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“Look! Look! They’ve done it a-bloody-gain! Her BOSOM IS EXPOSED TO THE SEA BREEZES! That’s it! I’ve had enough! Dudley, fetch my pen!”

Today I walked into the barn and Attila threw his head over the wall of his and his brother’s stall and nickered, with all the hay he was munching falling out of his mouth and his huge puppy eyes wide open, and I just thought: “I really hope his breeder is right and we still have 29.3 years left with eachother.”

I mean he can be so frustrating and fascinatingly stubborn, but he’s also the most amazingly calm and cuddly young horse I’ve ever met, and I’m so glad I ran straight through a wall by purchasing a barely halter broke 3 y/o nearly 8 months ago.

I just didn’t know anything about him when I bought him. Aside from the few facts that he has a white blaze, is gelded and kind of small. Yet I still chose the right horse. I could’ve bought so many fun, perfectly rideable mares. Or any of the same breeder’s young horses, really. But I just stumbled into that horse pen in the middle of the night, freezing my fingers off, and this fluffy, white, big-eyed coming 3-year-old walked up to me and demanded scratches and we bonded almost instantly.

And he’s turned out to be so much more than I thought he could become in just a few months. He loves to go on trail rides just as much as I do, he likes to go slow as much as a good gallop through the woods and fields, he’s sure-footed and uses his brain, and he’s just as stubborn and has as many weird quirks as I do.

I could have made one of the worst decisions of my life when I bought him without knowing him, but instead it turned out to be one of the best, and I sincerely hope that he’ll still be around when his roaning will have turned him almost completely white and some grey hair will curl around my face. Because that little war donkey is absolutely perfect.

Dark Protector

YAY! Another Darkiplier fic! 

Fic request: 
“Can I have another Darkiplier Fic? Some fluff. Where like, reader is being bullied and Dark kind of sees it happens and threatens them maybe. It’s okay if you don’t wanna do it. <3”

I wrote this so the reader was a high-schooler and Dark is a friend. Hope thats ok! 

Hope you enjoy!

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You rarely lied to him. He hated liars, and you were one of the few that refused him the truth. 
But something has been wearing you down. Tearing at the sides of your mind and turning your smile into a soft line. 
When he asked you to tell him what it was that was hurting you, you had simply replied with, 
“It’s nothing, Dark. I’m just tired.” 
That simple lie turned his uncertainty into anger.
There was defiantly something wrong. 
And Dark took it upon himself to find out what. It was lucky he did, because on the day he trailed your daily schedule to school, he witnessed something that made his blood boil. 
“Hey, look there’s the weirdo!” A group chuckled as you approached. Their eyes sneering. “What? Not going to say hello?”
You shouldered your bag and continued inside. As you passed them, one flicked out their foot, catching your shoe and making you trip. You caught yourself before stumbling to the dirt, but Dark could see the frustration flash in your eyes. 
For a moment, he thought you were going to say something. But the group turned to you, sensing the same thing. 
You shook your head, defeated, you stormed away with your shoulders slouched and the group laughed, hooting and scoffing. 
Dark retreated back as more students filed into the school. He kept near the school, watching from within the shadows as your day unfolded. 
The group harassed you whenever you crossed their path. Dark noticed how you rounded corners quickly, taking the long paths to your classes just to avoid them. 

Dark barely contained his anger when the group forced you into the “out of order” bathrooms and locked you inside. They had followed you from the school, cutting through the park you walk through to surround you.
They took your bag and fled as soon as you started banging on the doors. Sniggering, mocking your pleas of release.
Dark waited till the little pests disappeared before stepping into the rest-room. 
He sneered at the place, finding the smell disgusting and the cleanliness unsightly. A type of slime covered the floor, spilling from a clogged toilet with another “out of order” sign.
Dark approached the stall you were stuck in and tore the wooden door off it’s hinges. 
You jumped back in shock. Tears stained your eyes and you hastily wiped them away. 
“Dark? What are you doing here?” You asked. 
“Getting you out of this ungodly place,” Dark replied, throwing the broken door down in disgust. “Come on, I’m taking you home.” 
“Dark, did you follow me-” Dark cut you off by walking out of the rest-room.
He dusted off his suit as if he was riding the stench from the shiny fabric. His lips curled and he smoothed down the jacket as you exited the bathrooms. 
“They took my bag,” You said quietly. Too ashamed, hurt, to speak. 
Dark allowed his eyes to soften for a moment, but they were fueled by his anger as you wiped away a stray tear. 
“How long have they been harassing you?” Dark asked, “And don’t lie to me, (Y/N). I’ve had enough of your lies.” 
You fidgeted with your shirt, unable to look Dark in the eye. “A few months. This…This isn’t the first time they’ve locked me in something. Last time it was a locker.” 
Dark’s head twitched, but he breathed deeply, halting the movement before it escalated. 
“Do you know where they went?” Dark asked, his fingers curling. 
“They usually hang out by the bridge,” You told him. “Wait! Dark don’t hurt them!” 

Dark had already disappeared. 
He reappeared by a river, a stone bridge crossing it’s width. And leaning against the stone railing was the group of bullies. 
Dark approached them, setting a kind smile on his face. The first to notice him found nothing friendly about his smile. It was angry, predatory. 
“Which one of you took (Y/N)’s bag?” Dark asked when he was close enough. 
The leader stood forward, producing your bag in his hand. 
“I did, what of it?” He asked with a challenging grin. 
“I want it back,” Dark said. He lifted his hand, palm up and waited for the imbecile to give it to him. 
The boy scoffed and, with a flick of his arm, threw the bag over the side of the bridge and into the water. 
“Go get it, weirdo,” The boy laughed. 
Dark sighed and he moved in a blur. His hand took the front of the kid’s shirt and he lifted him into the air. 
Now, the bully dangled over the side of bridge, his feet kicking wildly as he screamed. 
“How about, you help me out and get it yourself.” Dark snarled. His fist opened and the boy plummeted into the water. 
Dark turned to the rest of the group, his eyes completely black and his head jerking. 
“As for the rest of you,” His voice crackled, a rumble that split mid-word. “You ever treat (Y/N) with anything less than the respect they deserve, I will personally see to your education!” 
The bridge trembled under their feet and Dark’s teeth flashed in a feral snarl. The group cowered before him. Paled and terrified. Dark stepped forward and in that space of a stride, the group sprinted away. Yelling apologizes and pleaing. 

You rounded the corner, just coming into view of the bridge as the group fled from Dark.
They were unharmed, but by the look on their faces, Dark might as well harmed them.
In the river, you saw the last bully climb the river-bed with your soaking bag in hand.
His whole body trembled as he approached Dark with your bag outstretched towards him.
“P-Please don’t hurt me,” The bully begged. Dark took your bag and his mouth twisted in a wicked smile.
“How fast can you run?” He asked, the air around him becoming heavy with pressure.
The boy whirled, stumbling over his own shoes in his haste to get away. Dark didn’t move until the bully had disappeared and you had stepped onto the path towards him. 
“Thank you,” You said, taking the bag. 
“Next time, my dear,” Dark purred. “Tell me when you’re being shoved around. I’ll be sure to put those insects in their place.”

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BTS as Flirty Starbucks Guys - Namjoon

Request by@belikelasagna: Annyeonggg Request: Them as flirty Starbucks guyss Hope you don’t mind me requesting reeeally often!! :))


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Member: Namjoon

Length: 1661 words

“Did you know that the world consumes 1.6 billion cups -”

“That’s great kid, but I’m in a bit of a hurry, can you move it along please?”

“-of coffee daily.” Namjoon trailed off quietly to himself and instead carried on with the customer’s order, shoulders slightly hunched at the unnecessary rudeness from the man before him.

Honestly, he was just trying to be different and give people facts about the coffee they drink on a daily basis. I mean, after working at Starbucks for quite a while you start picking up facts here and there and also – being incurably knowledge hungry – he may or may not have looked up some himself, but if anyone asked him he’d deny it because why would he spend 2 hours reading books about the history of coffee on a Friday night when he could be out gallivanting – people still used that word right? – with his friends.

But, shrugging off the rushed vibes from the man now speeding walking out the door, coffee in hand and not even a thanks as a tip, he turned to face the next – and last – customer in line and felt all the blood in his body rush to his cheeks.

“Hi, uh welcome to Starbucks, what can I get you?” Namjoon managed to get out, clearing his throat at the end.

“Hi, I’m not really sure what I’d like today. Anything you would recommend?”

“The uh Chai Latte is quite good, but if you’re not in the mood for that the uh Hazelnut Frappuccino is good too, although it’s cold out so maybe something warmer?” He stumbled over his words, cheeks still flushed.

“The Chai Latte sounds great actually, I’ll have that please.” A pause, “Oh and what was that I heard you saying to the guy before me?”

Namjoon keyed in the order before he snapped his head up at the question, promptly knocking over the pen holder.

“Oh shi-oot,” Managing to stop himself from swearing in front of a customer, he bashfully looked down at the counter at yet another accident he managed to cause, when a throat cleared and his attention drawn was back to the person before him.

“I’m so sorry, you must have thought I was done when I paused and I ended up startling you. Here, let me help.”

Then another – softer, more feminine – hand was reaching forward to help Namjoon pick up the scattered pens, some managing to fall on the floor of customer’s side of the counter, and when the fingers of those hands brushed against his while returning one of the pens, he almost knocked it over again.

“Thank you,” Namjoon smiled sheepishly, gesturing to the now non-existent mess, “you really didn’t have to help. And uh, you didn’t startle me. Well you did, but uh not in the way you’re probably thinking? More in the way that no one has really ever voluntarily wanted to hear the random facts about coffee that I know.” Cue awkward laugh and another tentative smile.

“It’s no problem, really. Even though I didn’t startle you in the way I guessed,” more blushing but surprisingly not from Namjoon, “I still kind of added to the accident. But I do find that hard to believe. Why would no one want to know about the substance they are putting into their body on a fairly regular, if not, daily basis?” Namjoon thinks he’s in love… okay well maybe not love love, but as in-like as you can be with someone you have just met and have probably only spoken about 200 or so words to each other.

“My thoughts exactly!” Namjoon almost shouts excitedly – he reigns it in though because he’s cool, he can keep his cool – and starts to make the Chai Latte, focusing on not burning his hand again this week.

“Well seeing as I actually am interested in what I’m drinking, care to share another of those facts you have stored in your brain?”

Now, he’s nearly 100 percent certain that flirting was occurring and it may have been a while since he’d last done it, but he’d be damned if he messed up like last time and give Jimin another thing to tease him about.

“Did you know,” Good start, strong delivery, “that it takes 100 cups,” oh no, “to make 1 bean of coffee.” And he messed up, again.

Namjoon feels his cheeks heating up again and is about to start praying for the ground to open up and swallow him, when he hears a giggle. It’s not that loud and it sounds like the person is trying to stifle it (God bless them for trying), so he takes a deep breath and doesn’t look up while he tries again.

“What I meant to say was, did you know that it takes 100 beans to make 1 cup of coffee.” He managed to get it right this time and looks up to see a smile so pretty and so bright, it could rival Jimin’s or Taehyung’s.

“I didn’t actually know that, but wow, 100 beans? Really? I guess you learn something new every day.” Another smile (no Namjoon’s heart is not beating faster).

“Can I get your name, for your order I mean.” His bashful smile is back and as he poises the pen above the cup, he is graced with another giggle.

“It’s Y/N.”

That may or may not be Namjoon’s new favourite name.


2 weeks later, Namjoon is on his break sitting at one of the tables near the back with his nose buried in yet another book.

Luckily it’s not another book about the history of coffee (he only made that mistake once and Hoseok and Yoongi still tease him about it whenever they see him with a book which is, a lot of the time) but he’s gotten to the point of reading where he is so focused and zoned out that he’s not really aware of his surroundings anymore so that when he hears a voice, he almost has a heart attack.

“Holy crap, you can’t just sneak up on a person reading! Don’t you know it’s dangerous, like waking up someone whose sleep walking.” Namjoon mutters, one hand over his eyes and the other over his heart that was still beating rapidly.

“Sorry, I keep seeming to startle you every time I’m here.” A laugh, “Do you always read while you’re on your break?”

“I’m pretty sure the last 10 books I’ve read have all been here. I don’t even know if I’m literate at home anymore.” Namjoon jokes lightly, but does a double take when he looks up briefly and realises it’s you, knocking over his thankfully empty coffee mug.

“I feel like I need to buy you a protective bubble or something.” You laugh as you gesture at the mug he’d just knocked over and Namjoon can feel his cheeks heat up (which seems to be their constant setting around you).

“You’re not the first to say that,” He laughs, “but the guys all say I’ll probably pop it while trying to get into it so that idea was a no go.”

You laugh along with Namjoon and when he motions for you to sit opposite him you don’t hesitate, smiling sweetly before crossing your arms and leaning forward on the table as if waiting for him to tell an exciting story.

“So, what’s my fact for today?” You’re grinning and Namjoon smiles back bashfully, dimples on full display making your heart do things that it usually didn’t do, like skip a beat.

“Did you know that the world record for the most coffee consumption is 82 cups in 7 hours?” He’s practically grinning now and if you weren’t sitting in front of him he’d fist pump because he actually got the fact right saying it the first time.

“Wow, that’s a lot of coffee. Whoever did that probably couldn’t sleep for ages!” You’re laughing again and Namjoon joins in, relishing in the sound.

“I have another one for you.” He’s fighting the scarlet threatening to colour his cheeks, but he feels confident as you smile sweetly at him.

“Let’s hear it then.”

“Did you know that there’s a really good chance,” Really good start, “that you’d have a nice dinner,” uhm, “if you went to time with me?” Oh God no, not again.

Namjoon doesn’t stop his will to face palm this time and groans into his hands as soon as the last word has left his mouth. He doesn’t know what he’s done to deserve this, why he did so well finally with the fact earlier and messed up now where he really wanted to be smooth, but he supposes he’ll never know and instead hopes for the rejection – he’s no doubt about to face – to be quick and painless.

You’re giggling softly now – like you usually do when he mixes up his sentences – and reach over to gently poke one of his hands to get his attention, which works after a few tries and he slowly lowers his hands while looking down at the table between you, not wanting to meet your gaze.

“Did you know,” You start sweetly, the beginning of your sentence grabbing his interest at the wording and making him look up shyly, “that there’s a 100 percent chance that I’ll have a great time when I go to dinner with you because you know tons of facts about coffee and because it’ll be with you.” You’re blushing now and Namjoon is gaping at you, but that soon turns into a wide dimpled grin and he honestly wants to thank his brain for storing all those facts (and forgives it for messing up all those times while trying to tell you some of them) because he’s sitting here with you now and he’s 99.9 100 percent sure that he has a date with you, at some stage, he just has to choose a day now… crap.