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Jay Z wants to make Harry Styles 'biggest artist in the world'

Rapper Jay Z has revealed he wants to help Harry Styles become “the biggest artist in the world within a year”.

The hip hop producer said he was interested in signing the One Direction star as a solo artist to his label Roc Nation.

But he admitted he faced a challenge from the band’s current boss Simon Cowell, offering the X Factor supremo a “joint venture” instead.

The band have denied they will each be releasing solo albums after the band go on an “extended hiatus” from March this year despite widespread rumours.

Jay Z, real name Shawn Carter, told the Daily Star Sunday: “Harry doesn’t need any help with exposure, everybody in the world knows who he is. But he does need to make the transition from being part of a group to becoming an individual artist.

"I can get him working with the bigger artists, the biggest producers - and have him as the biggest artist within a year.

"I would love to sign Harry. Simon is going to want to carry on working with him, of course. But we could do a joint venture - we both have big qualities we can bring to the table.”

He added the 21-year-old star could make enough money “for everybody to get a piece of the pie”.

Cowell brought Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan together as a band at the boot camp stage of X Factor in 2010.

They were signed to his label Syco Music, under Sony Music Entertainment.

Malik, who quit the band in March last year, has since announced he is pursuing a solo career.

Last November, speaking to Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2, Styles, Horan, Tomlinson and Payne individually replied “No” when asked by the host, “Is everyone doing a solo album?”

Payne also accidentally revealed in a separate BBC radio interview that the hiatus could last two years.


Olly was at Kensington Roof Gardens last night in aid of Cancer Research UK, for a special ‘Jog On to Cancer’ night curated by James Ingham of ‘Rehab’ column fame in Daily Star Sunday, who is running the London Marathon for the charity this Sunday. Best of luck James!

Niall Horan's latest career move might really upset Simon Cowell
He's ready to fly solo as he reportedly follows in bandmates' footsteps with his own recording contract
By Claire Rutter

One Direction star Niall Horan has reportedly signed a huge solo record deal, but it’s not with Syco boss Simon Cowell .

The 22-year-old, who has been exploring his golf business since the band went on a hiatus, has now reportedly followed in the footsteps of his bandmates Liam Payne and Harry Styles by inking a mega bucks deal.

An insider has claimed that Niall has landed a deal with Universal Music, who targeted him after their deal fell through with Harry.

“This will come as a real blow to Cowell who has been talking to Niall for months, wanting him to sign a deal with his label Syco,” a source told Daily Star Sunday.

“He made a number of big money offers to try and persuade Niall to sign up but, in the end, Universal came in and put even more money on the table. They’re chuffed to have got one over on Cowell and have taken one of 1D.”

Universal have reportedly been impressed by Niall’s solo efforts and were willing to fork out ‘whatever it took’ to seal the deal.

Niall is said to be “thrilled” at signing a solo deal, but it was only a matter of weeks ago that Cowell, 56, revealed he was hoping to make an announcement about Niall “soon”.

“I think they’re all gonna do great. Niall is the most loyal. We are expecting to announce something soon with him. I’ve always known he’s loyal,” Simon told People.

The X Factor boss “You know what, we’re talking to all of [the 1D guys] at the moment. You know what the great thing about these boys are, well not all of them, just most of them, they’re incredibly loyal. And you don’t always expect that. Niall, Harry, Louis are amazing.”

Meanwhile Niall has reportedly been “telling pals he is really excited about his new music and this solo deal”.

A representative from Syco has declined to comment on this story.

Instead of staying with Cowell’s Syco label – like 1D – Niall, 22, has hitched up with Universal Music. A US source exclusively told the Daily Star Sunday: “This will come as a real blow to Cowell who has been talking to Niall for months, wanting him to sign a deal with his label Syco.

“Universal said they would pay Niall whatever it took. They heard his solo music and they all think it’s got good potential”

“He made a number of big money offers to try and persuade Niall to sign up but, in the end, Universal came in and put even more money on the table.

“They’re chuffed to have got one over on Cowell and have taken one of 1D.” Universal subsidiary label Capitol had been expecting to do a solo deal with Harry Styles, 22.

But when Harry decided to stay with Sony, they turned their attentions to other members of the band, who finished third on Cowell’s X Factor in 2010. Our source said: “Universal said they would pay Niall whatever it took.

“They heard his solo music and they all think it’s got good potential.

“They really had to throw the dollars at him but they think it’s worth it.” Cowell, 56, is bound to be upset about Niall leaving – especially as he had said earlier in the summer he hoped to make an announcement about Niall making a deal with Syco “soon”.

Just weeks ago, the X Factor boss said: “We are expecting to announce something soon with Niall. I’ve always known he’s loyal.”

Our source continued: “Cowell will be unhappy about it. “But Niall’s thrilled. He’s been telling pals he is really excited about his new music and this solo deal.

“It’s anyone’s guess where this decision leaves One Direction now.”


Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has admitted that she was “so excited” to see that Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington was resurrected on the show.

The actress, who plays Daenerys Targaryen in the hit HBO show, has claimed that some of her macho rugby player pals were left in tears when the beloved character was brought back to life.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, the 29-year-old said: “It’s silly but I was so excited. I have rugby player friend that have been reduced to tears.

“It’s sad, but it’s beautiful and it was a special thing.”

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BREAKING: One Direction ARE going to split up says Simon Cowell!

❝ As fans of former X Factor group One Direction will know, there are constantly rumours and speculation that they are about to split up, and time and time again, they deny that that’s the case and insist they have no intention of parting ways.

However, it’s been confirmed by X Factor and Syco boss Simon Cowell that in fact, One Direction will be splitting up, and he’s intimated that may happen next year.

While speaking to the Daily Star Sunday about 1D – who are Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne – Cowell said, “I think they’ll make at least two more albums…”

However, he added, “They’re in the middle of one right now.”

Cowell continued, “Bands don’t stay together forever,” and when asked if he expects to see the band’s members pursuing solo careers when their time with the group is over, he said, “Eventually I’m sure they all will.”

This will of course be devastating news to millions of One Direction fans – who are known as Directioners – even though evidently there is at least another year of 1D to enjoy yet…

But this is the first time that there has been any (somewhat) official nod to the fact that the band will go their separate ways sooner rather than later, assuming that is that the report is accurate. ❞ - copied from http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/ 


Ryan Hawley Interview in TV Extra Daily Star Sundays Magazine

Are you enjoying playing Robert in Emmerdale?

I’m loving it. It’s absolutely fantastic and it’s so much fun. Everyone is so lovely. We’re in an intense storyline at the moment, so it has been busy!

How did you feel when you joined?

I was thrilled, My family are all massive Emmerdale fans, so I was really excited from the start - especially because it’s such an interesting role and the character has so much history. He’s a schemer, selfish, manipulative and came in with a big entrance into Home Farm -it was a real privilege.

Were you nervous replacing Karl Davies, who previously played Robert?

I was nervous but I tried not to let it affect me. The actor before me did a great job but I didn’t focus on it because it’s been a while since he was last on the show. He’s gone away and experienced some changes and developed his personality. I was just excited by the opportunity and I wanted to give it all I’ve got. I just hope the fans have enjoyed it, too.

Did you have to do a lot of research into a lot of Robert’s previous storylines ?

It was really important that I looked at the storylines because his entrance was all about him and Andy, so it was very relevant. I watched a lot of episodes on Youtube before I had my final auditions. After that though, I tried to focus just on the storyline.

There’s been the affair with Aaron, the will-they-won’t-they wedding, the fire… have you enjoyed being part of such massive storylines?

I have! I haven’t had any time to think about anything else rather than what we’re doing. I’ve been extremely busy and I haven’t had a social life for six months - but I’m really loving it.

Will Robert go to any lengths to stop his affair secret coming out?

He’s a act-now-think-later type of person. He’s really angry about Katie coming out with all these accusations. He threatens her but she keeps going, so he goes to her caravan and sets fire to it! Robert would do anything to protect himself but I don’t think he’s maliciously going to hurt people, left, right & centre. He want’s to protect Chrissie because if she found out about the affair, it would break her heart and he doesn’t want that because he really does care for her.

Is Robert really torn between Chrissie & Aaron?

He is, but he’s also really selfish. He sees it as whatever she won’t know won’t hurt her. He justifies it by thinking that after the wedding it will all be over, and it’s just meaningless sex. Part of him is in denial; he’s certainly morally elastic! He’s trying to justify it to himself.

What’s the reaction been like to this storyline?

I’m not on twitter and I don’t look online because I’m just here to do my job - but I really hope people like it, I’ve had a few people coming up and saying nice things and asking for photos, And I’ve had granny’s walking away from me in horror at the supermarket!

What happens in the lead up to the wedding?

Robert really does want to go through with it because he does love Chrissie. Really, he wants to continue the life he’s built with Chrissie, even though he’s having this affair with Aaron. He tells Aaron it has to end but he convinces him to meet one last time. Aaron tells Robert he loves him, and Robert tells him it’s just a fling but then they start kissing and hear a picture being taken! Aaron has told Katie all about so she’s caught them at it!

Then what happens?

For once, Robert’s ability to get himself out of tricky situations is going to be really tested. The consequences are massive and it’s a really game-changing moment of the show - it’s going to be felt throughout the village. 

You’ve had a fair few raunchy scenes on the show - did you start working out more when you knew to had to strip off?

Not really, because Robert’s not exactly a model is he? I like to keep fit and I really enjoy swimming & cycling but I’ve been so busy with the show I haven’t done much recently. 

Are you planning on staying on the show ?

I’m loving what I’m doing right now but beyond that it isn’t for me to say.


Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris to collaborate in studio as DJ plans No1 hit with ANOTHER girlfriend


Calvin previously collaborated with ex Rita Ora on No1 hit I Will Never Let You Down

Lovers Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are plotting a worldwide smash No1 duet together.

Superstar DJ Calvin and singer-songwriter Taylor have been jamming in the studio and are determined to marry their distinctive musical styles in a song.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday: “Taylor and Calvin have been speaking about collaborating since they started dating.

"They’ve had a couple of sessions jamming in the studio and are working with producer Detail.

"He was behind a string of Jay-Z and Beyonce tracks including Drunk In Love.

"Taylor has already been in LA laying down vocals for one of the tracks which could be premiered at the American Music Awards later this year.

"Musically, Calvin and Taylor are from different worlds - but they are determined to bring their styles together.”

Mirror Celebs have contacted the reps of both stars for comment.

Calvin previously collaborated with ex Rita Ora on No1 hit I Will Never Let You Down.

The Scot has now banned the Londoner from performing it - but that hasn’t stopped him heading down the same road with his new American love.

Hollywood Life reports that the power couple are NOT planning to move in together as they don’t want to jinx their fledgling relationship.

And Taylor recently credited Lady Gaga with helping her get together with Calvin… through Twitter.

Back in February Gaga tweeted that Taylor, 25 - who was previously unlucky in love- would find her Prince Charming.

Now she’s loved-up with the 31-year-old, she thanked her fellow singer for bringing her luck.

Don’t know how much of this to believe but I think it could be an interesting collaboration.

Robert's affair rumbled by Chas Dingle as the pair collide in epic showdown

FURIOUS Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk tackle Robert Sugden after discovering he has been having an affair with her son Aaron Livesy.

Aaron has always been close to his mum’s former boyfriend Paddy.

And it was the vet who he came out to when he was confused about his sexuality.

He also confided in him about his secret relationship, although Paddy had no idea it was bad-boy Robert he was seeing…until now.

But following Katie Sugden’s shocking death last week, Robert agrees to meet up with Chas and her ex.

He has no idea whether they know of his involvement in Katie’s demise and surprises them by agreeing to stay away from Aaron.

Katie died after falling through unsafe floorboards at Wylie’s Farm while trying to catch Rob in a clinch with Aaron.

She was planning to use a photo to warn Robert’s fiance Chrissie White he was cheating on her.

The shock of her death is set to send Andy Sugden’s world spiralling out of control and his brother will be left feeling guilty about everything that has happened.

An Emmerdale insider told us: “Robert feels terrible Katie is dead. He can’t bring her back and he has to live with his part in it all for the rest of his life.

"Chas demands that he meet her. She wants to know exactly what’s been going on with Aaron and she takes Paddy along with her for some moral support.

"Paddy knows Aaron has been having an affair but had no idea it was with Robert.

"When they ask him to stay away from Aaron he agrees but it remains to be seen how long they can keep their secrets.”

Watch the drama on ITV this Thursday.

Source - Daily Star Sunday