daily snuggle

I basically hc that dave and karkat started informally sleeping over really early on because honestly I can’t see either of them choosing to be alone given an actual choice, but it’s this slow agonizing slide into making it happen without either of them directly acknowledging it’s happening because, uh, knights. like they start by falling asleep in can town all the time because it’s safe neutral ground and neither wants to go back alone and then as their friendship progresses they both just start naturally maintaining space for the other person in their rooms and silently hoping the other will take advantage of it being there, and instead of asking if they can stay over it’s stuff like “I’m kinda getting sleepy maybe I should go” and the other one shrugging like yeah…. whatever you wanna do…………… but there’s room for you here, you know, like………. no big deal or anything………. anyway whatever you want is fine

March 24th excerpt:

He brushed against Sam’s arm when he was shifting in place under the green canopy. With a mumble, Sam rolled a little closer, his arm landing over Jacob’s small body. Jacob flinched in surprise from the sudden appearance of an arm longer than his body. It was only a moment before Sam shifted again, pulling the small hunter closer by instinct as soon as the shivers that wracked his body were noticed even in the depths of sleep.

Sam buried his head next to Jacob under the blankets, effectively pinning him to his chest the way one would a teddy bear at night. His grip was gentle, keeping away from the sore and bruised ribs that the tiny hunter was nursing. Sam gave a brief mumble of contentment before he fully drifted into sleep again.

art by @mogadeer!


Forgot to do a daily because my hubby and I got playing Diablo III for a few hours *sweats*

Have a speed paint! 8′D;;;;

Let's play a game!

Alright, I’ll go first.

I spy, with my little eye…

Oh I know!

A cutie pie~!

A cutie pie, Who deserves daily compliments, snuggling, and a stress-free day.

A cutie pie, that doesn’t deserve anon hate, or the hardships of depression, or the fear that anxiety presses upon you until you feel you cannot breath.

A cutie pie, that is the sweetest person, who is kind, and gentle, and loving no matter what anyone says.

A cutie pie, who is very talented, and has a passion that they pour their soul into, expected little results and it’s the small results that make it worthwhile to them, because they know someone loves what they’ve done, and it makes the hours worth it.

Ya know who that cutie pie is?

Take a look in the mirror my friend, cause it’s you.

And you know what are you?

Youre fucking special, and I love you.