daily taïwan


Okay so do you think Obi-wan feels angry in this scene? Like do you think he’s blaming himself for that padawan’s death? It was meaningless, pointless, and all because Obi-wan got caught sneaking. Like, do you imagine that he’s feeling a mixture of anger and self-loathing here and he’s trying to be a “good Jedi Master” and push it aside but he’s just been tortured (probably), nearly got eaten by a fucking alien monster that really didn’t like him, and is now being forced to listen to Dooku talk down to them while the arena is littered with bodies of people he knew and cared for? I wonder if that’s why he’s so determined to get Dooku later on and why Dooku gets the better of him… Obi-wan is always a worse fighter when he lets his rage distract him, especially when it’s directed at himself as well.