daily shizz

Second week of classes is almost over! I can’t believe the second week of class is almost over. Time flies when you’re having fun. NOT. lol Probably because I was too busy. Yeah, I think so. My schedule changed again for the 3rd time, I think. Hassle again. T_T Anyways, I finally feel like I’m back since we finally have our first plate. I feel like I’m back to zero cause I totally forgot how to do everything. Help me. //slashwrist *cries* But we have more than a month to finish it, so it’s kinda okay. The good thing about this week though is that I finally got to make friends! It was so awkward at first but I needed to do it so I can survive my classes. Hooray for nice people and making socializing a bit easier! Hahaha :) 

I have Vistech class tomorrow which pretty much sucks since I have to wake up early in the morning. :(

The weekend is almost over and I haven’t finished anything for my acads. Damn procrastination! Just finished watching Season 3 of Community, finished making two dreamcatchers and filled up the signature sheet for our dorm. I haven’t started with my Building Tech, which is to make a tower out of straws, my plate for design, an article for NatSci and my research for ArcHist. Help me. I’m always busy. Huhu T_T And for next year’s summer, I’ll be spending it here in school. HOW FUN. HUHU

Sorry for ranting. Sort of. Yeah. My right hand really hurts right now because of our second exercise in Vistech which was sketching in ink and there was a lot of shading. D: I can’t wait for Tuesday! My mom’s coming to visit me. Yay :D

I think it was last weekend when I randomly asked Mama if I could travel with the beau somewhere. Just the two of us because honestly, he’s the only one who’s game anytime, anywhere. It’s hard to contact your friends during seat sales you know. One minute you’re waiting for their replies then the next minute all the seats are gone. Haha!

Anyway, as a loving mother, she said no. So, I tried explaining that none of my friends can be convinced in a heartbeat to go anywhere and in any day. And that nothing weird/illegal/immoral will happen. Haha! It’s disappointing, but I do get her point. Kids these days you know. But I pride myself in the fact that even though I didn’t grow up in a strict environment, I know my limits. I’m not gonna get knocked up and just get married because of it. No. I have my goals that I want to check-off of my list before I settle down. But then nothing I can do about it because I’m not a person who defies her parents, so I respect my mom’s decision. 

Last night, a seat sale did happen (and I was sick too but that’s another story) but I didn’t really get to book any flight at all. Haha! Next time! I just hope I have friends who can reply ASAP and have not too many conditions. Or maybe, solo soul-searching ang drama ko. Hahaha!


Anyways, hi guys! First week of school is finally over and it sucked. Mostly because I have different classmates per subject and I suck at making friends. T_T I finally got to see my old blockmates! I missed them so much and there was a lot of catching up during the week. Heehee I only met like 4 out of 11 teachers and most of them were scary. We had an on-the-spot sketching during our first meeting of Vistech 3 and it was quite hard since I’m not used to time pressure. Then we have an activity for our Building Tech class which requires to have a pair but everyone else is taken so I’m going solo. :( I also think we’re going to have our first plate for design on Wednesday. I miss summer. Okay, enough drama. lol

I finally got to watch TFIOS last Sunday!! So happy and sad. I only cried at the last part though. I moved to a new dorm and I get to be roommates with my high school classmates which is fun and cool. :D It sucks though cause I’ve been here for a week and still no wifi. D:

Not that anyone is paying any attention or nothin’, but I’m taking a teeny-tiny break from this here blog for a while because of various and sundry reasons. What are those reasons, you ask?

  • Super-busy werkload lately. I know it’s hard to believe, but I actually do have a real job, where I do real things, and peeps actually pay me real cash money and stuff! I mean, I barely believe it myself most of time, sheesh.
  • Not much and too much to say lately. Like, there’s a shizzton of stuff I totes could write about, but it’s really boring. Unless you’re interested in posts about M&As and integration planning and knowledge transfer processes. Trust me, it’s super-glamorous.
  • I haven’t been getting much sleep lately, so my brain is kinda sorta like Swiss cheese. But I’ve lost five pounds, so there’s that, I suppose?
  • I’m actually just taking a teeny-tiny blogging break here. I continue to write and post daily shizz on my super-secret-blog, so whatevs.
  • [redacted]

Rest assured that the boy and I recognize each and every Wednesday by wearing fake mustaches. In fact, we’re wearing fake mustaches right now!

[EDIT: I was gonna post this, like, three hours ago, but I got distracted by a pint of Talenti Belgian Chocolate Gelato. Priorities, ya know?]

[EDIT2: I dunno, I guess you could follow me on the Instagrams if you want to see what I had for lunch and stuff.]