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something disgustingly sweet to get y'all through the week

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okay but what do the h1z1!boys have to say about the daily!boys or is that like an impossible interaction?

Mini: “There are so many!! There’s @dailyminiladd , @dailyvanossg and @dailyterroriser !”

Del: “I’m obviously the coolest one!!! @dailyh2odel

Marcel: “Nah man, @dailyidowrk AND @dailybasicallyidowrk are definitely the coolest! I GOT TWO BITCHES, GET ON MY LEVEL!”

Brian: “Guys-”

Mini: “I spotted Tyler, @daily-wildcat. I think there are more but I’m not sure.”

//Brian doesn’t mean it, he loves them all, I swear//

Tyler Seguin - Persistent

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Request: “  Can you make a Tyler Seguin one where you’re best friends and he keeps asking to date you but you’re resistant due to his reputation but he doesn’t stop trying and eventually you cave in? Hope you’re having a good day ❤️ “

idk about this one man. Hope you enjoy!

Warning: None

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