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Good Morning, Star Children! Today’s card speaks of Emotional Abundance, Contentment, Carpe Diem
Tarot of the Day: Ten of Cups

This card symbolizes an all-encompassing emotional fulfilment. One that is not based on wish fulfilment or whims but on soul searching and mature desires and plans. It points to a deeply satisfying peace and the contentment of the home and family

This Ten reminds us that we are all mortal; that “…time waits for no man…” so we must seize the day and celebrate with gratitude and open hearts. This card always reminds me of the Latin phrase “disce quasi semper victurus vive quasi cras moriturus” which means “Learn as though you will live forever, live as though you will die tomorrow”.

At work, this card shows you are now indispensable. It’s a good place to be if you remember that indispensable is not the same as irreplaceable. Wear your position with grace and appropriate humility to continue in your success.

If you are in a relationship, it signifies that you and your partner are particularly harmonious – both of you are, “on the same page” regarding your bond, your relationship, and your commitment.
If you are single, it signifies the bridging of any gaps between you and close family members (or friends you consider family).

Although the card points heavily to family life and partnership, this card, overall, is telling you that today is a day filled with a positive outlook, energy, and warm feelings. Go, Do, Be…Spread the joy

Peace Out, Lovelies


(bonus Garnet)

the internet is real big, big enough to get lost in and even when you think you’re on top of like everything if you just veer a little off your normal daily sites you can tumble into these big wide weird worlds with these whole communities that’ve been chugging along fine without you or even your knowledge that they exist and it’s kinda fantastical and i think about this a lot with like webcomics in particular

like there are certain phases, eras of webcomics, for lack of better definition, and there are the Big webcomics and the Well Known webcomic creators but one of my favorite things is like this assumption that all those webcomics you used to read must’ve stopped or at least finished at some point and they just… don’t

there’s this whole sense of inertia in a lot of webcomics and i’ve remarked before that once a webcomic gets to a certain size of fanbase, even if the rest of the internet moves onto newer pastures, that core base is always gonna be there. reminds me a lot of the Direct Market and the history of superhero comics but with a lot less wider media exposure. Megatokyo is still going and had a very successful visual novel kickstarter in what seems like forever ago. Sluggy Freelance is running to this day. long-running formerly-well-known furry webcomic Sabrina Online is about to hit its 20th anniversary, and on the cusp of this, is doing a timeskip plot with Sabrina getting married that looks like it might finally finish the comic up.

there’s all these works of creativity, with ambitions small and big, running on the edge of your perception, beyond it, or directly in your past and chugging along and it’s kind of amazing

anyway i found a furry paintball webcomic that’s been running for 13 years today. how’re you

2 years, 2 months and counting. <3

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 26th monthsary. 

Instead of the usual movie-dinner date, we decided to spend our day indulging in a little bit of history. (I’m a bit of a History buff so I perpetrated this. My boyfriend, willing and generous lad that he is, agreed.)

We went to the Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Museum. I’ve always wanted to go there and yesterday seemed like the perfect time.

The entrance said that the museum was open but the door was locked. We tried ringing the doorbell but no one answered. 

My boyfriend suggested that we go out back until the gardener saw us and told us to go back to the main entrance while he called one of the tour guides to open the door for us. 

A few minutes and Php 90.00 later, we were inside the museum.

*I’ll apologize in advance for the pictures since lighting was scarce and I used the camera on my iPod. 

- The plaque at the entrance.

- A diorama of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo taking his oath. Fun Fact #1- At 28, Emilio Aguinaldo was hailed as the youngest president of the Philippines.

- A cross taken from the same church that Emilio Aguinaldo took his oath in front of. It’s not exactly the cross itself but part of a set. The cross Aguinaldo took his oath in was much larger. Consider this the cross’ baby brother.

- Aguinaldo’s swords. The one on the left was given to him by an American general whose name I forgot and the one on the right, as I was told, was his battle sabre. This was the sword with him when he rode out on his battles. This sword is also lent to the PMA for their graduation.

- Diaries and letters, newspaper articles (in Spanish) and the original sheet music to the Philippine National Anthem. 

- The second diorama of the museum. If you guys could only see it up close. The attention to detail is amazing! No two faces were alike and the teeny, tiny straw hats were handwoven and all individually done.

-My favorite part of the museum albeit creepy. The room is called “The Balcony of Heroes” and they had life-sized statues of all the revolutionary heroes of the Philippines.

They’re all looking down at the original Filipino flag (yes you read that right) of the Philippines. The very same flag that was made on Hong Kong and then hoisted in Kawit, Cavite on 1898. 

The flag was there right in front of me. I teared up a bit. 

It’s such a shame that the flag was already deteriorating. Experts from the Smithsonian said that the flag only had forty to fifty years left.

So much history in one day. 

u know when u leave tumble for a few hrs and come back to a full-on war in the football gang……. just the daily tumble experience as a football fan

2012: Day 16
  • It's cold and the rain is pouring.
  • *before I leave the house*
  • Ian: don't forget to bring an umbrella ha? kahit yung malaki na payong na, ako na bahala magbuhat nun pag nagkita na tayo.
  • Irah: Okay. :)
  • *20 minutes later...*
  • Ian: (hands me a blue, compact umbrella) Oh, kunin mo.
  • Irah: (did not bring an umbrella and also dumbfounded) What's this?
  • Ian: I knew you wouldn't bring a big umbrella so I got this for you.
  • Irah: (melting.)
  • ~ This was the highlight of my entire day. <3

I have finished my on-the-job training today! Hurray!

Technically, I completed all my required hours (plus a bit more) last Friday, but I still came back today to help with the catering.

It’s such an awesome feeling knowing that I am done and I have nothing else to worry about.

My next agenda: finding a part-time job that so I can earn a bit of cash before the holidays.

I want to be a working girl so I can earn my own money. I hate having to ask money from my parents.

Also, I want to help out with the bills on this house because my freeloader uncle is going to be staying with us. Ugh.


Today, 09 July 2012, marks Ian and I’s 31st monthsary. Can you believe it? Hahaha. God knows everyone was sure we wouldn’t last this long but we sure proved them wrong. 

Anyway, today we celebrated by having lunch at Volante. We’ve been on a Volante bender lately. Oddly enough. Anyway, we both ordered breakfast starters (although I wasn’t able to get a pic of my plate. Boo-hoo.), a plate of fries, and Choco-Vanilla Affairs. <3

It was such a sweet lunch because we talked and laughed a lot and made googly eyes and held hands.

Honestly, at one point, I even forgot that the world existed and it was just me and him, our food, and our conversation.

It’s nice to know that even after spending 2 years and 7 months with each other, it still feels like we’re still starting out. <3

Hihi. Happy Monthsary mon amour, may we have many more to come.  


Kanina, pumunta kami ni Boyfriend sa UP para samahan si Ate Evi sa Photowalk.

Nakita namin yung ex ni Boyfriend doon. 

Narinig ni Ate Evi yung Ex at yung isa pang Kaibigan na nag-uusap tungkol sa aming dalawa ni Boyfriend. Actually, nilalait lang nila ako. 

Natawa lang ako sa mga sinabi nila.


  • Ang pandak niya.
  • Ang taba taba niya.
  • Ano bang nakita niya doon?
  • Sana mag-break na sila.
  • Ano ba ginagawa niya dito?
  • What is she trying to prove?

Ahahaha. Natawa na lang ako. Ano pa ba magagawa ko kung bitter talaga sila? Hahaha :)

May picture pa nga sila Ate Evi at yung Kuya niya nung dalawang babae na nag-uusap eh. Nagdadalawang isip akong ipost yung picture.

Dapat ko bang ipost yung picture nilang dalawa? Hahaha. 

Yaaay! I Got In! :)))

Earlier today I found out that I passed the law entrance examination at UC .. with flying colors!! Hurrah!!

When the dude from the College of Law showed my results (initially viewing them with enlarged eyes), I thought I was screwed over. But then he smiled and asked me to take a look and so I did and there it was..

a huge 96% in one column and a mark that said VERY HIGH in another corresponding column.

| SCORE | 96% | VERY HIGH | - like this.

I was so happy because at first, the people I submitted my application to looked down on me because I’m a graduate of HRRM. So, “in your face” was my initial thought.

But I digress, I passed and I can enroll tomorrow!

Starting this June, I will become a law student. I can hardly wait. 

2012: Day 18

I wasn’t bent on going out today. Since The Boyfriend was already coming to see me, I did not see the point of going out.

However, hopes of bumming around all afternoon left as soon as I got a text from my sister saying that she needed me to bring her lunch. I reluctantly agreed.

So, in short, Boyfriend came here, we went to our school, got deployment letters, chatted up some teachers, bought meals at Jollibee, went to Main where my sister was practicing, went to SM, had dinner with sister, daddy, and Boyfriend at Adobo Connection, and then went home.

That’s my day in a nutshell. 

2012: Day 10 - Starstruck.

I have no idea why I am blogging about this 5 days after it happened but what the hell.

I met Pia Cayetano and BenCab today!!! 

I was such a giddy, anxious mess that I was shaking while I got my picture taken with them. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

At any rate, my breakdown for today:

Lunch at Pizza Hut

Watched Sherlock Holmes 2: Game of Shadows

Went to Mt. Cloud to hear Sen. Pia Cayetano talk about her journey as a multi-slash person. Exempli gratia, triathlete/politician/entrepreneur/mom.

Had dinner at Pao Tsin after.


External image

On a happier note, The Boyfriend and I celebrated our second anniversary today.

I’m so happy because we lasted this long despite the many negative things said about us and our relationship.

We opted to celebrate our second anniversary by having dinner at Oh My Gulay a.k.a. VOCAS bar. BTW, Ate Evi tagged along with us. 

I feel so bad-ass because Oh My Gulay is primarily a vegan restaurant and we bought roast chicken to eat along with what we ordered.

As for the presents, I bought him aviators, a Swiss knife that I had engraved with his initials and our number (9), a Cadbury chocolate bar (his favorite), and a couple of letters.

He got me a card and a book that I have been drooling over for. If any of you were wondering, it’s The Life of Pi by Yann Martel.

It’s such a shame that the restaurant was closing early. I really wanted to spend more time with him since I didn’t get to see him yesterday and I am headed to Manila later. 

I need more we time. Him and me together, possibly cuddling while watching Mythbusters on their living room. 

Maybe when I get back from Manila we could do that.