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This is definitely the Velociraptor that you are looking for:
The kid with blue hair rides the blue raptor.

My younger son told me last night that “Star Wars Rebels characters riding Jurassic World dinosaurs is the thing that we are doing now.”  Well, alright. Since Star Wars Jedis are supposedly able to use the “Jedi Mind Trick” to control animals, I guess this is as plausible as anything else that goes on here.

We are crossing corporate boundaries, however. My older son opined that perhaps a series of Star Wars and Jurassic World team ups might be a bad idea as it could encourage Disney to purchase the Jurassic Park franchise. (Because these napkins are so very influential!) I explained that Jurassic World was a Universal property at the moment and was therefore probably safe from Disney.

Ezra, the teenage star of Rebels, was the obvious choice for the next napkin.  The kids debated who he should be riding, but I have to say that Blue from the “Raptor Squad” was really the only choice.

My son did not like Ezra’s riding position. I did not bother to explain that I was trying to hide as much of his body as possible so I would not have to draw it.

This two napkins a night thing is definitely not going to work out.

Star Wars Rides Dinosaurs #5:

I have not been following “Star Wars Rebels,” the latest animated Star Wars TV show, very carefully. Hera Syndulla is one of the band of rebels, and I think, the captain and pilot of their ship. She is a Twi'lek, one of the humanoid, but not human, species in the Star Wars universe. This means, (fun facts that I just learned on the “Wookiepedia” today) that parts of her brain are located in her “head-tails” and that her eyebrows are tatooed on.

I felt I had been shirking the color possibilities of the dinosaurs in the series so far, making them all an amorphous grey/green. Of course, no one knows for sure what sort of coloring would be accurate….

The color scheme definitely got away from me on this one. The greyish green solution looks pretty good in retrospect.

Jar Jar Binks and Donald Trump:

Could idiocy mask an evil master plan?

Our kids are sadly not particularly politically informed. (I will admit my guilt here, although I am still working on conveying some basic concepts like their excruciatingly over privileged status as well fed and educated, white male Americans)

But despite their lack of interest in politics, they have somehow acquired a violent dislike of Donald Trump. While my feelings about the man who I still think of as “The Donald” are definitely not positive, we have done our best to ignore his recent ridiculous antics, so my sons’ loathing of the man did not come from anything I or their father have said. Their hatred of Trump is total and visceral, yet does not seem tied to any political positions he holds, anything specific that he has done, or statements that he has made.

The only other individual who might be equally reviled by my sons is, of course, Jar Jar Binks.

We watched “Revenge of the Sith” last night. And while it was more tiresome than I remembered, the movie reminded me of the fanboy theory that Lucas had originally intended for Jar Jar to be revealed at the end as the top Sith Lord- the ultimate bad guy. Some hypothesized that Jar Jar’s dimwitted behavior in the first two prequels was supposed to be a diversion from his evil machinations, but that the fans’ violent hatred of the character prompted Lucas to lose his nerve and change the ending.

It is appealing to think that there was a reason for the Jar Jar character to be so very annoying, but I fear the theory does not seem very likely to me.

It is not so appealing to consider that Mr. Trump is intentionally deflecting our attention from serious issues with his annoying and idiotic statements…and it seems extremely likely that is an accurate description of the situation.

My younger son was frantically concerned that I not post this image because someone might mistake it for support of Mr. Trump’s campaign. He made me pledge that I would add: “Jar Jar and Donald Trump: Separated at Birth?” just in case anyone might be confused.


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So like many of you I too opened up some pretty sweet Christmas gifts! While all of them where great, this one from my wife was particularly special. It’s a sketchbook made entirely out of napkins… absolutely perfect for my restraunt sketches I tend to do from time to time. When I complete them, I usually leave them there with my info as an art drop or just in case someone might be a little curious to check out more of my art.

Now, for the time being… I won’t have to pilfer anymore cocktail napkins from the bar area! Hooray to creativity and the genius who invented this little book!


Watch on oneminutenews.tumblr.com

The coolest mom ever, draws daily amazingness on her sons’ lunch napkins:  http://bit.ly/ZMXUpe

Mochi and Pig:
A Disney/Dreamworks team up:
No animated kids’ feature is complete without a feline sidekick.

We went to see Dreamworks “Home” over the weekend. I’ll admit that I might have dozed through some of the movie and may be slightly fuzzy on many of the details, but I did notice that there was a cat and that it looked a bit like the cat in “Big Hero 6.”

“Bring me the head of Deadpool”….is something you might say to your Minions.

When I was posting the previous Deadpool napkin, I asked if he could regenerate after being digested. I was helpfully informed that he could revive “even from a puddle.” But what if his head is separate from his body… does the body sprout out of the head, or does he have to wait for reunification? I have no doubt that someone will educate me if I post this image somewhere like Instagram.

My son’s partner in Deadpoolery has moved on to basketball camp this week, so there was a good bit less enthusiasm for Mr. Wilson, intact or not.

With all the advertising for the upcoming movie, however the kids are still pretty enthusiastic about Minions.

Don’t underestimate the power of the dark side: Darth Vader Rides the Indominus Rex I did not have much success putting members of the cast of “Inside Out” on dinosaurs yesterday, but “Star Wars” characters seem to be another matter. The first new episode of “Star Wars Rebels” rolled out over the weekend, so the Sith Lord was an obvious choice for dino riding today. I haven’t had an opportunity to draw Darth Vader since my older son’s obsession with “Star Wars” 7 or 8 years ago. I’ve missed the reflective possibilities in his helmet. Despite my parents’ general polite lack of interest in Star Wars, they had a very realistic, wearable, Darth Vader helmet in their office since the early 80’s. Perhaps my soft spot for the helmet really has more to do with that.