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“ Hi, I’m Matt. I like taking pictures of whatever happens to catch my eye. I’m also a contributor at @letstalkphotography, where I write about photography. Otherwise I share all my photos and personal writings on @catharticexperience. I firmly believe beauty exists in many forms, everywhere in the world and I try my level best to capture what I can. Being out and taking pictures is my way to recharge and kind of center myself in between the daily stresses of life. ”

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28th January 2016
You don’t even know, babe. You have no idea.
I was so broken. So, so broken. How one person can make you feel so awful and small and how they can make you so dependent on them. It’s disgusting.
I still have those demons. Nowhere near as many, and the demons still around are nowhere near as strong.
And it’s because of you. You helped break down my walls, my insecurities, my demons. You’ve broken down a wall and put a window in it. You’ve broken so many of my insecurities, and now I can feel secure with many issues, you’ve spin kicked the crap out of so many demons and helped to shut up the remaining ones, even if it’s only temporarily kept quiet. They’ll disappear eventually.
Because you’re amazing. You’ve saved me. You’ve helped me love parts of me that I didn’t even know I could love. You love the parts of me that I can’t love. And thats rare. It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful. You’re such a beautiful soul.
Gosh, baby, I am so so lucky to have you. To call you mine.
I love you with every ounce of my being.


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