daily mustache

A little thank you, for all the followers lately!! And plus, I missed drawing my favorite ladies. (I totally didn’t think things through when I was organizing the dialogue, so read it right to left, like it’s not in English… Sorry for that). Asami is up to more shenanigans, and getting Korra into trouble before her very important council meeting. I love this girl.

Today’s Prisma Visions reading June 16, 2017: Page of Pentacles, Justice and King of Wands

When you’re handed something while your mind is elsewhere, you may not notice just what it is until later. Whether it’s a new relationship, a new skill, or something else that’s new, it is an opportunity. When you realize the opportunity you have been handed, you may be inclined to try and give it back. You may feel, that it is undeserved. This isn’t so, you are receiving you’re just reward but be wary because you’re just desserts could be on the horizon as well. Know that what you put out will come back to you eventually, so make sure that it is a good legacy that you put forth. Look to how your legacy will be received by others. Strive to be the embodiment of creativity and fairness. Inspire others as a king would, because you rule your life, and you have subjects who look up to you whether you know it or not.

Today’s Wild Unknown reading March 30 2017: Father of Cups, IV of Swords, and The Empress
While nurturing creativity, or working in your “element” you feel at peace. No matter what, there can always be a nagging doubt in the back of your mind. “Am I actually good/skilled or just lucky?” Have faith in your gifts. Sometimes it best to just play dumb with yourself. Ignore the insecurity, and act like it doesn’t matter. Eventually, it won’t. Sometimes you just have to “mother” yourself, kiss your own scrapes, and let yourself know that it’ll all be ok. Notice that the insecurity lies between the successes, lead yourself, nurture yourself and forget for a time


I was sketching Dorian and though ‘hey lets focus on his lips’ so the mustache had to go (somehow I always draw mustache first and then lips).

Poor Dorian. I mean, he still looks good in my books but I kinda see him avoiding everyone until it grows back. 

Today’s Wild Unknown reading June 12, 2017: IV of Pentacles, II of Wands and II of Pentacles.
While monitoring your funds, saving money and the like, always keep in mind why you’re saving. This does two things, helps set goals and also keeps you in check. It’s great if you’re budgeting and trying to save, but don’t become a cheapskate. In the long run, save where you can, and help where you can. Don’t sacrifice comfort, but cut back in excess. Whether this is so you can help someone else out, or, so you have the means of starting something new. Inspiration is coming, or it may have already struck. What’s clear is you’re at a new beginning. It could be something small and inconsequential at the moment, but it has the potential to grow. Like the acorn, all it takes is time and energy, and it can grow to exquisite heights. If you fail to plan, it’s a plan to fail. You can do it, whatever the task, as long as you at least plan some steps. It’s ok to begin without a clear end result in mind, but, if you’re presented an opportunity to begin something with some idea of where you will end up, even if you change the destination, at least you won’t be walking in completely blind.

Today’s Prisma Visions reading May 9, 2017: Temperance and Ace of Chalices
Before you begin something new, especially when I comes to matters of heart and emotion, it’s useful to find your center. Walk the middle path and don’t get carried away. Excitement and enthusiasm are bright stars in our lives, but they can be overshadowed by detritus left from neglecting other things. Keep your head about you and walk the tightrope with confidence, past on one side, hope on the other and your future ahead. You are order, you are chaos. Like the water in the fountain, no drop falls in the same exact way as the last, unique and indifferent to perfection, but it falls in the base of the reliquary like the drop before. Be excited and be unique, but stay true to yourself, or you risk looking back and not realizing you strayed from your chosen path in a moment of haste.

Mustache Wednesday FAQ

Peeps always occasionally ask me questions like, “Hey lazy dad, what’s with the mustaches?” Rather than answer each question individually, I thought I’d put together this handy-dandy FAQ!

Um, why do you and the boy wear fake mustaches on Wednesdays?
Before I had a kid, I always planned to do a daily photo journal of my future kid wearing a fake mustache. Doing a daily mustache pic turned out to be absurd, so I picked Wednesday cuz Wednesdays were historically bad days for me growing up (thanks to piano lessons and stuff) and I wanted to reclaim Wednesdays as fun days for my kid.

Do you have, like, a bajillion fake mustaches or somethin’?
I actually have a pretty good collection of fake mustaches cuz doesn’t everyone? Also, peeps like to buy me fake mustaches and mustache-related shizz. 

Can’t you just grow, like, a real mustache or whatevs?
The best I can do is grow a Fu Manchu. Whomp whomp.

Do you always carry around a spare fake mustache in case of emergencies?
Pretty much.

Are you wearing a fake mustache right now?