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one of my biggest problems with almost every “brony” i knew is how they SUPPORTED both incest AND underage “ships”, even if it was porn. i get that like. the very few male characters in the show were siblings to female characters but why the fuck is your first instinct to do an incest ship. seeing so many smelly boys chanting “incest is wincest!!” it’s one of the biggest reasons why i dislike shipping in general, but the brony fandom too. because so many people just??? acted like nothing was wrong?

and how like the huge fan site equestria daily just casually dedicated mass posts to ponies wearing stockings but in very sexual poses (complete with “bedroom eyes”). cartoon horses. on a site that should have been family friendly. because, y'know… it’s a children’s cartoon. and also they’re horses. not even like anthro like these dudes were so into the idea of going at it with Small Horses.

sorry for dumping this shit all over the place, i’ll try to avoid posting about this much more but. god i hate bronies LMAO


favorite actors 2/? | Ewan McGregor

Women are always expected to be naked. I like to try and be naked in films, and have the woman not be naked. It’s a feminist thing that I do.

oh holy jesus fuck Ryan Mason is in hospital after the Chelsea-Hull match. beat Cahill to a header but came off worse in a horrible collision of heads (x) - was on the ground for 9 minutes and left the pitch on a stretcher with an oxygen mask and neck brace. makes me go cold. really hope he’s OK, bless him, sending all my good wishes

Since its only 3 days till Christmas, and we are nearly done with this godforsaken year, i wanted to thank all of the amazing people who bless my dash daily and make this site enjoyable for me…

I might have forgotten someone and if I did, I am very sorry and apologise in advance for that tell me and I’ll add you.

(I also wanna say a special thank you to those who talk to me and put up with me on this site because with out you i know my experience here wouldn’t be as wonderful as it is, so thank you to : @wondcrwomans, @shostakovas, @obiwanjedi, @obsscurial​, @poedamxron​, @karlmordo​, @andorcassian, @johns-boyega​ and many others!)

so without further ado happy holidays and merry Christmas….

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Well damn...

Well, crap… you can technically dox someone with statcounter. It involves browser printing and knowing a bit of information beforehand, however it seems possible. We’ll go into detail once we go over the rest of the information at hand.

To sum up what we know:

  • Target has to be a tech illiterate
  • They haven’t clear cache or blocked statcounter
  • They need to visit the blog/site daily
  • They need to visit it from several locations
  • You need to have a net (several blogs/sites) that are blogged
  • You need to have some information already
  • It’s more guesswork than actual definitive proof
  • You can end up finding someone’s account or username through this
  • This then allows you to find a path or two to potential dox

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TURKISH WOMEN LAUNCH TWITTER CAMPAIGN AGAINST SEXUAL VIOLENCE Women in Turkey have begun a social media campaign to share their accounts of sexual harassment and violence in the wake of the brutal murder of a 20-year-old student who was killed after resisting an attempted rape, according to the Turkish news site Hurriyet Daily News. The death of the young woman, Özgecan Aslan, has created an outcry among women in Turkey — and some men — over violence against women.Dozens of rallies were held across Turkey over the weekend to protest the murder of Aslan and to call attention to the increasing violence against women in Turkey. Women are using the hashtag #sendeanlat (tell your story) to describe experiences of sexual harassment. The brutal murder has spawned another hashtag campaign, #Özgecaniçinsiyahgiy (Wear Black For Özgecan). BY JIM ROBERTS

I feel so alienated from tumblr and gender/culture/race discussions here for quite a long time that I do not know what is trendy here anymore, but I will say this tumblr made me angrier person than I was before. This kind of ready-to-argue attitude you can observe daily on this site can affect negatively. Neither do I have the time, nor I have the energy to spend my life on this site fighting over stuff with others because I feel like I am losing sense of reality. And the reality is that I am a young man who doesnt have a money to pay his uni, rent, life expenses, so I need to work my ass off in order to have a possibility of normal life in the future. Maybe I lost my passion, but what is the meaning of all the dogmatic discourse when you cannot translate it into reality? 

only human is an upcoming real life jcink shipper app site set in the fictitious hidden gem of brighton, new hampshire. the seaside town is home to a humble population, but does well to make up for it by the size of its character. with consistent festivals, elderly gossips, and a rich history, you’re in for a treat. follow us for daily contests, site previews, and more! opening july 9th, 2016