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Why girls choose the bad guys over the good guys. By: Me

I was in a serious relationship with a guy for over a year. And when it ended I didn’t know what to do with myself. I thought about what it would be like to have that again and it scared me. I am terrified of being in another serious relationship anytime soon. I have then only talked to the guys I know will break my heart. Anytime I start texting or snapchatting a guy that talks about dating and being committed. I immediately try to end things. It has nothing to do with the guy. I’ve actually lost a couple of good guys because of it. And until I grow out of this phase, I will continue to chose the bad guys over the good guys. But good guys keep doing your thing because you will soon find a girl that’s over her no serious relationship phase and will love you like you deserve. 

  • Me: there is something ethereal and breathtaking about men in turtlenecks that make me go aww every time I see them
  • Cousin: you like men in general so stop acting all deep and poetic
I know I look like and act like this extremely strong person who can handle anything but deep down Im fragile and sometimes…just sometimes…I actually hurt.
—  PhoenixRysin
50 Writing Prompts (Part II)

101. Talk about the sound of chattering teeth.
102. Tomorrow you wake up covered in tattoos, what are your first thoughts? What do you think of people with tattoos? What does society think about people with tattoos?
103. Talk about someone’s hands. What do they looks like? How are they different than your’s?
104. Look up the definition of punctilious. Write about the word written, how it sounds, and the meaning.
105. Tonight or some night, just go outside and sit for 15 minutes. Write about anything that has to do with your experience.
106. Are political and social beliefs important in the relationships you form?
107. Talk about a controversial body type/ the stereotypes society has for certain body shapes.
108. If you could be on a reality TV show right now, would you? What would your reservations be?
109. What is a small act of rebellion you have committed? What did it mean to you?
110. Do you put your happiness before others? Why or why not? Be honest.
111. Try your hand at some fan fiction.
112. Write a myth or legend about why the earth has mountains. Feel free to look into other cultures’ mythology on this.
113. Write about the current political campaigns in the USA. Whether or not you are in this country, write about what you do or don’t know and feel free to include questions.
114. Most people don’t know that I’ve lost sleep over…
115. If I could redo one thing that happened within the past month, it would be…
116. Write about a movie you have recently watched. How did it make you feel?
117. When do you normally wake up in the morning? What is your normal routine? What would it be ideally?
118. Have you ever sabotaged a relationship?
119. What word scares you most?
120. Talk about the different kinds of red.
121. Does one person know all of your secrets? How do you choose who to confide in about different issues?
122. One time I should have apologized but I didn’t was when…
123. One time I apologized but don’t feel I should’ve had to was when…
124. Talk about your sexuality and how you see sexuality.
125. Is suicide an act of bravery, cowardice, or niether/both?
126. Describe a stomach ache.
127. Are you in love with someone right now? Why or why not?
128. Do you wish you could’ve been born and raised somewhere else?
129. When I am frustrated I am most likely to take it out on…
130. Talk about a food that is too sweet for your liking.
131. Look up trypophobia. Does this “creep” you out?
132. Write about two or more small meaningful trinkets that you own.
133. When someone is talking where do you look on their body?
134. Write about your ideal lucid dream.
135. Talk about a volatile friendship or relationship you’ve had.
136. If you had the ability to uproot your life and move to NYC with a prepaid apartment for one year and a $5,000 a month penance for 6 months, would you?
137. Who is the strangest person you have ever met?
138. If you could live in any past era, what one would you choose?
139. Talk about the sound of cracking knuckles.
140. If you became illiterate tomorrow, what would you biggest regret be?
141. Would you ever consider down sizing to a tiny house?
142. When was the last time you were physically ill?
143. Do you consider yourself to be a paranoid person?
144. Do you wish you had more constructive outlets?
145. Create a list of phrases you’ve heard people use.
146. Discuss censorship versus not saying something because you’re worried you will offend someone.
147. Discuss the quote, “Things do not change; we change.” -Henry David Thoreau
148. Describe acne, cellulite, and stretch marks as a euphemism.
149. Create a list of story stories or novels you would recommend.
150. Assemble a list of books/ short stories that you want to read someday even if that day isn’t soon.