daily multi


Home Depot has an amazing deal on a minimalist multitool. The Leatherman Skeletool. Everything you need in a lightweight package. Pocket clip, carabiner/bottle opener, bit driver(4 options), knife, pliers, and wire cutter.

Only $30 at the Home Depot. Both in store and online(free shipping!)

Make sure take your daily proteins! 💊 DAILY RITUAL 🗓 @proteinworld multi vitamin, following with yummy vanilla slenderblender shake😋 by jojo_babie instagram://user?username=jojo_babie

My best friend just sent me this and wants to try it together for the week!

I get that it’s not the most balanced diet, but since there’s no ‘limit’ on how much you can eat, I’m going to give it a go with my little (along with a daily multi-vitamin) and see how it goes!

I’ll weigh in tonight and then at the end of the challenge so I can throw some quantifiable results atcha.

**Also, gonna say that I’ll be drinking water, Advocare spark, and coffee throughout the entire challenge.