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Magnus canonically owns an axe that can cut through an entire tree in one swing and is multiclassing as a rogue but he never mentions those as his strong points, its always “rustic charm” this or “animal handling proficiency” that like the man puts more weight on his knowledge about vehicles or building a chair than he does on the fact he tied himself to a moving train and saved several thousand people








friday 18.2 & saturday 19.2, semester six, week five

I spent my Thursday afternoon with a friend to prepare our grammar presentation. Presentation that I properly finished writing down this morning. Everything’s ready for our oral exam, slash 50% of our grade, for week seven. (Because week six is break week.) Anyways, I couldn’t resist, while running errands with Mum, to this Aloe plant. I named her Billy. (I didn’t have any plants at my parents anymore since I brought them all at uni with me.) I didn’t do much today, lots of reading with my latest novel (Adam Silvera’s History is all you left me) and prepared my notes for my linguistics exam (because linguistics doesn’t count as work, right?).

And when I wake up, You are still with me! Psalm 139:18
What a wonderful promise to wake up to! That God is near, we’re not alone anymore. It means He will guide and shepherd us through the various situations we may find ourselves in; When you wake up in the morning, God is there to love and prepare you. When you go about your day, God is there for you, desiring to empower you. When you lie down at night, God is there to give you rest and peace.
Spend time today in prayer renewing your mind to the promise of God’s presence and letting His nearness become your source of courage, strength and rest.

Little Everyday Witchy Things

💖Say a prayer while your still in bed, before you get up in the morning it counts as a simple offering.

💖Make some tea and add cinnamon to your tea to increase luck and energy.

💖Put thyme in your tea for good luck.

💖The type of tea you make should depend on your mood.

💖If you want alertness, energy, and to dispel negative premonitions of the day make black tea, chai tea, or oolong tea.

💖If you want to detoxify your energy and clear your conscious mind make green tea, jasmine tea, sencha tea, or matcha tea.

💖If you want help with clarity, serenity, and wisdom make white tea or an herbal tea.

💖For an easy boost place a crystal next to your tea cup to charge your tea.

💖If you want to boost clarity use a clear quartz crystal.

💖If you want to increase your chance of love and beauty use a rose quartz crystal.

💖If you want to stabilize and ground yourself use an obsidian, bloodstone, or onyx crystal.

💖If you want to intensify your awareness and spiritual powers use an opal or lapis crystal.

💖If you want to increase courage use a tigers eye crystal.

💖While your tea is charging do some yoga, exercise, or meditate. You only have to do this for as long as your tea is charging. So like literally five minutes, trust me it makes a difference.

💖If you make breakfast give a piece of your breakfast as an offering. If you don’t make breakfast give some of your tea you made as an offering.

💖While you get dressed and do your makeup light a candle. This way you start your day off with a little light, light acts as a positive omen, and wakes you up more.

💖If you want purity and beginnings light a white candle.

💖If you want courage and strength light a red candle.

💖If you want healing, luck, and prosperity light a green candle.

💖If you want calming and spiritual awareness light a blue candle.

💖If you want psychic powers and control light a purple candle.

💖If you want positivity and beauty light a yellow candle.

💖If you want beauty, serenity, and positivity light a pink candle.

💖If you want stimulation and energy light a orange candle.

💖While doing your makeup place a rose quartz crystal next to your makeup supplies. It’s a simple tactic that really ups your look for the day.

💖If you shower in the morning turn it into a cleansing ritual.

💖Color coordinate your outfit for your days intent.

💖Carry an appropriate crystal in your purse to help calm, stabilize, or motivate yourself.

💖Carry a rose quartz crystal in your makeup bag to increase your beauty for the day.

💖Carry a spell bottle you made for keeping calm in stressful situations in your purse.

💖Carry a spell bottle you made for good luck to come your way in your purse.

💖Carry a basil in your wallet to attract money.

💖Carry rose petals in your purse to help bring all kinds of love throughout your day.

💖Wear thyme in your bra to make yourself more alluring.

💖If you curl your hair enchant your curling iron.

💖For simple divination open a book to a random page and read it.

💖Enchant and wear a crystal necklace.

💖Everynight before you go to bed charge your crystal necklace under the moonlight.

💖Stir your tea clockwise to conjure up happiness and health.

💖Stir your tea counterclockwise to banish negativity.

💖Stir your tea for your days intent, while doing this you can chant a few words making a new little spell each day.

💖For your morning tea use sun water.

💖For your bedtime tea use moon water.

💖Try to always have an incense lit in your room for aromatherapy, positive energy, general witchiness, and reducing anxiety.

💖Use essential oil as a perfume.

💖Go for a walk to connect with nature.

💖Read your daily horoscope.

💖Write sigils in your planner.

💖Chew gum, use flavor associations.

💖Text yourself emoji spells when you need a quick boost.

💖Enchant your pen, marker, pencil, etc. Enchant the words you write.

💖Brush your teeth counterclockwise to banish negativity from your day.

💖Whisper a silent greeting to the sun.

💖Play some of your favorite music to invoke spiritual energy.

💖Whisper a “goodnight” to the moon before going to sleep.

💖Energy work, if you have the extra concentration to spare. This can go very quickly and is so versatile.

💖For protection carry a salt packet in your purse.

💖Carry a sugar packet in your purse to sweeten up your day.

💖Try weaving glamours into your foundation, clarity and true-seeing in your mascara, and authority in your lipstick. Red lends power to your words. Pink offers charm.

💖Put an appropriate tarot card in your purse or planner to give you a burst of energy.

💖Keep a Grimoire/BOS on your phone.

💖Wear a crystal to boost your energy while working out at the gym.

💖If you need to take a nap place your crystals under your pillow to charge with you. You need a break to recharge just like your crystals do.


“once upon a time, in a kingdom not so far away, there lived a prince, who fell in love, hopelessly head over heels, with a baker, and together they danced, until the dawn, all through the day, into the dusk, with the sun and moon, and even the rain, into happily ever after.”

gotta love how @lucycamui‘s like a fairytale’s chapter names tell the whole story <3

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Autumn Semester - Reading Week, Monday

I spent my morning at the library working on my Gothic essay. I’m just going to leave it there and rewrite it in a few days to correct my phrasing and such. I also did my abs session, finished Stranger Things, started Beyond Stranger Things, prepared my rhetorical argument analysis, and oh, cardio session in an hour! 

Who is a God like You, who pardons sins and forgives the transgressions of Your people? You do not stay angry forever but delight in showing mercy. (Micah 7:18-19)
Sometimes we believe we’ve finally done it—we’ve failed God so badly that He’ll never forgive us. But God tells us over and over that His mercy is much bigger than our worst mistake.
God doesn’t want anyone to sin, but He knows we will. That’s why He provided a way for us to have complete forgiveness through His son Jesus Christ. The Bible says He delights in showing us mercy.
We sometimes wonder if God can really forgive, remember that God will always forgive us when we sincerely repent ask for His forgiveness.


Crimson Peak (deleted scene) | ‘Lucille at the piano’

you know who this reminds me of?

these two nerds