daily photo 2014


Some postcards from a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last week. I am pretty active on my Instagram every day, and I’d love a follow if you’re on there.

I haven’t been writing this year. It’s May. I don’t think I’ve written anything at all except for web copy on a couple of work assignments. I did some fun stuff on a few websites tied to movies that will be released soon. But I haven’t done any personal writing, any fiction or storytelling. I know if I wanted to, I would.

Instead I have gotten fairly active with yoga and I’ve started to read more (again) and I’ve tried to learn how to take good photographs. I’ve also worked on being more calm, more presently content. That’s not to say I couldn’t do all of those things and feel such a way while writing. It’s really just a matter of fact: This is how it has been.

A new daily photo project for 2014: The first thing I see every morning is a pecan tree through the window next to my bed. I’ve posted a lot of photos from this very spot while waking up, and now I’ve decided to share my morning view with you every day for a year.

You were happy right then. There were many reasons why you were happy right then but also the understanding that none of those reasons mattered too much, that your happiness wasn’t the sum of them, it was, it simply was.

Happiness wouldn’t always sit there, pose just so with the light just so. You understood. And that was okay. You were okay with that, knowing that would be okay too. You would be okay.