daily seoul

Another Saturday..

i haven’t been that active on this site lately…honestly it doesnt feel as exciting as it used to be 1 year ago.
recently i have been having a bit of a hard time in this country,just being treated in places like the post office,the phone shops etc ..with annoyed unfriendly looks from their employes when they see i am one of the foreigners with a nationality they dont care about.it’s no wonder that most ppl get sick and just leave in less than 2 years in korea.i lived double the time i did had times when i thought about leaving but honestly i am treated pretty much similar within my own country surrounded by not so many friendly ppl.

to chear myself i decided to spend the day with something related to bangtan. the boys were in mexico today for kcon just left  in Brasil if not mistaken, then US ,so they wont come back in korea not until begining of april and even that will be for less than 2 weeks and they will leave to thailand.it feels kinda empty without them here,my only happiness pretty much,my only way to release stress,.even if it;s hard to see them with this popularity they have gained.
at 11.30pm i got dressed very casual,just put a cap on my head to hide half of my face and my hair that is never looking decently and headed towards gangnam area where this little event where a fan has a small event related to Jimin and Jungkook at a cafe.

it wasn;t that hard to get there because it’s in the area close to my workplace plus  i could see the line from far away when i turned the courner. the line wasn’t that horrible as i was expecting because we are talking about smth related to 2 of the most popular members among korean fans from what i noticed.

this was the first time trying to go for smth like this by myself.i did went once at a namjoon video exhibition which was really fun  but i was with someone so i was way more relaxed then.
things went more smoothly than i was expecting.supringly the girl that was at the entrance was speaking some decent english. she replied with english when she realized i am a foreigner and she was really nice. i said that my name is not on the list(she was holding some papers with names on it) but i do want to go inside and buy some goods. there was another girl in the front that it seems had the same issue..not a big deal luckily. i payed the fee and went inside.the small cafe was full and i felt a bit awkward to be the only intl fan among the sea of korean fans.

at first everything seemed a bit confusing..i had no idea if we had like an order..should i get my drink first and then buy or the other way around?
i managed to find a pen (i took with me all sort of useless stuffs in my bag but i didn’t took a pen from all the things.*facepalm*)…i eyed a girl in front of me that she was holding one and asked if i can use it.wrote my name in korean on the paper with the drinks and what i wanted and gave the pen to the girl back thinking hope is not lost..lately the new fans seems quite cold with each other if they are not like some sort of friends in their daily life or so on.
i decided to go to get my drink first when the 2 girls that were working as baristas noticed that i am a foreigner,they were basically pushing each other which one to take my order.
i gave a sad sigh inside but oh well… i could see them breathing reliefed when they noticed i am not the clueless person they were fearing of that doesnt understand a word or speaks any word in korean,they became more relaxed after.. they needed the name because they would shout the name of the person when they  ordered was done.
i went around the small tight place taking photos of the things around and it was time to buy the goods.

honestly i had no idea what to buy…unfortunately they werent selling cute stickers,i would have got those. i got 4 sets of random photocards and when i choosed to buy mini bottles i went with the thought that i will buy just one but my moulth said both when i was asked which member.
i hate myself~
after sitting for a little bit i decided to leave because other fans were waiting outside to enter as well.

i went to etude house to buy an eyeliner a youtuber recomended (hopefully it;s decent) then i was ready to head home and have lunch. my hands were pretty busy with the bag with the stuffs i got,my drink and my phone as well.it was a bit hard to try not to drop anything and reach inside my bag to grab my earphones.concentrated on my thoughts and on my phone suddenly i noticed 2 ppl following me and starting to talk to me with the “were are you from?are you a student or you work?”
for a moment i thought it must be one of those religious cult ppl that can follow you around but then i realized that they must be looking for native english speakers to volunteer themselfs to teach classes but i am just a boring european that has nothing to do with the english language.they bumped into the wrong foreigner. ^^“ the way they aproached me is kinda scary though so i just lied i am a tourist and that i am from europe and just left without looking behind..it was just half a lie though. stuffs happen when i dont wear my earphones.
but overall it wasn’t a bad day.glad i managed to go to that small event.

just another saturday in seoul.


I went to my friend’s amazing tteokbokki place! It’s called 간식연구소 (gan-seek-yeon-gu-so), which means “snack lab.” My friend makes the best tteokbokki that I have ever had!!!!! SO DAMN GOOD!!!! If you are in Itaewon and want a snack, go here! Tell them that Danny sent you! 

Name: 간식연구소 

Location: Itaewon, Seoul