daily tee shirt


One of my favourite t-shirt designs. (OK, it’s actually the front and back cover of Tim Sköld and Sascha Konietzko’s collaboration album (SKOLD vs KMFDM), but it was also sold on t-shirts.)

Unfortunately, KMFDM no longer sell the t-shirts in their store. They released some relatively high res versions of the images some time ago (I don’t think they are still online, but I have them on my hdd), 5,33" x 5,33" at 300ppi. That’s kinda small, but you can get 10,66" x 10,66" at 150ppi from that, which is tolerable for a t-shirt print. (Some sites like Cafepress actually have a maximum printing area of 10" x 10".)

Pick up “Waterbending U” by Typhoonic at OnceUponaTee.net starting at only $12! All designs available in big and tall sizes, super soft fitted tees, unisex tanks, kids tees, hoodies, phone cases, and coaster sets!

Mark your calendars, “Fembots UNITE!” featuring G1Arcee from Transformers will be available for one day only @ ShirtPunch on 6/6/14, for ridiculously cheap! :@

(Original Art: http://penelopebarbalios.tumblr.com/post/82868771587/ )