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Hey bitches. Enjoying summer? (Kidding, we really don’t care. We just needed a little intro.) Just a little FYI, your tan lines are tacky and love-handles are out. ANYWAYS! I know things have been pretty quiet on your daily biblical site (aka us), but please understand, it’s only because we have been out by the pool and secretly dry humping your significant others. Just figured we would shoot you a text to tell you to wipe your tears, because we are back! I think it is safe to say that we have all well digested the fabulous (and well generous) servings of “end-of-the-year-drama” four course meal and I think it is safe to say… we are hungry for more. Come make momma happy.

OOC: Hey loves! This is just a little, one time, reminder to all: We are a heavily gossip based RP! As stated in the rules, no matter what attitude your character has towards the “burn book” blog, every character checks it and gets notifications. Please be aware of your character’s actions! If your character is able to be spotted doing things, people are free to submit any evidence they are able to collect! Everyone’s clique spot is not permeant! That being said, we do ask that if you submit “photos” or any “proof” to the gossip blog, you run it by the mun who plays that character just so they know what is coming. 

That being said, we have some important changes that we decided to make as an admin team and with our members. Under the cut, are some events that had happened and some events that have happened and we have decided to change.

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favorite actors 2/? | Ewan McGregor

Women are always expected to be naked. I like to try and be naked in films, and have the woman not be naked. It’s a feminist thing that I do.

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Does Cinnamon like bubbles? :3

Yes! they make funny noises when they pop, pop pop!

an addendum to this

yes, it happened in the good old days too, you just were lucky to miss it

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what's YOUR number 1 source for finding out if part 5 is confirmed?

I just kind of feel it in my bones, you know? Don’t trust anything you see or hear, you just need to trust your instincts.

I was on the Daily Mail site for a random reason and ran across this.  It’s not in the article itself (the one on 1D’s net worth), but it’s the thumbnail for it.

It’s 2017 and we still have these ridiculous stereotypes.  

Niall as the “wholesome” one?  Are they forgetting that he’s the one who cursed so much that he was quiet in interviews because he wasn’t sure he would remember not to swear?  Are they forgetting all the women they’ve claimed he dated while they already had other boyfriends or that supposedly left their boyfriends for him? (No, he didn’t really date those women)

Harry as the hot one?  I mean, Harry’s hot, but even my coworker who knows nothing about the boys and isn’t particularly interested was surprised at how attractive all of them are.  They definitely kick the boy band cliche of having a few hot members and a few that aren’t so much.  They couldn’t come up with anything more specific for Harry?

Liam as the “sensible” one?  It’s like we’re back to Daddy Direction which hasn’t really been a thing with the boys for years.  Plus, I find their definition of “sensible” interesting since they’re claiming that Liam was up for having a baby with a woman he’d only been dating for a few months who had 2 failed marriages and was still married to the last one. (No, it’s not really his baby)

Louis as the wild one?  Louis is definitely rebellious and mischievous, but they’re clearly capitalizing on the airport thing to try to make him look reckless and violent when he’s a level-headed sweetheart in reality.  He was super reasonable and peaceful in that airport debacle.  Many people would have engaged after being hit at, but all he did was break up the fighting and escape the conflict as soon as everyone was safe.

And Zayn.  It’s an absolute farce how much Gigi is in Zayn’s business where she doesn’t belong.  It’s to the point where even in this photo, she takes up 75% of it when it’s entirely about Zayn.  (No, he’s not really dating her) Also, the “brooding” one?  Just because Zayn has resting gorgeous-and-pensive face doesn’t mean he’s brooding.  He’s intellectual, principled, artistic, loyal, dorky, goofy, sweet with fans, and has a smile that lights up a room.

Latte, With Honey

My piece for @caffeinewitchcraft‘s Caffeine Challenge #21!  It’s been awhile since I’ve done any writing, so this is a bit rusty, but I thought it would at least be a fun exercise for a Sunday morning.  I used prompt #4.  Hope you enjoy!

(story below the cut)

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Welcome to Bullworth

Since the poster was actually wrecked, I wanted to colour it digitally. I feel much better knowing it hasn’t gone unfinished. 

looked up more info on vitamin B12(the only vital vitamin vegans need that you get from eggs and meats) and according to the official danish pharmacy, B12 deficiency won’t take an effect on the body for 20-30 years(!) after you stop eating those things. yes, signs of B12 deficiency are pretty grave, causing a form of anemia and possibly makes it difficult for you to walk. so you take the supplements before that happens and wait another 20 years.

so for anti-vegans saying that it’s unnatural for humans to take supplements when you could just eat an egg, are you sure about that?