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So since I’ve gotten @dahm-sub into Michael Jackson, I want to share for her and for everyone some awesome, little known things about him.

1) Michael’s favorite store was the Salvation Army. 

2) Michael personally paid for the funeral of a Chicago shooting victim

3) Michael’s daughter, Paris, is named so due to a bet he had with Kathy Hilton. “Whoever has a daughter first names her Paris.” Thus we have Paris Hilton and Paris Jackson.

4) Michael’s “second family” were the Cascios… here he is giving free advertising for their Italian restaurant.

3) In their book, “Defending a King,” Michael’s former bodyguards tell a heartwarming story of when he pulled into a vacant lot in a limousine and handed out handfuls of $100s to homeless people

4) Lisa Marie Presley (who was married to Michael in the early 90s) bragged to her friends that Michael was a freak in bed, and loved standing up, roleplay, and was even a screamer.

5) Related: the 45th President allegedly has a tape of them having sex in one of his hotels

6) Michael’s 2nd wife, Debbie Rowe, was a nurse in his dermatologist’s office, and knew him for several years before she agreed to have his kids. Despite the rumors, she publicly tweeted once that they naturally conceived their children.

7) It’s well-known to Michael’s close friends that he lost his virginity to Diana Ross in the early 80s

8) Michael’s late friend, former husband of Liza Minelli, David Gest, said he had to take care of Michael several times after he got really drunk and started throwing up everywhere

9) Michael was best friends with Ryan White, a boy famous for contracting AIDS and spearheading the movement in the 1980s. He dedicated the song and video “gone too soon” for him.

10) Corey Feldman was friends with Michael for many years and remains to be one of his biggest defenders. He publicly admitted to being sexually abused by a producer, and alleges that Hollywood is full of pedophiles, but that Michael never did anything to him. 

11) Michael was also good friends with Emmanuel Lewis of Webster fame.

12) Michael was a Jehovah’s Witness for most of his life and still went door to door during the height of Thriller, although in disguise

13) Michael loved going out in disguise because he could fool just about anyone, including his own family… this is from his brother Jermaine’s book “you are not alone”

14) Michael’s taste in women included: French women, Black/Asian biracial women, women from the Middle East, and Japanese women. The biological mother of Blanket, his 2nd son, was a nurse who was part Italian, part Mexican.

15) Michael once asked Katie Couric on a date, but she turned him down because she was dating someone else at the time


17) Michael’s favorite meal was fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans, and this dish was served almost daily at the Neverland cafe

18) Michael obsessively chewed Bazooka Bubblegum, and was in fact buried with some.

19) Michael allegedly tried pot after Barry Gibbs told him it enhanced creativity

20) Michael loved reading about Eastern religion, and was good friends with Deepak Chopra

21) Michael did several commercials for Pepsi, but he never drank it. This photo is also from his brother’s book and was taken backstage at the 1984 Victory tour.

22) Although hotly debated in the fan community, here is Michael in a secret recording (called the Glenda tapes) in which he mentions to a close friend that he had anorexia

23) Michael also suffered from Discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE), which made it hard for him to heal after suffering third degree burns in 1984.

24) Michael sustained a severe back-sprain during a special concert in Munich in 1999, in which he fell 50 feet from a platform onstage. Despite being in horrible pain, he finished the concert before passing out and being rushed to the hospital.

25) Michael almost died from a stomach illness in 1995

26) Michael experienced an earthquake at his Neverland Rach in 1993, and called a friend panicking that it was the apocalypse

27) Michael is purported to have contacted medium Bonnie Vent after his death in 2009, and gave details which she verified with the help of Brooke Shields. (I’ve personally spoken to her, she’s legit)

There are some facts! Hope you enjoyed. :)

Though very much miles apart, the impact we have on each other even through fleeting emotions experienced within the simple aspects of our daily lives serves as a constant reminder of each other’s existence. Wordlessly, we keep in touch. There is something immaculately pure about our connection that consistently keeps our lines of communication open, even in the absence of physical presence. Sometimes I wonder why and how we are able to resonate with each other on a level beyond the five traditional senses of perception, but as we tap into each other’s world so naturally and guilelessly, I often simply forget that there has been a time when I would have deemed such a thing supernatural. Crazy even. Nowadays I would say that the times of sheer overwhelming fascination caused by the limitless extent of human bonding are well behind me. Beyond consciousness and subconsciousness there seems to be another level in which we simply wonder about each other. Sparking voiceless conversations as simple as ‘how was your day’, and 'have you been drinking enough water’; little tokens of gentle care. Within this I find that greater truths often hide in little things. Experiences that are so common; that are such a natural part of our daily coming and going can easily be overlooked. After all, rarely do we consider our natural gifts and talents to be anything special. Perhaps the energy that moves and sways us as emotion is part of a language older than the universe. A means of communication we are still adapting to. For has our species’ evolution not heavily relied on communication? It wouldn’t be odd to think that we are still adapting and learning more about using our own energy as a medium. What we call empathy might be the first step toward something more profound. Something unbound by the concepts of space and time itself. For now, I find truth in the little things that keep me in touch with you. Detecting obscure nuances in dreaming about, or dreaming with you; thinking about, or thinking with you; having feelings about you, or experiencing them with you. Manifestations of our ethereal communicating using an energy resonating on a frequency older than time itself, incited by the most immaculate of all human connections: love, the source and catalyst of all creation. As such, in love we often thrive in the absence of thought, as our minds are calibrated to a temporary existence, drowning out the language of the universe for being eternal. But in the quiescence of thought we hear, and listen; we embrace eternity as a given. This is where we find each other, again and again, as we always have. Timelessly, boundlessly. With or without the physical manifestation of our being, we are connected.
—  You are everlasting love (excerpt), by M.A. Tempels © 2017
Thief Pt 2 // Park Jimin

Pt. 1

- Part Two: Coach

summary: in which prince jimin doesn’t know that his future wife is not only trying to steal from him, but is also trying to kill him.

words: 2,001

category: prince au, fantasy au

author note: here is the second part as promised!

- destinee

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Bossy Boots Strikes Again

Madara & Tobirama 
Words: 3,051
A/N: Kid!Tobi is back to serve your daily dose of fluff! Huge thanks to @redhothollyberries​ for giving me hc’s to run with, and beta-ing this fic into shape! Send her all the love :D
Sequel to Bossy Boots

When Hashirama specified that Tobirama will eventually ‘revert’ back into an adult, he never included an estimation. There’s a reason for that. It turns out, there are no estimates to when Tobirama will eventually become an adult again. Time moves on, and the small group of people Hashirama trusts to look after Tobirama return to the responsibilities they have to attend to.

Their days off hardly ever coincide. The days where everyone happened to be working, Tobirama had stuck to Madara’s side like a leech. Not going to lie, Madara preened a bit.

There’s something sweet about being chosen by Tobirama, time and time again. Even though Tobirama sometimes chooses to sleep with Hashirama at night.

He thought Hashirama would sulk at the idea, but when Madara strode into the office the next morning with Tobirama in his arms, there was an extra table with a high chair beside his Police Chief desk. Tobirama’s glower is still unparalleled. And Madara is shameless about utilising it for theatrical effect.

Thus began one of the strangest games of hot potato between Konoha’s elite, with small, chubby Tobirama being shuffled between the people who happened to have time off for the day.

Surprisingly, this is the most smiling Madara’s seen Tobirama do in years.

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anonymous asked:

I hope I'm reading your profile right, if not please ignore this!! But friendship headcanons for Kyoutani, Terushima and Ushijima! I apologize if I read your description wrong >.<



  1. Will easily let his guard down around you. He deeply appreciates the friendship you both share and how you don’t judge him by his appearance. As a thank you, he’s willing to lower his dominant and rough demeanor to show you that he trusts you.
  2. I said for a few characters that they’d beat the shit out of anyone that would upset you, but Kyotani would actually literally beat the shit out of anyone that would upset you. The second he sees you crying, he becomes uncontrollable and his rage takes over. It isn’t until you’re begging him to stop when he’ll actually stop. Sometimes he gets into really big trouble….
  3. He has little ways of showing you how much he enjoys your company. When it’s lunch time, sometimes he’ll buy you a drink from the machine, he’ll stay and study with you, or he asks you to watch his games.
  4. It is very very important to him that you watch his games; he calms down knowing that you’re in the audience. Even if you aren’t paying attention and have to study during the game, as long as you’re there, he’s ok.
  5. You’re the only one allowed to hug him. He blushes every time and you tease him when he tries to pry you off.
  6. He often hand makes his gifts and birthday cards. He spends all night making sure they’re perfect and he uses all of your favorite colors.
  7. In the winter, he wears the scarf you gave him every single day.
  8. You gave him a keychain with a dog on it that resembled him and he pets it for good luck before every game.
  9. Scolds you harshly when you stay up too late studying, when you’re sick, or when you forget something, but you know he means well.
  10. Tries to watch what he says around you because his biggest fear is that he’ll say something that will make you upset and you’ll leave.
  11. Always asks you to wash his uniform because he doesn’t know how to do laundry yet.


  1. Makes you his wingperson whenever there’s a cute manager to flirt with.
  2. He gives you one knuckle sandwich every day.
  3. Although he’s really chill and aloof with his piercings, he was a baby the minute he stepped into the piercing parlor. He made you hold his hand throughout the whole process. He even convinced you to get one, too, but you compromised and now you have your ears pierced.
  4. He’s in the process of designing and planning out your future friendship tattoos. It started out as a joke, but now he’s really serious about it. He won’t get it until the both of you are comfortable and satisfied with the design for at least a year.
  5. He gets extremely worried about you when you don’t get enough sleep the day before your exam or when you get sick. After school, he’ll walk you home and stays with you until you fall asleep so he knows you’re getting your rest.
  6. He’s almost too comfortable around you and doesn’t mind changing in front of you. One time you were so stunned when he took off his shirt that he shoved his armpit in your face. Now, when you turn around so he can change, he’ll pretend he’s done and call your name so you’ll look at him, but then it’s just him rubbing his nipples.
  7. He’s a very rough and touchy friend; he’ll shake your shoulders, slap your back, poke your sides, squish your cheeks, you name it.
  8. He takes his after school naps on your couch before he heads home.
  9. Likes to take pictures of you and post them on Instagram every chance he gets. He’s one of those people that either posts a really meaningful message or just puts the poop emoji.
  10. He takes your birthday very seriously and always throws a big party, even if you insist on not having one. He wants to celebrate the day the heavens blessed him with his best friend, as he would word it in his speech.
  11. Casually spanks your butt in the hallway.
  12. Is your biggest fan and will always support you in anything you want to do no matter what.


  1. He makes you run and work out with him every day because he likes having a work out buddy. Because of him, you’re in like the best shape of your life.
  2. Always makes you eat with him because he feels like you aren’t eating your daily servings of vegetables.
  3. Cherishes anything that you give him, from a special gift to any normal object. He wears the hat and gloves set you gave him every single day in the winter. Every time you hand him a pen to borrow, he takes extra care of it so he doesn’t lose it or forget to give it back to you.
  4. He often takes naps after school at your place, so he has a designated section in your closet for his napping clothes and blankets.
  5. Finds it charming when you borrow his sweaters and you’re drowning in how much larger it is than you.
  6. Flicks your forehead when you forget your homework or get sick, and then doesn’t do anything about it lol. That’s what you get for being irresponsible.
  7. He’s a great listener and will evaluate any decisions that you’re hesitant on. He doesn’t sugar coat anything because he’s watching out for you and doesn’t want you to regret anything in the long run.
  8. His mom always asks if you two will ever get married.
  9. He saves his cheat days for the weekends when you two go out to eat.
  10. Always offers to carry your backpack when he walks you home.
  11. He protects you from Tendou when he gets a little too close or comfortable around you.
  12. You’re the only one allowed to hug him and it’s only once a year on your birthday. He’ll make exceptions if you’re really upset and crying.
Interview translation (Takumi Shu)

This is from one of the trilogy era fan books, an interview with Ace Attorney writer/creator/director Takumi Shu about Phoenix and Edgeworth. I posted it on the PW Kink Meme before but since I finally jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon, I figured I might as well put it up here too. Enjoy~

Interviewer: The profile that the fans came up with for Wright is published on page 46. What’re your thoughts on it?

Shuu: You all put a lot of thought into that, didn’t you? Personally when it comes to Wright, the more I try to unravel him, the less I understand. When it comes to Edgeworth, he’s a little more unstable in some ways than the average person, so that actually makes it easier to think up interesting replies for him. But with Wright, I feel like he’s the type who leads a relatively normal life with both feet on the ground. And he’s quite average. That actually makes it more difficult to imagine what his life style is like.

I: As you say, Inaba-san and Iwamoto-san both described Wright as “average.” (see page 48)

S: I suppose so. He gives the impression of having been raised in a very normal family. I think he probably grew up in municipal housing or apartment building with his family. I bet even now he’s renting a normal apartment. He probably commutes to the bath house and stuff.

I: When it comes to his mode of transportation between his place of residence and his office or the bath house, it seems that a lot of fans are of the opinion that he rides his bike…

S: Couldn’t it be like a granny bike [characterized by having a basket on the front for carrying a purse/groceries]? I don’t really think a mountain bike suits him (lol) Just so we’re clear, I don’t ride a granny bike (lol)

I: Train and bike were mentioned, but what about other modes of transportation?

S: It’s been established that he doesn’t own a car. I can’t picture him driving one, it just doesn’t fit his image (lol)

I: Does he have his driver’s license?

S: Probably not.

I: While we’re on the subject, what about you, Shu-san? Do you have your license?

S: I don’t, actually (lol). That might have influenced Wright in a way.

I: The next item on the player input survey is about “part time jobs he had in college.” In average Wright’s case, there seems to be a general consensus that it would’ve likely been something that had a lot to do with serving people’s daily needs or the hospitality industry, but since he was enrolled in the art department, I think it would be interesting if he’d done some artistic modeling.

S: He might’ve also been something like a manga artist’s assistant.

I: What exactly was Wright studying in the art department?

S: I actually have an established headcannon about that. He was hoping to become a Shakespearian actor. That’s why he was enrolled with the art department. Influenced by that experience, his gestures tend to be a little exaggerated

I: So did he plan on someday going to England to study acting, then?!

S: I think he did. But then while he was enrolled, a newspaper article about Edgeworth caught his eye. After that he changed courses and started studying to be a defense attorney so that he could meet Edgeworth.

I: I wouldn’t have expected him to pursue an acting career. So does this mean that he’s actually pretty capricious?

S: I wouldn’t call him capricious exactly; I think he’s more the type that once he starts thinking a lot about a certain thing, he becomes very single-mindedly fixated on that thing (lol). I already mentioned that in the “his ‘type’” section though, didn’t I?

I: I see. Let’s talk about his taste in cell phones. What sort of phone do you imagine him owning?  I’m betting that since he’s hopeless with technology, he has a very basic model that he’s used and loved for a long time. Is that right?

S: It’s probably one of those old basic straight phones [as opposed to a slider or flip phone which were more common in Japan when this was written]. But even as old as it is, he still hasn’t managed to ruin it with over use. I doubt he’d bother to replace it until it actually breaks… He doesn’t seem like he’d be able to afford an upgrade before that time (lol)

I: Wright keeps taking jobs that don’t end up paying much, so he doesn’t seem like he has much money.

S: And we probably shouldn’t underestimate the cost of maintaining that office of his. It’s in pretty good shape, and there’s a decent amount of room in there. But I think that for Wright, in contrast to wealthy Edgeworth, a poorer image suits him pretty well. If you think of him that way, he, how should I put this… it adds flavor to his character (lol)

Interviewer: Looking at the responses we gathered from the fans, we got some pretty nice comments, but it still feels like there are gaps here and there. What can you tell us about Edgeworth’s character?

Shu: Compaired to Wright, don’t you think Edgeworth’s details are easier to imagine? How should I put this… it’s easy to play around with different aspects of his character. Once I decided that he was rich, various inspirations about him just kept coming to me.

I: Speaking of his wealthiness, it looks like the fans, in regard to his living quarters, imagined him to have rather expensive tastes.

S: I wonder (lol). I think he might be the owner of a large dog. Its collar is white and has frills on it. If you’re going to keep a large dog like that indoors, I suppose an expensive apartment would be best. He’d be like, “Hey, Pess! What’re you barking at?!”

I: …Pess?!

S: That’s the dog’s name (lol) Edgeworth doesn’t seem like the type who’d be good at communicating with other people or horses, Pess is the only one he can really communicate well with.

I: Pess is the only one, huh? (lol) That’s pretty blunt.

S: If Pess were to die, Edgeworth’s world might come to an end. He’s a man who lives in that sort of delicate balance.

I: Edgeworth’s emotional state really depends on Pess’s wellbeing, doesn’t it? So even though he puts up a strong front for the rest of the world, he allows himself to be vulnerable in front of Pess. Is that it?

S: Not only that, but Edgeworth is a very two-faced character. At first, I planned to write him as the type of man without any chinks in his armor. But then… in the strategy guide published by Futabasha, Suekane-san drew a comic in which Edgeworth was a Steel Samurai fan. Now that I think about it,that was what caused Edgeworth’s character to begin to crumble (lol). I began to think “he might actually be cuter if there were chinks in his armor.”

I: Between Wright and Edgeworth, which one do you view as being cuter?

S: Wright is heavily modeled after my own personality, so I can’t really think of him as “cute.” Maybe it’s because when I write from Wright’s point of view, I’m basically just writing what I would think in that situation.

I: So from Wright’s perspective, Edgeworth is…

S: He’s probably thinking that Edgeworth is a pretty cute guy (lol). The second game was when Edgeworth really began to come into his own as a character. So as I was writing it, I began to want to give him a little more development, and I came up with an episode where Wright’s it a really tough spot and Edgeworth helps him out.

I: You’re right; it was the fourth case of the second game where we really began to see Edgeworth as a good guy. It really gave credibility to the claim that he was Wright’s best friend. Now, returning to the topic of the profiles, I’m curious as to what you have to say about Edgeworth’s taste in music.

S: He might be a ppongjjak fan. [Pponjjak= Korean techno/disco music XDDDD]

I: P-ppongjjak?! That’s… rather unexpected…

S: What would be the fun in making him a classical music fan? So he’d be like, standing at attention, listening to ppongjjak. I think that style of music actually suits Edgeworth’s character pretty well.

I: According to the opinions of some players, they could imagine him “singing a passionate rendition of the English song 'My Way.’” Might he sing this song after a victory in court?

S: Sometimes he’ll do things in accordance with the Von Karma family tradition. That means if he wins a trial, he definitely sings “My Way.” (lol) Manfred Von Karma would hold the mic out to him and say, “Sing, Miles.” Franziska might also join him.

I: Speaking of the Von Karma family, it’s amazing how he had all those Von Karma-isms carefully hammered into him since around his middle school years.

S: He received special accelerated education for gifted children, so by the time he was around 20 years old, he fit in pretty well at the Von Karma family dinner table. By the way, the old housekeeper that currently tends to Edgeworth’s fancy appartment has been with him since back then (lol)

I: The old housekeeper left the Von Karmas so that she could be with Edgeworth, huh? (lol)

S: But I think of Edgeworth as being the type of man who really appreciates time to himself, so on such occasions the housekeeper won’t disturb him. I wonder what it is about Edgeworth’s character that makes him so easy to play with (lol). It’s strange.

have more bros being bros…savage wants to make sure his lil bro is getting his daily serving of calcium

jk but seriously studying maul and savage’s faces for a really long time made me realize like…maul’s front horns are really short. like. what if. entertain me for a second. what if maul’s horns being short is analogous to like…edward elric being short. no one knows about this because there are like 3 dathomirians max that live off-planet, and even less who are male. but savage, being dathomirian, can tell, and he pokes at maul constantly about it when they’re alone- are you getting enough nutrients? are you sleeping enough? have you seen a doctor about this?  but the terrible part is he’s not giving maul shit. he genuinely cares. he wants to make sure his lil bro is in top shape so they can be evil mass murderers together.

maul thinks he’s the most annoying guy in the universe and wishes to fuck he would stop pointing out his horns for fuck’s sake savage they’re not even that small what the fuck I’m not even- no no no stop-STOP TOUCHING THEM 

also dathomirian tattoos are the DUMBEST….so many details, so hard to read….shit

Sweatshirt & Coffee // Hoseok

Drabble game request: J-Hope + “Is that mine?” + Coffee Shop AU | for @the95liner

Word count: 1,569 words

Character: Hoseok x reader

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