daily planet rooftop

So, I was thinking about bvs the other day, and I realized something:

There was no Shirt Rip Thing
There were no Glasses Thing
There was no Daily Planet Rooftop
and no Bumbling

All of these things that I myself identify with as Quintessential pieces of the Superman Puzzle. Things I loved about Christopher Reeves Superman. Things I fangirled over when they finally happened in Smallville. Things that I feel many people associate with the formula of creating a Superman on screen.

These were all things I was h o p i n g to see in this film. But, it wasn’t until I was thinking about Justice League, and how since Clark Kent will more than likely remain dead, we won’t get the opportunity to necessarily see any of those Mild Mannered moments. Possibly a DP rooftop scene, but otherwise, none. And that’s when it hit me:

I didn’t miss those moments in BVS.

Those iconic moments that I thought I couldn’t live without in a Superman story.

The character and the relationships of that character were that on point, and the stories straight from actual comic book pages were that fulfilling, I didn’t even notice until weeks later that I never had those other moments associated with this incredible character. A character that so many people just don’t seem to g e t, made clear when they gripe about him in MOS, and in BVS along with so many other things.

I just love this character so much, that I k n e w I would love this film before I ever saw it. That despite the critics, I knew I would be adding this film to my movie collection to watch time and time again, and never tire of it. Because this film was made with the understanding that this character was made of more than those quirks and mannerisms. That it could tell the story of this character better than others before, because it didn’t rely on those old Things. That this character is still very much the same underneath it all as the Reeve, Cain, Welling, and hell, even Routh.

I’ve mentioned before that Reeve is who I’ll always think of first when I think of Superman. He was my childhood.

And Welling is my favorite, because he was about the journey to becoming my most beloved Superhero.

But Cavill IS the Superman from the comics. He has made the character in all his forms the most real to me. And these films have given me what I truly wanted. I thought it was those quirky mannerisms, but I was wrong. It was the realness, the humanity, the h o p e.

That’s what this film has given me, and that’s why no amount of hate people give it, can ever change the way I feel about it.