daily moment of vanity


so hiphopfightsplaque tagged me in that end-of-year selfie thing and here you go! six selfies + two extra ( + bonus sister) because i was picking at random and totally lost track.

i taaaag: floraoujo, pfirsichbaume, goldentealpages, oceans-ofherdream, hellokorra, sonofwarandwisdom, + whoever hasn’t been tagged yet! 

happy new years! :)


selfie challenge i guess? you get tagged and then you have to post six selfies~

i always only post the best selfies so here’s some that i’ve never posted, in varying levels of seriousness lol

the absolutely lovely hiphopfightsplaque tagged me and i’m tagging: rainpom, siggyjesuis, aeavanwatermelon​, hodge-poge, ninasnamerhymes, and infiniite-tenderness!