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Daily #1,662! The problem with being a mostly self-taught coder is that you spend a lot of time thinking you know a lot less than you actually do. 

But the bright side is that tech changes so fast that most people feel this way.

@percyprotectionnet: different house au

  • being in hufflepuff, as well as being a lovely blessing that comes with a great common room and a stylish yellow scarf, is a curse
  • people don’t take percy seriously
  • it’s like the creators of hogwarts made three houses: one for the brave, one for the ambitious, one for the intelligent, and then all the miscellaneous wotsits got thrown into hufflepuff
  • (they’re not even all nice! percy notes with disdain)
  • despite all his best efforts to boost house points and extended efforts to be kind to other houses, still, nobody seems to notice him - or any of the other hufflepuffs, really
  • it’s not that it bothers him (though it kind of does, because it robs them of the house cup every year, and he’d love for them to win)
  • (and fred and george and ron always take the piss)
  • to spite them, percy just works extra hard (he knows in his heart of hearts that it isn’t spiting anybody to be a kinder individual, especially out of the sight of said people he thinks he’s spiting, but… it’s the thought that counts?), doing his best to help out with all the new first years
  • half of them can’t even tie a tie and he spends most mornings teaching impromptu lessons on the windsor knot and making sure everybody has their shirt tucked in and gently tucking down flyaway hairs (the bedhead in hufflepuff house seems to be generally incredible in its disregard of gravity)
  • he’s taken over snack duty from tonks, too, and quickly memorises everybody’s favourite snacks and sweet-talks the house-elves who are, of course, more than happy to feed hufflepuff house
  • and, while it is his job to help lead the junior puffs around and to help them find their way, he surprisingly ends up with them following him almost all the time and asking him for help with homework or, strangely enough, life advice
  • percy doesn’t know anything about life advice, but he does his best, because they’ve asked for help, and so he’ll give it to them
  • he feels a large sense of sadness when he has to stop teaching the windsor knot because they all know it
  • quickly replaced by the joy of teaching them how to wear their scarf in as many different ways as possible!
  • percy’s winter catchphrase becomes “wrap up warm” because oh no he is not letting them out of the common room wearing that few layers it is bloody winter in scotland and it’s freezing 
  • he starts bringing hot chocolates in with the snack, levitating them along with them, and the first years just love it (especially when he gets them hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream
  • (he loves it when they get cream)
  • (especially when someone ends up with a whipped cream moustache) 
  • (so cute)
  • one of the first years falls in flying class, and he gathers the collective hufflepuff concern into co-ordinating efforts: he finds a group of arty puffs to make a card, he manages to find some chocolate frogs, he finds his stack of daily prophet papers and cuts out all the crosswords and sudokus he hasn’t done (entertainment is key in the hospital wing), etc. 
  • he finds someone who starts making a quilt, and though he has a feeling the student will be fine again by the time the quilt’s done, the effort is appreciated
  • because, he realises, that’s what being a hufflepuff is about
  • not the fame, not the glory, not even the recognition: the act of being kind, the power of friendship, and the reward is the smile on said student’s face when percy and co. arrive
  • it’s the studying with friends in the library and sneaking them chocolate brownies without madam pince noticing
  • and that quilt being finished… three months later
  • and everybody getting involved in painting a sign supporting the quidditch team and screaming their lungs hoarse
  • (percy, of course, can’t speak the next day) 
  • (he goddamn loves quidditch)
  • and waiting at the end of the year with baited breath for exam results and getting right in the middle of the traditional hufflepuff post-results group hug and loving being crushed because that’s what hogwarts is all about: not just the studying (which, of course, is his favourite thing), but the shared experience with other people
  • he could be an isaac newton and hole himself away, but he’s grown up a weasley and company is so important
  • and, of course, after the results come in and he’s congratulated or commiserated, he makes a sprint to find penelope 
  • he’s, of course, forgotten that he was meant to be spiting anyone in the first place
  • because all that’s happened is that he’s reaffirmed his house values, and why being in hufflepuff is quite possibly the best surprising thing that’s ever happened to him

On this date in history: June 6, 1984 — Tetris was published. Russian computer engineer, Alexey Pajitnov, created the puzzle game based on an ancient Roman game, and it gained a wide audience through a software version developed for IBM. From there, it spread to the Nintendo gaming console, Gameboys and home computers. Soon, pretty much everyone knew how to play Tetris, and had — at one time or another — become a bleary-eyed Tetris zealot.⠀

The original purpose of Tetris, according to Pajitnov, was to help make computers seem less intimidating to casual users. The game is simple enough. Tetrominoes are shapes made up of little squares and each variant has its own name: O-Tetromino, I-Tetromino, T-Tetromino, L-Tetromino, J-Tetromino, S-Tetromino, and Z-Tetromino. As the pieces fall down a kind of well, you can rotate the shapes as they fall. The object is to get an entire horizontal row of squares (without any holes). When a row is completed, it disappears. But the tetrominoes fall fast and hard, and if you don’t clear your squares before they’re stacked to the top, you’re out of luck.⠀

The game is so addictive, in fact, that players may start seeing possible Tetris configurations in their daily life – unevenly stacked books, a brick side of a building or even dreams. It’s so well-known, in fact, that it’s given a name – the “Tetris Effect.” https://www.instagram.com/p/BVAzbC5FE_v/

Is Charles part of VFD?

It is common knowledge amongst Snicket fans that Sir’s lumbermill is involved in a shady business deal with VFD: they design buildings at their discretion in a specific, highly inflammable green wood.

His conversations with his business partner, at first glance, seem to imply that Sir is the one acquainted with the organization while Charles is just a passive enabler:

“The Finite Forest is running low on trees, so business is bad for the lumbermill. The last big order we had was for building that horseradish factory, and that was a very long time ago. I’m hoping Thursday’s cocktail party will be an excellent opportunity to do some business. After all, if it weren’t for my lumber, this hotel wouldn’t even exist!“
"I remember,” Charles said. “We had to deliver the lumber in the middle of the night. But Sir, you told me you never heard from that organization again.”
“I didn’t,” Sir said, “until now. You’re not the only one who gets notes from this fellow J. S.”

[Sir and Charles - The Penultimate Peril, Chapter Five]

But other passages can lead us to believed that Charles is withholding information from Sir and that he knows a great more deal about VFD than he appears. He did tell him that he received letters from J.S., but there are other details he has clearly hidden from his partner.

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My mother has never concerned herself with being beautiful.
She is a plain woman who dresses in polo shirts and beige.

My mother can look nice when she wants to, like at Christmas,
when she hangs earrings from her lobes like ornaments.

My mother is guilty of every fashion faux-pas I can think of;
sneakers with corporate wear, extensive polyester, crocs,
not to mention she is a repeat offender of pajama jeans.

Amidst my blushing junior high years,
her very existence was an embarrassment.
I accused her of not caring about her appearance.

Color me envy of other girls and their PTA moms.
They had Brazilian blowouts, milky teeth, trendy
designer purses, manicured claws, stiff tissue faces.

They are always on the phone, daily agendas stacked
with appointments. Their daughters learn bodies as
red-inked quizzes in need of correction.

My mother refuses to wear her old age like an apology.
She tells me, “Beauty is not a lady’s responsibility.
—  BEAUTY LIABILITY by Blythe Baird
some honest suggestions to improve pokemon go

since ive admittedly been posting a lot of negative stuff about the game lately, allow me to share some ideas i’ve had for improvement.

-Varied bags:  in the more modern versions of pokemon games, the trainer’s backpack has multiple pockets for different items. healing goes in one, pokeballs in another, stat mods in a third, etc.  This helps me keep organized since there is an item limit.  I’d rather go ahead and dump all my low-level potions so i have more room for pokeballs and this type of organization just makes things more straightforward.

-Vanity: At this point in my game (level 21) there’s really not much I would bother purchasing from the store with pokecoins, unless there was an additional tier of customization.  For a handful of coins I should be able to buy a different style hat, patterened pants, or a jigglypuff shaped backpack.  I guarantee there are a lot of people who would rather spend money on vanity than things like lures. personally, I felt dirty when I used money to buy pokeballs and lures, it felt like a cop-out, like i was paying to win.  but i’ve got ZERO problem paying for vanity! (maybe thats just me?)

-Companion pokemon: Just like pokemon yellow, you get a little buddy to follow you around!  One pokemon from your list can be set as your companion, they will follow your trainer around on the map (the graphic could be disabled if people want).  If you wanted to get really into this one, your active pokemon could use a passive move (like growl or tail wag) to help subdue wild pokemon while you tray to catch them (basically replacing a razzberry).

-PVP: I know this is likely already being considered and will be released in baby-steps, but allow me to share my hopes.  For phase one, PVP fights can only commence if a player is standing within a very tight radius to you (10 meters should be plenty).  Its a 1v1 pokebattle where trainers can use their companion pokemon to fight.  The winner is offered a very small amount of XP and a handful of stardust (100 of each maybe to save friends from repeatedly exploiting this?).  Your pokemon would of course need to be healed between each battle.  In phase two you could battle over wifi/data with one specific user via their username. But to be honest the concept of a friends list/private messaging system worries me.  Kids are safe from harrasment right now due to the lack of social interaction and i’d kind of like to keep it that way (maybe 18+ users can consent to a messaging system??).

-Daily Rewards: This has so many possibilities.  First things to come to mind are walking dailies (walk 500m and receive 100xp and a handful of pokeballs), send prof willow 5 pokemon for a small reward like bonus candy for a certain species of pokemon registered on your pokedex (because ill never get my charmander to evolve at this rate : /), Catch x amount of pokemon in a day, train a gym for x prestige, pokehunts (track down a very specific race of pokemon for a significant reward).  Daily rewards could also stack (you logged in 5 days in a row! bonus!). There’s so many options here and it encourages people to log in every day and get moving!

-Timed events: We all saw the fantastic animated commercial from the original Pokemon GO ad where a horde of people ‘fight’ a mewtwo in Times Square.  This is far too large for what I’m considering.  The players living in the smaller cities will never get a taste so we need to think smaller, more localized. Every few days/weeks in moderately populated hubs (like bus/train stations, colleges [not elementary schools!], shopping malls) an event is triggered.  Exact details of said event may vary.  It could be a highly potent lure, item cache, or a bonus XP buff.