daily stick

daily witch things
  • light a candle
  • light some incense
  • meditate/ground/center 
  • cleanse the room
  • cleanse myself when i take a shower
  • bond and play with crystals
  • cleanse/charge my tarot deck and runes
  • read/practice divination by drawing a rune or card for the day
  • ask my boyfriend or friends if i can read their cards
  • sprinkle powders around the room and house to clear out other people’s bad vibes
  • make spell jars and sachets
  • collect rain water/sticks/grass 

tbh the pjo timeline is so fucked up like,,,, rick said nico was born in 1924, then hoh said he was 6 in 1938 meaning he was born in 1932, and then it says he was 10 in 2007 after being in the lotus for (about) 70 yrs, which would mean he was 10 in like 1937 and was born in like 1927 so like long story short the pjo timeline makes me wanna kms daily

I keep believing
Happy endings do exist
In the very end.


And because of that
I keep expecting the best
From situations.


Only to find that
Pain and sadness come after
Those two words, “The End.”

—  A haiku a day #30 // littlemissimaginary

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what's YOUR number 1 source for finding out if part 5 is confirmed?

I just kind of feel it in my bones, you know? Don’t trust anything you see or hear, you just need to trust your instincts.

The Hobbit Diet

I would love to see how you’d handle the Hobbit mealtime schedule for a few days or even a week.  If you’re unfamiliar here’s what the day would look like:  7 AM Breakfast, 9 AM Second Breakfast, 11 AM Elevensies, 1 PM Luncheon, 4 PM Afternoon Tea, 6 PM Dinner, 8 PM Supper.  Each meal would be a full meal.  If by the end of the day you can still suck in your belly, then we increase the portion sizes for the next day.  We repeat this daily until your belly sticks out in front of you, unmoving, unwilling to jiggle as there’s a never ending parade of food passing through you, until that innie pops out and becomes an outie. I’d ask for a minimum of 3 days from you, but even after the 3rd day I would just be pushing you further and continue for the week.  New stretch marks would adorn your massive middle.  You would have to cradle your belly just to walk anywhere, but even then the sheer weight that now is in front of you would throw off your balance.  Sitting down would probably not be an option as your abdominal muscles would be unable to contract to let you sit  Laying down would be your only option, but we’d have to relocate the TV as you would definitely not be able to see over your swollen gut.  Assessing the damage afterwards would be a party in and of itself, as well as marvelling at your newfound increase in stomach capacity.

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Which Korean beauty products would you recommend? :) Also, any tips to balance high school with language classes so you don't become overwhelmed? Thanks darling x

alright buckle up kids i got a bunch of recs based on what i’ve been using for the past couple years from korean brands


  • mizon snail recovery gel cream
  • innisfree it’s real squeeze masks (my fave’s the manuka honey one)
  • etude house real art mild cleansing oil
  • cosrx low ph good morning gel cleanser
  • sulhwasoo snowise ex cleansing foam
  • mizon aha & bha daily clean toner
  • cosrx acne pimple master patch
  • cosrx galactomyces 95 whitening power essence
  • goodal mild protect natural filter sun cream
  • the face shop natural sun photogenic sun blur sunscreen


  • etude house bb cream in cotton fit
  • tonymoly liptone get it tint
  • labiotte wine lip tint (i’ve tried 3 colours and i love them all)
  • etude house face blur primer
  • tonymoly egg pore silky smooth balm
  • etude house drawing show eyeliner (i own both the brown & black pens and it’s the only eyeliner i’ll ever use, i keep getting compliments on how sharp my wings look and it’s all bc of this brush tip!! major holy grail!)

now for balancing school and extracurriculars:

  • i highly suggest you map out the week ahead (with weekly planners like this one by @emmastudies) down to the hour, so you can perfectly visualise when you have to work and when you can relax guilt-free. 
  • also, i’ve learned from experience that you should slightly overestimate the amount of time you think a task will take you — not too much, just enough to account for little distractions and bathroom breaks, etc. 
  • tackle your homework as soon as you get back home or, if you’re swamped, work during your breaks at school (i often ate quickly and spent my lunch breaks at the library). 
  • finally, keep an organised planner (or bujo, if that’s more your speed) with daily to-dos and stick to your plans, with free time to yourself once you’re all done as a reward! 

best of luck boo ~