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One last crime

Criminals AU/PastelxPunk (but not in the traditional sense)

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Summary: Twisted hearts and twisted minds, but one constant remains - their love.

Word count: 5k

A/N: This is only partially edited oneshot that I was randomly inspired to write based on a phanart I saw HERE by @geewuun Hope you enjoy!

Trigger warnings: Some blood, weapons, violence, robbery, sexual themes (Nothing too graphic though)


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catherinegrant  asked:


“What in the fresh hell are you wearing?”

The words are sharp enough to have even Kara flinching, bulletproof though she may be. Not that she’d expected differently, though she’d hoped to make it at least into her office before Cat saw her. But of course that would have required luck she didn’t have at this point.

“Miss Grant, I can explain,” she tried, even knowing that it was likely a futile attempt. “It’s only temporary, I’m on my way to change now.”

“You’d damn well better be,” Cat says, hands on her hips as Kara turns slowly to face her.

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One of my favourite t-shirt designs. (OK, it’s actually the front and back cover of Tim Sköld and Sascha Konietzko’s collaboration album (SKOLD vs KMFDM), but it was also sold on t-shirts.)

Unfortunately, KMFDM no longer sell the t-shirts in their store. They released some relatively high res versions of the images some time ago (I don’t think they are still online, but I have them on my hdd), 5,33" x 5,33" at 300ppi. That’s kinda small, but you can get 10,66" x 10,66" at 150ppi from that, which is tolerable for a t-shirt print. (Some sites like Cafepress actually have a maximum printing area of 10" x 10".)

Got7 scenario - I need this job Chapter 3

When you’re desperate for money you find yourself lying about something big  so you can get the job.

Chapter 1   2

“What was I thinking? Why did I have to say no? Omg Y/N, I can’t believe how stupid you are! You’re in Korea, of course they are going to expect you’re speaking Korean!” you were practically shouting at yourself while Sang Won was silent, slightly squinting his eyes as he was processing this whole situation and thinking about what to do next.

Moments were passing and it got awkwardly quiet in the living room, and you just accepted that you’re not getting this job. As you wanted to take a deep breath and let out even deeper and loud sigh, Sang Won spoke.

“Great. You get the job.”

“What?!” you almost screamed in excitement, getting to your feet so you could give Sang Won a hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. You saved me with this. I promise I will be the best employee there is in the world.”

“Don’t get too excited Y/N. It’s not the best job there is, but it was the only one I could offer you. Now go get some sleep, you’re starting early in the morning.”

With his words you happily bounced to the couch and laid down so you can get as much as rest possible, but the excitement you felt didn’t let you fall asleep that quickly.

“Sang Won-ssi, what should I wear?” you asked, panically going through your stuff in search of the perfect outfit for your first day. “I really want to impress everyone in the company, but is this skirt and jacket too professional?” you asked Sang Won while holding two items to your body so you can give him an idea of the look.

But he didn’t bother to look up from his breakfast, instead he just muttered: “Just put on your regular daily clothes. Jeans and t-shirt are just right.”

It was confusing you, but you did as you were told. Maybe this was some kind of laid-back job, and it’s not like they were going to give you office or something important to do. But you didn’t care. As long as you get paid and have where to live, it didn’t matter.

“Is this where I will be staying?” you ask Sang Won as you pull over in a quiet and rather fancy neighborhood, pointing towards small building in brick with two vertical sides of blue-greenish windows spread from the 1st floor up to the roof.

“Well this is kind of your home and work place” Sang Won says while holding a door for you.

“How do you mean that?” you ask him confused as you enter the elevator.

“It will all be clear to you when we arrive.” and with that Sang Won exits the elevator, leaving you completely bewildered.

The first thing you see is hallway filled with shoes. Shoes tossed everywhere, almost 30 pairs of different kind of sneakers, boots, home slippers.

Right from the entrance is door for a room with some cartoon stickers on it. Across that room is another one, and this one Sang Won opens. It so small and simple, just one bed up to a wall on your left, nightstand next to it and above it big window, covering most of the wall. The right side of the room has a desk and right next to it a small wardrobe, leaving narrow path in the middle of the room.

“This is where you will be staying” Sang Won says to you, his hand pointing to inside of the room.

“Ooh it’s great. Definitely much better than your couch” you try to make a joke but Sang Won’s face remains the same.

After a short hallway you step into a big living room, messy just like the entrance area. One angular brown leather couch with at least tens of different colorful pillows or stuffed animals tossed around, is on your left. Next to it is a big massaging chair, on the opposite wall TV sitting on a shelf. There are countless photos, drawings, more stuffed animals, boards with written names on it, either on the shelves or laying down all over the room. Across you is wall fully in windows with a beautiful view that’s blocked by big laundry rack and on it even bigger pile of clothes. You scan all the mess and it almost makes you dizzy.

Sang Won is already in kitchen calling your name. You turn around and enter so you can examine it, even though not sure why, but you just follow Sang Won. Luckily, kitchen is in quite less mess than the rest of the house, it almost looks like it’s not frequently used.

“Okay, and the last is bathroom” you follow Sang Won to big bathroom that has white tiles but the rest of the bathroom furniture is red.

“The place is not bad. I mean, it’s nice and big, location is great, definitely much better than my hill. But I don’t get it Sang Won-ssi. I will be living with roommates? And what exactly is my job?” you ask him as you both stand in living room. This whole job thing is getting mysterious and you’re starting to get worried. Should you be so trusting with a stranger you met just a few days ago? Sure, he helped you and let you in his home, but you can’t help being skeptic and honestly, little scared.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t find you a better job, only one I could think of is for you to be housemaid. I know you’re studying so that one day you can have better job, but right now this is all I can offer you Y/N.”

“A maid? What? I don’t know how to do that! Yeah sure, I lived alone before, but I barely take care of myself, not to talk about a family” you almost shout from the shock.

“Well, other thing is, it’s not quite a family, but more like a…” Sang Won is looking down to floor confused, searching for the right words, but it’s making you even more confused, and you feel like the walls around you are starting to slowly spin. Luckily, Sang Won notices so he helps you lay down on the couch.

“More like what?” once you feel like the spinning stopped, you ask. “Exactly how many people live here?”

“Umm… 7…?” Sang Won pronounces the sentence like it’s a question you should know the answer to.

“WHAAT?! I should take care of 7 other people? Don’t tell me they’re kids!” you sit up to face him, your body unable to relax from the shocking things you’re hearing.

“No, god no, they are not kids. What’s even better they are around your age.”

With his words you let a sigh of relief. “Okay, then it shouldn’t be so hard. I can make friends too. This can be fun” you say trying to sound positive both for you and Sang Won. He’s been nothing but nice to you, so you want to show some gratitude.

“Yeah well, first of all, they are not in the house often. They work a lot, so they mostly just sleep here. And second thing Y/N, they don’t speak English. Well two of them are, but there is no need for you to talk to them” he says almost threatening you, his sudden change of attitude making you slightly shiver.

“Uuh, okaay. I get it, no speaking to the roommates” you repeat, wanting to show Sang Won it’s clear and you don’t want to lose this job, no matter how bad it is. “But who are they anyways?” you ask because all of this is getting weird.

“Got7” Sang Won says in relaxed manner, just like he said that today is Monday.

“THE Got7?” you almost choke on your words, opening your eyes so wide that if it was possible your pupils would jump out.

“Yes, idols from Got7 live here. This is their dorm, and I need you to take care of it.”

You think this is some kind of joke so you turn around to look for signs, your eyes landing on the photos next to TV. You get up to take a closer look and it’s all photos of idols from Got7 with fans, next to it some fan letters and drawings of the guys.

“Y/N are you going to be able to do this job? If it’s too much for you, I can figure something out. But the thing is, I recently got married and got a child, anyhow, you saw my family. I couldn’t stay with the guys anymore but I also can’t let them stay here alone.”

Right, so that’s why Sang Won asked if you can speak Korean. He doesn’t want you to have any kind of interaction with them. And that you could understand. They’re idols for god’s sake! So you are going to keep with this, after all, this job is your only opportunity to stay in Seoul and finish your university.

“Yes, I’m more than able to do this job. Thank you for helping me Sang Won-ssi. Without you I would be somewhere alone on the streets of Seoul” you turn to him and respond with smile on your face.

“Okay, I’m glad to hear that. I knew I could count on  you Y/N” he smiles back at you, his body now clearly relaxed. “And remember, no talking to guys, and don’t tell anyone you’re living here. Not even as a joke!”

“Don’t worry Sang Won-ssi, you saw I have no friends, so I don’t really have anyone to tell.”

After your reassuring words, other rules and list of tasks you will have to do Sang Won left. You took your luggage in the small room that is going to be yours from now on, and you felt all the stress getting over you. Your head started pulsating, making your vision blurry so you decided that you’ll start your chores after some rest. You laid down in the bed, and as soon as your head touched the pillow you could feel your eye lids getting heavy like they are made of iron, making you fall asleep immediately.

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