daily tourney

my worgen druid, jakys, is from the grizzly hills, and his druidism is more of a shamanistic thing– he palled around with some furbolg after getting cursed by a feral worgen, hence his bear form. he’s also blind, which i’m not sure if this makes that funnier or less funny but TOO LATE NOW

lately i’ve been doing argent tourney dailies on my main, my tauren druid

and i’m 99% sure this totally happened in canon

Good grief Artis Gilmore. That’s just unfair. Artis Gilmore, proving that he can jump high enough to make his wrist band blend in perfectly with the top of the shooter’s square.

In 1970 Artis Gilmore took a humble little Jacksonville University team to the NCAA tournament where they became the smallest school (by enrollment) to make it to the final four. Quick, without looking what is the mascot of Jacksonville University. I’ll give you all the money that’s in my wallet right now if you can name it. Nope. They are the Jacksonville University Dolphins.

The Gentle Giant’s rebounding was enough to get the Dolphins to the championship game where they fell to the UCLA Bruins. Check out that 1970’s camera to the left.

Walton, Caged

In 1972 Bill Walton led the Bruins to one of three national championships that he would help UCLA secure. Walton loved playing under John Wooden but he was like a caged animal. He really came into his own when the Trailblazers won the rights to draft him number one overall with a coin flip. On entering the NBA Walton could let his true colors show and grow his hair and beard as long as he wanted to. It’s a shame his NBA career was marred by so many injuries.

Here’s a laid back 1974 Bill Walton talking about his injury.