daily mustache

A little thank you, for all the followers lately!! And plus, I missed drawing my favorite ladies. (I totally didn’t think things through when I was organizing the dialogue, so read it right to left, like it’s not in English… Sorry for that). Asami is up to more shenanigans, and getting Korra into trouble before her very important council meeting. I love this girl.


I was sketching Dorian and though ‘hey lets focus on his lips’ so the mustache had to go (somehow I always draw mustache first and then lips).

Poor Dorian. I mean, he still looks good in my books but I kinda see him avoiding everyone until it grows back. 

Today’s Prisma Visions reading March 10, 2017: The Fool, Strength, & The Chariot.
Just because you may be entering a new phase or opportunity, doesn’t mean you leave old responsibilities behind. Throwing yourself all in to a new project doesn’t mean what you left behind stays behind you. Instead, taking part of that previous experience, pain, success and failure is what will make the journey worthwhile. It’s unwise to push through without planning though. Don’t just take your “baggage” and venture forth or you might get stranded. Pigeon holed into a cycle of repetitive actions and reactions. Having a goal in mind will make both the journey easier and more fruitful. Along the way surprise may happen that change you, fear is toxic, so embrace the change.

Today’s Prisma Visions reading March 21, 2017: X of Pentacles, II of Wands and The Empress.
Look at the family in the center of the X, the represent more than just a bond of mother father child, the represent within us the male and female, the adult and child, the caretaker, and the one in need of care. It’s important to look at life and see the beautiful balance it exudes, enjoy the simple gifts. Although nature is winderous and a pure example of magic, inspiration is as well. That bolt of lightning that strikes you with an idea is something hat can’t be replicated, but it must be honed. Power without control is useless and dangerous, while nature holds the beauty of creation it holds destruction as well. Toiling to force something will only bring hardship. In those times look to yourself as your reward. You’ve made it this far and should nurture yourself. How can you live something if you can’t love yourself. Embrace your faults, fear, and best qualities and realize that you, are representative of caregiver, inspiration, bounty and famine, success and failure. The “total package” refers to perfection, when really, it should refer to being complete in yourself.

Today’s Prisma Visions reading March 17, 2017: Temperance and VII of Wands

Too much of a good thing is an honest reality. It’s fine to treat yourself, and encouraged, but in moderation. If you over indulge, you risk becoming numb to their pleasures. Enjoy the sensuous journey of deny and reward. You’ll learn to appreciate both and be happy no matter what life deals you. As you go along, life presents itself to you in a feast of plenty. With your focus and determination, you’ll go far and have some opportunities that, quite frankly, you’ll have no interest in. Instead of just turning your back, try sharing them with those around you. When you’re content in yourself, build the people up in your life. Though you may look up to them, they very well look up to you, and with the excess you’re presented, don’t waste it or reject it, instead redirect it.

Today’s Dalí Tarot Universal reading March 16, 2017: Ace of Wands, The Emperor, and Justice
A light in the dark, carefully tended can brighten the night. When it comes to creativity and inspiration becoming a full fledged idea and project, it takes a cautious approach. A ruler can’t lead with just their heads, for intellect is cold. The warmth of the heart and having empathy is a necessary balance to have in a leader. Caring for your passion can’t just be from the heart, your zeal will put too much wood on the flames and it’ll become something you can’t control. Build your fire with calculation, and it’ll never grow outside its ring. Instead use your intellect to build, and your heart to tend. Take a torch and spread it carefully, your creativity will inspire. Though it’s a balance, you will reap what you sow. Lead with the heart and become bitter, lead with the head and become bored. Lead with both and be amazed.

Today’s Dalí Tarot Universal reading 03-09-17: King of Pentacles & IX of Swords

When on the journey to financial stability or success, your horizons will shift. Being the ruler of your physical life and property if in your future. But brig ruler is being responsible. You have to maintain and own your actions in regards to what you use your finances and energy for. In the course of gaining this new power, the light will shift. The sun sets, and everything takes on an eerie hue. Disappointment is a part of life, as is failure. Embrace it but don’t succumb to despair. Revel in the dark, for without it, the sun is never quite as bright, and the Truth of really owning something will never be as real as entering the surreal depth of emotion that comes with failure. It’s ok to fail, and you need to remember that when you truly want something, failure won’t stop you, but pushes you onward.

Today’s Dalí Tarot Universal reading 03-12-17: My full-moon clarity spread, IV of Swords, Justice, The Chariot, VI of Pentacles, III of Hearts.

What’s been hidden, or unavailable to you has been rest. Emotional or physical, there’s been no reprieve. What you’ve been working for and what you’ve put forward is coming to a head. Your just desserts are fast approaching, whether it’s a rest or something else, know it’s coming. What’s been draining you and making these energies cycle has been a need to keep going. Maintaining a constant burning pace may seem like it’ll get you to the finish quicker, but, the brightest flames burn quickest. Feelings of care, compassion and a truth that roles can be flipped at any time have led you here. You work hard in the hopes that down the line it’ll pay off, or as empathy for those that are on hard times. Taking care of people because you know what it’s like to need to be taken care of and left alone. What’s left for you to do is to grieve. Not necessarily as in succumbing to sorrow, but allowing yourself time to rest and heal. Running the gambit is so draining, your emotions are spread thin. Take some time to sink down, below the water where it’s quite and calm and stare at the crashing, turbulent waves above you as you hold your breath. There is peace in watching the stresses that you voluntarily thrust yourself into from a different view. Let the water of this respite wash you clean before jumping back into the fray.

This is my full moon clarity spread. Hopefully you find it relevant either for he actual reading, or as an example of a way to interpret my spread.

Happy full moon all ;)

Today’s Dalí Tarot Universal reading 03-14-17: IX of Wands, VIII of Wands and The Devil

While running a race, the time ticks by, and the track seems to lengthen. Stretching on and in with what seems like no progress. But as you turn a corner everything seems to speed up. The end is in sight and you seem to have a final burst of energy. Tread carefully, the end may not be the ending you thought. Don’t get caught up in the thrill of the finish line and realize it’s not where you wanted to be. In the course of your running, you might have made a wrong turn, turning the race to your goal to a race to something foul. There’s still time to redirect and alter course. Don’t end the race until you’re sure of what lies over the ribbon.