you complain that nobody reads your lore, but you don’t read anyone else’s? Do you participate at all in the community you want to succeed in? Read other people’s lore and reblog things you like, comment your thoughts, and share feedback and critique. Commission artists to illustrate your characters, especially if you don’t draw yourself. Commission other writers write about your characters. Send hatchling letters. All of this boosts your own popularity while also helping others.

5) Be part of the community outside of your creative work. Make friends, chat with people, maintain a nice presence around the site and on the tumblr community. Be yourself, but remember your general personality will effect who wants to read your work. 

People who are “popular” are inherently good at these things, often from practicing in the past, or they naturally are outgoing and social and they just enjoy it. But they are always putting in this effort. Always. You can develop your skills in gathering a fan base just like any other skill. Keep it up, it takes time, it can be hard work, but there is a lot of success to be had. Remember, there are always people out there who want more fun lore and interesting characters to read about! Your audience is waiting for you!

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Komaedalovemail, shortened to KLM, is a Tumblr page devoted to character Nagito Komaeda from the Japanese video game Super Danganronpa 2. It has developed a cult following within the Danganronpa fan base on Tumblr. It updates daily with 2-3 strange, enigmatic posts about medical procedures, growing, consumption, and other obscure subjects. It began in 2016, and to this day, it's been 37 years and no one knows who was behind this eerie blog.

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