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More Turian/Mass Effect silliness from Garry’s Mod with characters from the RP forum I hang out at. My OC Myrrick is not really good with public displays of affection. Unfortunately for him, his friend @tavianalvia does not have the same hangups.

Tavian ‘Tavi’ Alvia belongs to their creator/player- who is an all around good egg, lemme tell ya.

Next is Derek. But enjoy these cute spencer headcanons.
He’s so cute like FUCK I can’t describe it. Has always been my criminal minds crush for years.

Anyways enjoy this smol bean.

Spencer Reid headcanons:

-Biggest heart ever.

-No joke, this man has a heart of gold, willing to do anything for you.

-Like that one time when you were on your period and running low on tampons at almost 1 am. Even though he was tired he stopped to pick up some on his way home, including some chocolate.

-Loves to treat you so much that it’s starting to get out of hand.

-It’s gotten to the point to where every time he’s at the store, he always has to bring something home for you.

-Sometimes you have to chide him for doing so.

-“Spence you really don’t have to do this every time you go to the store.”
-“But I saw this stuffed cat and it reminded me of you,so I thought you’d like it”

-Whenever he has to go on missions, it’s super tough for him because it’s always risky. So he always makes sure you know he loves you.

-Always calls you before the jet takes off, after it lands, when he’s about to go on the search and after its all over and done with.

-Never likes leaving you home alone. He knows what’s out there lurking, and knowing you’re home clueless kills him.

-Even if he wants to, he can’t share any information with you because it’s classified, even if it means you’re the similar to what the killer is after.

-He’d take a bullet for you, even if it means he’s in danger, you’re his number one priority.

-Taught you everything you need to know if times get rough, what to do in situations, how to defend yourself, and how to talk to them. He’s even paid for you to take self defense classes.

-Low key installed several security cameras around the house to make sure you’re safe when he’s away.

-Feels self conscious when talking because he seems to ramble so much.

-Even though you’ve told him several times that it’s fine, he still tries to keep it to himself.

-Loves when there’s down time and he gets to spend it with you.

-Has a thing where, when he reads, he likes to read to you and get into in depth conversations about the few chapters you’ve read.

-Speaking of which, you guys usually have In depth conversations daily about random stuff, mostly historical and scientific.

-Doesn’t really have a set nickname for you because they make him feel awkward. He tried to once but he kept stumbling over it and gave up.

-He’s such a smol bean. He blushes easily.

-Don’t hurt him, he trusts you so much and cares for you so much that if you ever lie to him (which I doubt you’d even be able to get away with it in the fist place)

-He’d feel so conflicted. Like he never has ever lied to you, so what made you do that to him.

-Plays the innocent card, is really innocent.

-I’m serious, he’s blushes every time you even hug him. Kissing makes his face feel like it’s going to melt off.

-Not too into PDA. Doesn’t really like to hold hands either.

-Penelope has always shipped you two, and seeing that it’s finally happened makes her so giddy that every time she sees you, she asks how it’s going so far.

-Simple dates usually happen. Like a walk through a park, late movie nights or sitting in a local coffee shop.

-You pretty much do things with each other all the time, but you both have certain boundaries.

-Almost no fights. You’re both level headed and usually talk it over.

-He’s never once raised his voice to you, and NEVER once laid a hand on you unless it was something simple (like hugging, cuddling ect ect)

-He thinks it’s extremely low for any man to lay their hands on a woman, it hurts his head whenever he tries to compensate why anyone would do such a thing.

**10/10 wished I had a relationship as good as this.

I really wanna make like… a vlogging channel too…
Like, maybe just like my random opening a box video yesterday and stuff like that?
It’d help get everybody used to the camera without the pressure of expectation to do or say things in particular that matches what the MultiplicityAndMe channel is all about… 🤔

So just random daily stuff, random blogs, maybe Ed cooking or putting on make up, maybe Jamie/Jess studying, personal vents…

Or maybe I’m just riding the excitement I’m feeling right now and I’m feeling too ambitious :P aha. Maybe it’d just end up a channel of me coz nobody else would do it…

Iunno, anybody have thoughts on that? 😄

Daily #1,604! Yesterday the people I met were all about Twitter, and today they were all LinkedIn…the one I rarely use LOL.

But I got their names anyway. XD I’m trying!

anonymous asked:

top ten fandom friends? :)

Hallo! These are the top ten folks I converse with the most, hence my top ten friends from the fandom. 😊

1. @kittenmusicals and I started out as collaborators on our Zig x MC Valentine’s Day piece (because we didn’t have Zig in Game of Love - boo!) but more than that, she’s a wonderful person to chat with about life outside tumblr and writing. I always look forward to her messages in my inbox.

2. @stormrunner74 aka Gramps. I like talking music with this guy. We kinda share the same taste in songs and all. He’s also big on making short jokes about me (Get it? Ok that was horrible.) because he’s 6'4" and I’m 5 ft tall. He cracks me up.

3. @texanhusker and I chat almost daily about random stuff surrounding our love for our LIs. We have our own loves (Kaitlyn for her, Ben for me) but have shared loves too (Dom and Jake). Fun chats!

4. @peepeetah seems to be always on a sugar rush which I absolutely adore, especially when we’re talking about, who else, Ben. We gush over practically every screenshot of our favorite hot geek and have no qualms about it. We go gaga together for Ben.

5. @firefly-hwufanficwriter is super fun to chat with. She’s a big supporter of #ChoicesCreates, especially with the masterlist. I love bouncing off ideas with her even when she’s not the host. She always has a lot to contribute and I like talking writing with her.

6. @makitokito – I think we just get each other. Our exchanges aren’t lengthy and we don’t chat in messages as much but when we comment on each other’s posts it’s like – I totally get her and she totally gets me. In an AU, we’re neighbors and best friends. Then she’d teach me how to ride a horse.

7. @lacksubstance-productions is a super talented writer who I enjoy chatting about writing with, especially when a mini-brainstorm happens. The more NSFW, the better. So much fun! I hope to collaborate with her soon!

8. @maggiegames and I love Asian representation in gaming (Choices specifically) and we’ve been conversing more because of Drake. 😄 Nothing like a good, hot LI to drool over. I look forward to chatting more with her!

9. @lauraotaku2234 is my baby. She’s just amazing, so much fun and one of the two folks I talk with off-tumblr. I love hearing her funny stories and having heartfelt chats with her. Whenever I see that I have a message from her, I already smile because she always has something interesting to share. She’s my kickass daughter.

10. @justapapercut - what more can I say? I’ve waxed poetic about him many times in here. He’s the only other person I talk to off-tumblr, and I look forward to hearing his updates every night (or morning). I think we’ve grown a lot together over the past few months, and I’m very grateful he’s in my life. He’s my soulmate and will always have a piece of my heart.

There you have it. Thanks for the ask, Anon. 💕

Things I want to find out in season 2
  • What’s Nino’s surname?
  • What happened to Chloé’s mother?
  • What happened to Adrien’s mother? Does she have something to do with the peacock miraculous?
  • What’s Nino’s surname???
  • Do Alix and Jalil get along?
  • Does Nathanaël even have any friends? How long has he liked Marinette?
  • Does the Gorilla know Adrien is Chat Noir? Does he know Marinette is Ladybug?
  • What’s Nino’s surname???
  • What are the names of the fox, bee and peacock kwamis?
  • How does Lila get along with the rest of the class? Especially Marinette and Chloé?
  • Plagg and Tikki interactions?
  • What’s Nino’s surname???
  • What’s Nino’s surname???
Lie to me-Theo imagine


Request : can u do an imagine where you hate each other/secretly like, but act like hate, though the sexual attraction is obvious. and one night you sort of force him to say what he feels ? And it can be with anyone thank you ! 

A/N: HEYYY i’ve had that request since like forever and thought i’d do it with Theo. since he’s new and all that. 


I could not sleep , how was I supposed to ? The thought of her not leaving my mind. Constantly there. I ran my hand through my hair. I did not love her , I was certain of that, but I wanted to love her body so fucking much. I got up and out the room towards the street. She had fallen asleep hours ago and   as much as I enjoyed her little talk of random daily stuff in her sleep , I needed the cold air.

The motel was at a beautiful spot , only an isolated street beneath it but somehow the view still managed to be awesome.

‘’Beautiful isn’t it ?’’ I heard her voice and though it freaked me out I did not let it show. I didn’t even turn to look at her.



I saw him from my window and though I didn’t want to , I went outside to check on him. His well firmed back was perfect under the moonlight, and then I realized , I wasn’t wearing much either. Only a large jack daniels t-shirt that I can’t even remember who gave it to me.

‘’beautiful isn’t it ?’’ I said , but he did not answer. We were outside in an isolated street . I placed my hand on his shoulder and he turned in a sudden move and looked at me. I could see the lust in his eyes. It seemed like it was always there. His left hand wrapped at the lower part of my back and without giving me time to question I was thrown to the ground but his hand made sure that I landed slowly and carefully . We were in the middle of a fucking street on the ground . with him on top of me. Screw this , I needed to feel him. I grabbed the hair at the lower part of his head at the back and pressed my lips onto his. I knew he wanted it too because he didn’t even gave us time to peck , his tongue immediately ran along the surface of my lips begging for entrance , which I refused but that only made him angry. He suddenly raised his head , grabbed my hair pulling me further up so that his head could be at my neck now.

‘’You fucking-‘’ I could not make the end of that sentence since I moaned at the touch of his mouth sucking on my sweet spot at the left of my neck , I felt him smirking against my skin and then he returned to my lips . Shoving his tongue in my mouth . I felt the smooth surface of it exploring me. His mouth was warm and needy . it was the hardest, sloppier , most lustful kiss I ever had, and I loved it. He raised his head and stared into my eyes standing up , leaving me like this. I stood up as well and I could feel my lips were already swollen from his hard kiss. He looked at me , as if he was holding something back.

‘’you’ve got this all wrong, no matter what I say , or what you think , I .. DON’T want you…’’ he said and started walking away but I caught up to him stood in his way and removed my shirt, exposing my chest but not breaking eye contact. He pushed me up against a wall not touching me , still looking at me , becoming angrier.

‘’ I said I don’t want you’’ he whispered and I bit my lip . My nipples had already gotten hard due to the cold night air and all I could think was his tongue trying to warm me.

‘’so ..lie to me’’ I whispered and he pressed his lips onto mine again slightly biting them.

‘’ I want you’’ he said and I moaned.

‘’lie to me again’’ I whispered and this time his hand made its way to my tits squeezing them while he buried his head in my neck sucking my collar bones.

‘’I want you’’


He sucked harder

‘’ I want you’’


‘’ I don’t ’’

A challenge to all my artist (and even non artist) friends:

Draw some nagas. Sexy nagas, strong bara nagas, nerdy nagas, meek little wimpy nagas. Doing random daily life stuff or even sick tricks at the skate park. Draw your happiest little nagas. Draw as many as you want and tag me in the posts you make.

We all need positive naga vibes immediately okk.