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¿Will I lose all my progress if I ate bad/binged one day/week?

Today I went to my nutritionist, who I’ve been seeing since the beginning of february, when I was wieghing 90kg, last time I went was 3 weeks ago, 2 days before going into a quick “spring break/solving school things” trip. I was weighing 83kgs (in month and a half I lost around 7 kgs).

I spent 2 weeks without doing exercise, eating WHATEVER, and I’m not saying one or 2 days of junk food or so, I’m saying my friends and I enjoy eating out and it was a mix between pizza, sushi, daily ice cream, hard alcohol drinking, chips, pasta, cake, etc. for 2 weeks, + ZERO exercise, not even one day I worked out. 

You wanna know how much I “ruined” my progress? I gained 300 grams of weight, and went up on a little more body fat, and gained a little less than 1cm of waist, that’s it, and the waist/weight thing could totally be that I was bloated and didn’t pooped before going with the nutritionist. 

After one month and a half of working out 5-6 times a week and eating healthy nutritious foods 90% of the time, 2 entire weeks of doing the oposite didn’t set me back to square one, they just gave me one cm more of waist and a very small percentage of higher body fat (same muscle mass tho). Of course, If I keep eating like the past few weeks for the next few months then I would go back to square one, but that’s not the case. 

So please, stop worrying about one day, one week, or whatever of “bad eating” or eating 4 slices of pizza for dinner 3 days in a row, you breathe, you make peace with it, you enjoy the amazing taste of indulging yourself, and you continue your journey, you kick ass at the gym and you found a balance in your life.