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My thoughts aren’t always holy. My actions aren’t always loving. I fail. I slip. I’m a mess on so many days. I don’t have it all together, but I live and breathe God’s Grace every moment of every day, and THAT is what pulls me through. I am committed to being more like Jesus, and I pray God gives me the strength to continue dying to myself daily and picking up His Cross. I cannot do this alone. I cannot live a holy and righteous life without Him. God, I pray my heart clings to You tighter than anything else in this world!

He’s The One

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary:The Winchesters and the Reader are having trouble with their current case until the Reader spots a breakthrough. It takes a toll on them but one little comment throws them back in the past to much more fun times. When they brought back to the present they struggle to come up with ideas to help them kill the creature.

Word Count: 10,001 ←What the fuck? I probably won’t be doing that anytime soon but it was a long two weeks.

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, minor character death, an awesome made up species, SMUT (Fellatio, Cunninlingus, Riding, Penatrative Sex but they are protected folks, its a lesson for y’all)

A/N – This is my entry for @bradygabrielle-blog ’s 100 follower challenge with the prompt. ‘I’m nott wearing any underwear.’ And for @impalaimagining ’s Cheesy Pick Up Line Challenge. Prompt: ‘Excuse me, do you have a napkin? *wipes face* There, now your seat is clean.’ And for @jensen-jarpad who said: Oh… I love this drabbles hahaha! Can you do Dean x Reader kink 34? [Getting Caught having sex] Thanks! For my Get Your Kink On Challenge

The case was long and the suspect wasn’t giving you anything, no leads, no emotion other than complete and utter fear, but other than that nothing. It was like he had no idea of what was going on and maybe he didn’t but this case was dragging on for a little over two weeks and frankly you were getting kind of tired of the same shit. And it sucked that you weren’t even getting closer to the end of the case. You had no idea what you were hunting, there was no pattern that you had spotted, no specific place that each of the victims were taken. Nada.

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You can practically see Emma falling more in love with Killian in that very second. He genuinely cares for Henry, isn’t simply using him as means to get to Emma, and it hits her like a ton of bricks. Killian’s not just in it for her - he’s in it for both Emma and her boy. And for a moment, the emotional impact of that overwhelms her.

[scene request by @phiralovesloki]


Your Daily Killian Pick-Me-Up ⚓ [Day 382]


I picked up Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ for the Switch today! this is my first time trying this title (despite it coming out on every other platform to date)! And to my surprise - this one is packed with a manual and stickers! The manual is full color and sports some beautiful pieces of art. The whole thing is very reminiscent of the old SNES manuals, which is great!

But imagine the rating they’re gonna get if they get both Alycia Debnam-Carey and Katie McGrath in a show together. It can be the stupidest, most non-sense show about two roommates going about their daily lives, picking up laundry, eating ramen from a cup, chilling on the couch and it’ll still be the best rating show in history. Heck, they don’t even have to hire directors or crew members. Just fix some cameras in the room, put those two in and let them do whatever they feel like and I’d still watch that show like my life depends on it


It’s amazing how in a moment when Emma is clearly struggling with feelings of trust and betrayal, Killian Jones sets aside his own unhelpful jealousy to be the support she needs. Earlier, he was still questioning what she was saying. Agreeing in words, but not truly believing it inside. But he later sees how much Emma simply needs someone on her side, someone who she can rely on and doesn’t have to question their motives. Killian chooses to believe her, wholeheartedly, because that’s the anchor she can tether herself to in the emotional storm she’s fighting. Her parents may have let her down, but Killian wasn’t about to.


Your Daily Killian Pick-Me-Up ⚓ [Day 376]

Tattoo AU Headcanons

by @wonder-rangers @trinisgayforkimberly @katedisun and @penvision

- Trini and Billly work in a tattoo parlor called ‘the pit’ next to a Krispy Kreme where Zack somehow got promoted to assistant manager

- Trini is not a morning person, at all, (never mind that 'the pit’ opens at 11) so she always stops at Krispey Kreme on the way in to pick up her and Billy’s usual from Zack

- Zack mentions that the little shop next door has finally sold (after greeting her way too enthusiastically)

- Trini half listens as he goes on about flowers and a girl in pink

- It doesn’t click until the next morning when she sees a guy unloading bushels and bushels of plants from a truck

- A girl in a pink tank top steps out to help him and Trini almost walks into a parking meter

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Yuuei Highschool Host Club AU

I just really need this ok

Midoriya Izuku was luck enough to get a scholarship at Yuuei thanks to his relations with All Might. They weren’t really well off so education at those kinds of school are not really within his access. But All Might has given him a chance to go do just that and he’s been studying day and night to get his good grades and become a successful hero. Until, he well got lured lost in the room of a certain host club and broke a vase worth 8M yen. He has then been enslaved worked as a host for the club to pay off the broken vase.

The hosts are the following:

1. Bakugou Katsuki (Bad Boy Tsundere Type) - You will just love Bakugou. Actually, everyone will just kinda love him. Or hate him with a burning passion. There is no in between. He might seem furious but inside his heart is actually a more furious and raged man but beneath all that is actually a boy who is tsundere for you. You may find yourself being careful around him but the longer you linger, the more you catch on to his tsundere charms and then, you are stuck forever. He is actually also very smart, despite his love for profane words. He also won UA’s hero tournament and has been holding the title for  2 years. Also self-proclaimed leader of the host club.

2. Todoroki Shouto (Hot & Cold Type) - Todoroki Shouto is unpredictable if anything. Sometimes, he has the warmest of smiles that get you all jittery and on other days, he has the coldest of stares that will leave you shaking. His capricious nature gets people more interested in him. The reason why Todoroki acts as such is said to be one of the 7 mysteries of Yuuei among others. He is also the son of the top  Hero, Endeavor, although he does not like to talk about it. Never talk to him about Endeavor unless you want to see his cold stares but if you want to see them, then be my guest. But mind you, there are repercussions.

3. Iida Tenya (Serious & Earnest Type) - Iida Tenya is a good choice for first timers at the host club. He is sensible and easy to converse with, although, he sometimes get out of hand with his speeches talking. A true gentleman, this one. He won’t ever push you or make you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes though, the more cunning and devious girls end up teasing him with matters of the heart until he gets beet red and inexplicably flustered. But that is, in its own right, a sight to behold. Most people visit him for that awkward blush.

4. Kirishima Eijirou (Upbeat & Friendly Type) - Kirishima Eijirou is also one that is well recommended for starters. He knows your cues and knows how to read people unlike Iida. Plus, he’s a natural mood maker so if you want light conversation and a good time, he’s the one. He’s also a good listener so if you are having troubles, he’ll gladly lend you an ear and try to give you advice. Has an obsession with ‘manly’ things and there is 101% chance that if you show him something manly, he will become a helpless puppy.

5. Shouji Mezou (Gentle & Kind Type) - Do not let Shouji Mezou’s rough and intimidating exterior fool you. He is actually the kindest of souls. Even as they call him Tentacles because of his quirk, he actually the most gentle of group. Mezou is also a good listener but unlike Kirishima, he rarely gives out advice, if he actually ever does. So if it is him, then you can go pour your heart out.

6. Kaminari Denki (Flirty & Dorky Type) - Kaminari Denki is a natural flirt. He knows your daily pick up lines and the like. You could say he knows how to make you feel the sparks between the two of you. But if you don’t laugh at his jokes or react the way he expects you too, he panics real bad. Most of his visitors actually go just want to go see him flail and be confused because it is actually what makes him cute. Sadly, he does not know about this. His fans will protect that secret to their graves.

7. Midoriya Izuku (Pure & Perfect Type) - Izuku is an idea son man. He is humble and understanding. He can converse with you with pretty much any topic but talk to him about heroes and his eyes glisten like the waters of the sea and his smile, oh god, his smile will dispel all the impurities in your heart. He is a cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. He also will try to help you with 200% of things. Just don’t take advantage of his kindness because that might earn you the wrath of the other guys in the host club *cough* Bakugou *cough* Todoroki *cough*.

scenes and stuff:

But imagine Deku buying ‘commoner coffee’ and Bakugou being angry like “wtf is this shit deku?! i swear” but Deku is saved by Kirishima who fools Bakugou into drinking it as a form of ‘challenge’.

But also imagine Kacchan being hella confused because Deku is cute, CUTE. And Kacchan protecting Deku from one of his less saner fangirls and Deku thanking kacchan but Kacchan refusing the thank you because it is his responsibility, yada yada. But is secretly happy about it.

Kirishima watching in the distance and feeling both happy and sad because Bakugou is rarely ever truly happy but Bakugou is happy because of someone else. Kirishima who has been keeping his feelings with Bakugou at bay until Deku came. Just jealous Kirishima.

And also Deku having to wake up Todoroki, who is terrifying when woken by someone else, because he fell asleep at the host club room. And oh god, Todoroki pulls Deku’s hand when Deku called on him causing Deku to go fall in Todoroki’s chest.

Iida and Izuku reviewing together in the library and accidentally touching each other’s hand while trying to get something because both were too engrossed in studying that they didn’t have time to look.

Club treasurer Tsuyu and secretary Uraraka because someone or in this case some two need to watch the guys in the host club and make sure Izuku is safe and kept pure.

Also, Uraraka making all the guys float when girls begin hording at them in hallways. And Tsuyu retrieving them all with her trusty frog tongue.

Also, Uraraka and Tsuyu always being together and helping each other out that they actually fall in love with each other but the other party thinks they are in love with Izuku so Uraraka and Tsuyu try to set each other up with Izuku when they should just be admitting their love for each other.


I got these in from @aitaikuji - thank you!! Sara and I went half and half on these since she and I really loved this game! 

We were planning on going back to our apartment in Osaka during December, but due to an unexpected job opportunity we never made it back to Japan and therefore missed our opportunity to go to the Square Enix Cafe…but at least we got the FFXV Place Mats! These are the place mats for character specific meals you could get from the SE Cafe!