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thefierceotaku  asked:

How does adhd affect you? If you don't mind me asking. My friend he adhd and I want to be there for him.

Pretty much in the ways you’d expect tbh–

  • Focusing on anything I’m not at-that-moment interested in is practically impossible.
  • ^Especially if it’s reading large paragraphs of text, even if I am interested in the topic that kinda focus is hard.
  • I have little to no perception of time 9 times outta 10.
  • Talking to authority figures or about myself generally is not a fun time due to RSD.
  • On focus again– on worse days I won’t be able to read/process the words I’m looking at on a page if someone’s talking in the room.
  • More recently, the nonverbal bouts I’ve mentioned due to brain overload for one reason or another.
  • My brain goes a mile a minute in a very roundabout and seemingly disconnected ways, so sometimes in conversation I’ll blurt out apparently totally unrelated things that I actually got to logically, just way too fast;
  • My memory is terrible - like, good lord.
  • It can be hard for me to focus on conversations / for people to get my attention if I see something interesting.
  • Sensory overload– personally I got it whenever I used to go to church, for example, ‘cause there were so many sounds and sights and smells and you have to stay still and quiet throughout it but my brain was just freaking out internally the whole time. But anywhere with a lot of sensory things going on can set it off.
  • Kind of sensory overload related (??)– sometimes my meter for conversation will hit rock bottom by the end of the day but somebody will still wanna talk and I’ll just be there flailing on the spot both physically and mentally ‘cause processing any more interactions just hurts.
  • Stimming: it’s not something I realize much until I think about it, but for example; personally, at work I feel weird without my lanyard cause I’m used to the weight of it and tend to play with the keychains on it or pop my nametag in my mouth while I’m walking around – idk it’s kind of a grounding thing – kinda like those totem things in Inception, haha.

there’s probably stuff I’ve forgotten tbh (like I said; memory problems, lmao) but that list looks long enough – all these things obviously differ in intensity from person to person, but hopefully that gives ya some insight on what might be up for if ever your pal seems a bit off at all

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Snapchat adventures after the mail arrived today— the prints came out better than I could have hoped omggggg!!

This is the biggest comic project I’ve ever worked on and it’s beyond amazing to finally have physical copies of it– I’m happy as hell rn 🎉🎉✨✨

here’s a daily journal print-out!

it’s half-letter sized so two can fit on a regular piece of printer paper side by side. the .pdf comes with two so you can print it as a spread and double-sided to make your own stapled booklet.

if you have any questions, feel free to ask! i made this for myself and decided to share so it was originally catered to me.

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d o w n l o a d

wow you guys so the harry potter sequel is pretty wild huh

steve bannon: lord voldemort (the dark lord)

donald trump: pius thicknesse (the stooge/front man/minister who does what he’s told and has no brain)

mike pence: lucius malfoy (the outwardly respectable smooth talking just as evil dick)

paul ryan: igor karkaroff (pretends to be decent and responsible, total suck up, will absolutely stab you in the back)

kellyanne conway: bellatrix lestrange (the devoted female death eater who is clearly insane)

sean spicer: the daily prophet (literally just prints lies and doesn’t care)

reince priebus: peter pettigrew (snivelling little sidekick who clearly sold out whatever principles he had for this job)

betsy de vos: dolores umbridge (literally do i even need to say more)


I decided to make some study printables for me and my bestie @greenteaandnotes and they turned out so lovely I thought why not share them on here?! 

There are 10 types of printables available to download at the moment but I made a Semester Planner and an identical Term Planner for those English and Irish students out there who don’t call them semesters! So yeah just download whichever one suits your school/college !

I haven’t watermarked my printables but if you do download any please tag me at #meddiestudies or @meddiestudies or send me a message letting me know if they’ve been of any use to your studying because it will make me very happy :)

Here’s the link to my google drive to download the FREE PRINTABLES :download link