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Good morning, Lovelies! Today is a day of Abundance, Creativity, and Celebration 

Tarot of the Day: Three of Cups

This is one of my most favourite cards to get. It represents great happiness; secure joy that will last and be shared with those around you. It celebrates deep friendship, and the beauty such friendship can create in your life. It usually appears at the completion of a meaningful project or a marriage or birth.

In your career, this could mean a promotion and/or an increase in remuneration. So, whether you are looking for a job somewhere else or hoping to move up where you are, the ‘right’ people are about to see your efforts and reward them.

In love, Three foretells of the closure of past relationships in order to attain the next level of your current relationship or, if you are currently single, a move forward in preparation of a new relationship.

This new depth comes to you because of the personal growth you have worked to achieve and will be someone well suited to the new levels you have reached.

Wherever the Three speaks to you, know that there is abundant energy gathering around this moment that signifies you are approaching a new phase in your life; a phase which is yours due to the effort you made to reach it.

The work you have done is beginning to influence your future, and the future holds abundance and celebration. Well done, you!

Peace out…


(bonus Garnet)

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any theme that looks like a newspaper?

  • lucyrps - The Daily Prophet - More based around the Daily Prophet, in Harry Potter, but could still work for any kind of newspaper with a bit of customization. One column of post plus one column for updates, jokes, events and such.
  • The Daily Tumble - Tumblr approved daily tumble is a theme garden theme, yet gives quite a realistic newspaper look. Two columns.
  • themesbyeris - Daily Herald - Modernish theme inspired by the Daily Herald. Doesn’t give that much of a newspaperish look to me. One column.
  • themesbyeris - Daily Prophet - Same modernish look, I like this one a bit more. Based on Harry Potter but change the title and it won’t even be seen. Three columns
  • abbylunathemes - Four vintage newspaper themes over here. These could be nice if used well. Really vintage look (more Victorian than anything) - Three columns

I seriously looked for quite a long time to find more but couldn’t manage to find anything else. I hope one of these themes will work for you though! If they don’t and your RP is set in modern times though, you could always try to pick any professional looking theme and try to have it seem like, not a complete newspaper, but a newspaper’s website? Just a random idea. I hope this helped you anyways!

Olicity Prompt: Chance Meeting

Requested by @captainolicitysbedroom 

Originally posted by liset11

Prompt: Felicity is with Billy but falls in love with the guy she see’s training through the window of the they gym she passes every morning. 

As you know I never truly stick to these because I always see some nugget of hidden inspiration within the prompt. I hope you like it and as always my friend thank you for thinking I can write! 

Read it here on AO3

Chance Meeting

Every morning her routine was the same…

Her alarm went off like a shotgun, her eyes rolled to the ceiling in immediate distaste while she reached toward the loud siren of the approaching day. Per usual her fingers slipped just past the edge of the blaring machine; Felicity groaned, “I’m such a clutz…” beneath her breath right before the knuckle of her index finger became ensnared on the partially open dresser drawer.

She rolled until her face was buried in the warmth of her purple pillow case; her knuckle like it did every morning ached from being re-injured for the hundredth time. She lifted her arm and raised her palm until it was over the blaring stereo, seconds later the clunk of the clock as it landed over the area rug over her wood floors chimed throughout the space. She smiled into the soft fabric and let her shoulders ease into a relaxed pose. “Okay day let’s get my humiliation over with…” she whined lowly before bringing her elbows towards her center. With a loud huff she managed to jerk herself upward into a cluttered mess of blonde hair and wrinkled pj’s. She heard his soft steps from the foyer and, shot a quick glance toward the door.

“Felicity? Please tell me you’re actually awake?” he called as the clang of his keys hit upon the ceramic bowl on her small kitchen island.

She resisted the urge to fall backward when she moaned, “Yeah I’m awake…”

His soft chuckle made her smile but as usual it didn’t reach her tired eyes. Felicity frowned realizing that while Billy was sweet and, often kind their relationship still didn’t make her feel whole. She heard him bustling about her small, cube like kitchen with practiced ease. Felicity shifted her legs towards the floor then stood on shaky legs as she asked, “Hey can you put my coffee in the to go mug with the black lid?”

“Sure…” he replied swiftly before a small, “Felicity you promised!” could be heard echoing around the walls of her apartment.  

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the internet is real big, big enough to get lost in and even when you think you’re on top of like everything if you just veer a little off your normal daily sites you can tumble into these big wide weird worlds with these whole communities that’ve been chugging along fine without you or even your knowledge that they exist and it’s kinda fantastical and i think about this a lot with like webcomics in particular

like there are certain phases, eras of webcomics, for lack of better definition, and there are the Big webcomics and the Well Known webcomic creators but one of my favorite things is like this assumption that all those webcomics you used to read must’ve stopped or at least finished at some point and they just… don’t

there’s this whole sense of inertia in a lot of webcomics and i’ve remarked before that once a webcomic gets to a certain size of fanbase, even if the rest of the internet moves onto newer pastures, that core base is always gonna be there. reminds me a lot of the Direct Market and the history of superhero comics but with a lot less wider media exposure. Megatokyo is still going and had a very successful visual novel kickstarter in what seems like forever ago. Sluggy Freelance is running to this day. long-running formerly-well-known furry webcomic Sabrina Online is about to hit its 20th anniversary, and on the cusp of this, is doing a timeskip plot with Sabrina getting married that looks like it might finally finish the comic up.

there’s all these works of creativity, with ambitions small and big, running on the edge of your perception, beyond it, or directly in your past and chugging along and it’s kind of amazing

anyway i found a furry paintball webcomic that’s been running for 13 years today. how’re you

spencers-yoga  asked:

Hi there. I've struggled to create consistent and fulfilling happiness in my life, and I've sort of lost hope in making any change in my life that can create any significant improvement in my overall happiness. In fact, I'm exhausted just *trying* to be happy. Any thoughts on what I should do?

Hello! I think your struggle is a common one. It is something of which I often have to remind myself as well, because it is easy to forget in the rough-and-tumble of daily life. 

Happiness is not an object. It is not a pie you can bake and sell or eat yourself. 

We are told to find fulfillment in our lifestyles. The unsaid perspectives in our culture believe that everything from our careers to our relationships are the sources of happiness and fulfillment in our lives. It is delusional. 

This perspective is one of poverty. It assumes that happiness doesn’t exist naturally and inherently in ourselves but rather that we are barren of all happiness and wholeness. In order to find/enjoy happiness and wholeness (fulfillment), we must do things, create things, and change things. This is little more than the unconscious possession of the “progress meme” sitting into our minds and hearts. 

Any happiness or sense of fulfillment that come as the result of something created, done, or changed, is itself impermanent. And so many of us exhaust ourselves seeking to renew that happiness and fulfillment over and over and over again. Unfortunately, those limited forms of happiness provide diminishing returns and soon we start seeking even more intense or ridiculous forms of pleasure. 

This boils down to an essential question: What the fuck is happiness?

Is happiness being at the top of your career field, with a perfect spouse, and all the money, objects, and experiences you could want? Or is happiness playing in the sand building castles and squawking at the seagulls overhead?

Obviously the first instance sounds stellar. Who wouldn’t want such a complete life situation? And there is nothing wrong with achieving that either. But it is wholly dependent upon outer circumstances and once achieved, we start wanting more. This is because if we are missing the inner component of happiness, our outer achievements regarding the objects we associate with happiness will not go far enough in making us happy. 

Whereas in the second instance, there is nothing special about playing in the sand and goofing off with birds. You don’t need to be a millionaire or anyone in particular to enjoy such a moment. Yet something so simple can be wholly engrossing and enjoyable to the extent that the rest of the world ceases to exist for you and all that remains is playful ease. 

Indeed it would seem that happiness is not a simple object that we can chase after and amount like we would money or cookies. 

In some sense, happiness is the basic sanity of the soul. Most children are born with the natural capacity for joy and happiness. Their enjoyment is spontaneous and uncontrived. They do not seek fulfillment from their lifestyles. Yet a child could not explain this to you. It is so obvious to a child that it cannot be isolated by the mind. Like a fish having no idea what water is.  

At the same time, for a child, *trying* to be happy would be the antithesis of happiness. It would be, as you have found, exhausting

However, this brings us to a very crucial perspective that differs from the poverty mentality addressed above. To hijack a quote from A Course in Miracles:

Your task is not to seek for happiness but to seek and remove all the boundaries you have built against it.

In Hindu spiritual terms, the nature of reality and your existence as reality is Sat-Chit-Ananda. This translates in many ways, one of which is Being-Consciousness-Bliss. That is your nature and it is what you are even now. The reason why this is not known to us is because it is obscured by unnatural imprints superimposed over reality by the mind. 

Those imprints are the actual meanings of karma. We more commonly call those imprints conditioning or judgments of the mind. 

You ask me what my opinion is as to what you should do. My opinion is that you should get rid of those imprints and discover the nature of reality within and as your very aliveness. 

We discover reality’s nature by being naturally real. That is the essential purpose of spiritual practices. They are the reverse of the processes that plunged us into illusion and confusion. The place to begin is with daily meditation. I would also highly recommend the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, which directly addresses the struggle you are experiencing here. 

You are more whole than your mind can ever know–but that does not mean that you cannot come to know it. In this case, knowing is being. 

Yet so long as “fulfillment” is a pseudo-philosophical notion guiding our ambitions in life and happiness is sought via the objects we associate with it, we will never know actual fulfillment and happiness–nor actual peace and freedom. 

Lastly, a common question that follows this sort of discussion is:

“What does this mean in terms of leading a life? Why bother with anything?”

Well, why not bother? If your happiness is no longer contingent on external circumstances and your sense of wholeness no longer dependent upon your achievements, then why not participate in this world? Your priorities will change from the deluded attempts to find gratification in whatever haphazard forms you have grown to identify as happiness and shift to things that harmonize with your nature as Being-Consciousness-Bliss. 

The fact that we only think to participate because we expect to get something from society belies the truly confused priorities that our culture instills. 

By fixating on getting, securing, and amassing, we lose focus on the sincere enjoyment of giving. When you are happiness, you can give happiness. Two candles can be lit from one in a dark room and far from the flame diminishing, the light in the room actually increases! This is like the experience of sharing happiness, which can be as simple as giving a thirsty dog water on a hot day. 

These teachings of inner happiness are precious. Few people care to seek and find answers to these glaringly obvious inconsistencies in societal norms. Furthermore, back in the day, these teachings were rare, difficult to find, and hard to understand. Now they are diffused across the world and the internet, available in many languages and terminologies. 

Not everyone–or even most people–will be fortunate enough to seek, find, and sincerely practice spiritual teachings. And those who do will soon notice how much unnecessary suffering fills the world around them. For this reason, they aspire to give happiness and peace to others. That is the beginning of compassion. 

In summation, the spiritual way transforms us from consumers/sufferers to producers/enjoyers. We go from suffering at the hands of our illusions to enjoying the simple naturalness of our inborn nature. We move from the attempts to consume the outer things we feel we are missing inwardly to selflessly radiating the treasures of life, namely love, happiness, and peace. 

It is not easy to change our momentum from delusion to clarity, but it is inevitable for the simple fact that it is natural. Clarity is real. Delusion is unreal. What is real is always real, and what is unreal is never otherwise. 

I hope this helped to constructively reorient your perspective and send you in a useful direction. 

Namaste my friend :) Much love. 

u know when u leave tumble for a few hrs and come back to a full-on war in the football gang……. just the daily tumble experience as a football fan

Thug Story 2.0 (Tumblr Story)

I’m worth 200 mill
Cat robe to the floor
Your Swifties never thought I’d be tumbling hard core
Yes I’m learning all the slang
Got a really strong selfie game
Still like pegacorns and its becky not tay
I’m so gangster you can find me up tumbling at night
You out drinking? Well I just 4,000 likes
T-Swift and Tree Pain hitting up cyber space
It’s a tumblr story tell me can you handle that?

I reblogged fans last night then laughed when they cried
I liked a cat pic then followed some more
By the time I finished the fandom was dyingggggg

Cuz I’m a superstar tumbler
(Everybody loves me)
I’m a fan stalker
(Go ahead and judge me)
You can call me B-Weed cuz that’s what I smoke
Hey it’s a tumblr story no this ain’t a joke

Cuz I’m a celeb turned fangirl
You want my cookie recipe
Ruling over tumblr in my no it’s becky t
T-Swift and my cats all up on the same track
It’s a tumblr story and you can’t handle thattttt

What, what I tumble daily yo
What, what Mercury’s renegading tho (bleep)
Hey hey hold on,
I didn’t even say anything
I said tho
You guys bleeped me and I didn’t even say anything
I didn’t swear
Hello? Ugh


anonymous asked:

Okay, but what is gained by pretending that there IS a legitimate "debate" about consent, dragging a "scientific" argument into things? Can you not see that saying "sure consent is 'moral' but let's talk about how it makes sex better!" clearly privileges male pleasure over women's rights? That comment is BUILT on the assumption that the ethical argument "nobody should be having sex unless they are 100% on board with the idea" WILL NOT CONVINCE PEOPLE, but that your appeal to ego will.

I think this will be the last that I talk about this subject for a while, because once I start deconstructing specific aspects of dogma, it gets to be a long, dreadful slog. But this whole concept of “male privilege”? It’s bunk. It’s stupid. It’s destructive. It’s oppressive. Most importantly, it doesn’t achieve any of your explicit goals. It doesn’t help people.
For one thing, you get into this issue where the dogma says, “Don’t speak to women, blame men”, and then kind of lumps all men into this evil force called the “Patriarchy”, and the problem here is that men are not a hive mind. If one man does something wrong, we didn’t confer and agree. You’re just pointing the blame at a disparate group of people with nothing in common. I don’t see how that’s different than blaming the Jews, or black people, or promoting any other unhelpful, worthless prejudice.
I don’t believe in the Patriarchy. In fact, I don’t think it’s a good idea to promote the idea that there ever was a Patriarchy. There was no point in time that men ever had total dominance over women, and men never will have total dominance. There have been numerous female leaders, historically, some quite properly sung of for their bravery and wit. There have been discriminatory policies and practices, but those policies and practices are not influenced by some Satanic conspiracy. These policies are not a unified effort - they arise at different time periods and for different reasons, and those to be destroyed, they need to be attacked as policies. If you try to attack a specific thing by non-specifically targeting a nebulous evil that isn’t really linked to anything, then you can’t address the specific nature of any one problem. You can’t deconstruct a law or practice with rhetorical bigotry and prejudice, because your enemy isn’t the male gender or a phantom conspiracy that supports them, it’s the law. Focus on the practices, not the race, gender, or ethnic group you blame for the policies. These groups are not hive minds, and you’ll find plenty of men and women who can agree if a law or practice needs changing.
Further, here’s the other issue. If you blame men for these problems and you insist that we need to be targeting and speaking to all men because a man’s culture is one of evil, then the concept of privilege rather puts you in a bind, doesn’t it? Because the idea behind privilege is that men shouldn’t be aloud to speak since they have too many advantages and this blinds them to reality. In other words you’re binding tongues so that you can express your views, and any resentment from the group you attack is considered “the voice of privilege” and therefore to be disregarded. Well how in the hell do you expect to have a dialogue with people who can’t speak? This whole “privilege” thing is terrible and is only used to silence dissent or to discredit critics. If you remove a group’s ability to agree or disagree, then there is no chance for the equality you say you pursue.
But finally, let’s really address your main point. This idea that attacking “male privilege” is equally good or better than teaching both genders more about sex and one another. Well, suppose you have a man and a woman, and the woman is a bit insecure about her appearance. Meanwhile, the man is a bit stressed out just due to the daily tumbles of life. The woman finds herself feeling amorous, so she puts on something sexy an approaches the guy, who is not really in the mood for reasons unrelated.
Sadly, the woman has no idea how sexual arousal works because nobody taught her a thing about it, and she believes that men normally become turned on just by looking at an attractive female. The fact that her own man doesn’t seem interested makes this woman think that she’s not attractive - that her body isn’t sexy. He says he’s kind of stressed, but in her mind, she views sex as a stress-reliever and thinks he’s making an excuse to dodge the reality that he just doesn’t find her pretty. She tells him this.
In fact, she makes quite a case about it. She accuses him of finding other women more attractive. She blames him for this whole thing, and generally makes the guy’s anxiety a great deal worse. Finally, he caves and agrees to have sex to restore his partner’s confidence and avoid worsening the situation, but of course the sex is terrible because the guy is stressed and not feeling into it, and going through the motions like that leaves his partner with more quiet doubts about her sex appeal.
So where, along this process where nobody was intentionally malicious and a rape did occur through coercion, did attacking “male privilege” fix this problem? You see, attacking “privilege” or the “Patriarchy” doesn’t teach anything. It doesn’t promote good behavior. It just tears things down and doesn’t build anything over the ruins. The entire scenario I lay out could have been resolved if the both parties knew that a cup of tea and a few minutes of back-scratching might have been enough to restore the guy’s mojo. As it is, both people wound up losers. The man had a terrible time, and the woman thinks she isn’t attractive.
No amount of blame-laying fixes this. Both parties being happy and healthy is a win-win situation. It isn’t putting the man ahead of the woman. Laying blame is nowhere near as useful as providing education towards the simple, physiological reasons why patience, comfort, and consent are such crucial parts of the equation. Not only that, but having that information benefits both the man and the woman. It allows them both to be more seductive and to achieve sex in a positive way. Tearing down “male privilege” doesn’t help at all.
In fact, let me go further. Here’s how attacking “male privilege” makes it worse. Let’s suppose that the man and woman have now developed to where the man always feels anxious whenever his partner wants to have sex, because he knows now that if he doesn’t perform, she’ll get upset and think he doesn’t find her attractive. Well that’s terrible in itself, but if he expresses more finesse and likes to give his partner a backrub and enjoy a little foreplay, then it winds up being that they have sex more frequently when he’s in the mood than when she is.
Well great. You know that’s going to be construed as? Male privilege, isn’t it? Because these two people have now gotten into a situation where he controls when they have sex as a result of him being the one who experiences the most anxiety about it. Of course she has no idea, but from the outside it looks like the man is in control, even though he really isn’t intentionally dominating anything.
Look, if I can be frank, you could switch the genders around and do this either way, because this sort of thing is probably too common regardless of gender, but I want you to see how trying to attack someone instead of teaching a better behavior actually leads to more problems than it solves. You may attack the wrong person or the wrong thing. If someone is creating a horrible sexual atmosphere, there could be a lot of problems at work, and you can’t just make up a societal framework to randomly destroy behaviors that may or may not be a factor. That won’t fix it. It makes it worse. Providing constructive education is better. You want people to know how to do things well and how to be happy. That’s your objective.