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I can draw better than this I swear Some days my art doesn’t turn out the way I want it to, but I got this stupid idea of the new Link being Simba-held by the previous Links and had to get it out of my system. Hope you enjoy this silly little thing.

Daily Doodle #28 - January 28, 2017

Art belongs to me, do not use or repost without permission

(March 3rd needs to get here nOW)

Daily Toony Circumstance: Today, top toon scientists (pictured above) are working on getting New Toontown’s CGI up and running after a white out spill yesterday afternoon. If we (or TPD) ever end up catching the guy that did this, damn right we’re gonna go medieval on his ass for making us do all this work! -Greasy

Daily Doux: Famous Bunny Rabbits

Peter Rabbit 

Judy Hopps (Zootopia)

Rabbit (Winnie the Pooh)

Thumper (Bambi) 

White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland)

Roger Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

Bugs Bunny


Anya (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Babs and Buster Bunny (Tiny Toon Adventures)

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Daily Toony Circumstance

Our first day back was like a suckerpunch to us. AND to make it worse, it’s been firework central since about the time we left for Catalina (which js WHY we left when we did) and there was, not surprisingly, lots of house fires from errant fireworks. You ever smell burning celluloid? It ain’t fun! -Wheezy

Daily Toony Circumstance

So today we had to help Tex Avery’s Wolf, and his wife Red look for something they lost in the latest trash pickup: Red’s late grandmother’s recipe book. …….for the love of God, we’re semi-serious law enforcement agents! If you want somebody to find a book you were stupid enough to throw out in the first place, go get…I dunno, Sherlock Holmes or somebody.. there’s plenty of out of work private eyes in Toontown! We found the book. The garbage collectors threw it in their recycling bin. But this is the LAST time we get roped into doing things “just cause we’re in the area”. No more, ya hear us? We have ACTUAL problems to solve that require ACTUAL patrolling and comedic chase scenes. Let us do our job, and things will be much easier for everyone. -Smartass

Daily Toony circumstance

Today begins our first full week of work since we got back from vacation, and we’re still dealing with problems caused by fireworks. PSA: don’t fire off unused fireworks. They scare the buildings with faces that are alive, and they run away. -Stupid

Daily Toony Circumstance

Ah… That moment when you have to scuba dive, with no warning, at a moment’s notice to recover a piece of Toontown’s history. The tiny boat used in the 1928 Disney short, Steamboat Willie sprung a leak a few weeks ago, unnoticed in it’s slip at Toontown’s pier. Since we were unfortunate enough to be in the area at the time, we were called over and had to use water pumps to unflood it to plug up the leak till an animator could get to fixing it. -Smartass