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668: What A Wicked Gang We Are (Streetlight Manifesto)

A set of armor haunted by three spirits (banshee,human knight, low level demon) is repurposed as a automaton. Steampunk antics ensue as the 3 minds fight to coexist in new body.

Requested by Anonymous

It Really Has An Image Of Rooftop Bounding To Me


I remember seeing someone do this a long time ago and thought it was really cute, so here’s some OCs in their pride flag colour palettes!! Inspired by my need to draw Coal in garish colours 24/7. 

657: Bulletproof Heart (My Chemical Romance)

Basically I’ll draw a creature based off a song that you share with me per request box message. Thought it’d be interesting to hear your music choices while doing something in uncharted territory, if that at all makes sense!

Soooo, for this song I made a desert-dwelling fallen angel(seraphim), regretful of their rebellious choices and protecting humanity from their extended family. 

I can explain more but this is enough type already. Can’t wait to see what you request!

Here Is The Song


Otp being grossly domestic featuring my Kurotsuki lovechild oc named Hotaru 😂

(he’s crying because his friends wouldnt believe him when he says Dinosaurs didn’t eat human, that most of the Dinos are herbivores and human hadn’t even evolved yet in Mesozoic era in which Dinosaurs existed)

(((((Congrats Kei, Hotaru inherited your dorky dino brain)))))

662: Space Oddity (David Bowie)

Sentient alien satellite orbiting Earth for thousands of years, turning from what was hostile intent to admiration of humanity.

Requested by Anonymous

I Miss You Bowie