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like a fucking bandit

thrift stores are amazing, ok? They were having a 50% off everything day.

managed to find James Gurney’s first laminated hardcover Dinotopia book for 50 fucking cents

and a collectible norman rockwell tin for 2.25

jesus this made me so happy

anonymous asked:

What are your headcannons for Norway and North Italy?

Meeting each other:

  • They had been young when they first met and neither really talked to other as they only saw each other in passing the first few times.
  • They knew of each other but didn’t civilly meet until much later.
  • Feliciano thought Lukas was scary, with his cold way of talking and vacant look in his eyes.
  • Lukas though Feli to be a little too over the top and obnoxious
  • They started getting along because Lovino and Lukas became friends first.
  • Feli didn’t seem as extra at home and Lukas could relax more around him
  • Feli learned Lukas wasn’t scary just had ‘that kind of face’ and thought about a lot of different things all the time leading to the vacant stare.

Daily Life:

  • They write letters a lot. It’s easier for Lukas to express how he feels with a pen and Feli’s words are more cohesive once put on paper.
  • They try to visit each other every month or so, changing whose house they go to.
  • At Feli’s he makes sure they both walk along the river and that Lukas doesn’t die of heat not being used to it.
  • On the other hand, Lukas is very careful to bundle Feli up so he doesn’t catch a cold.
  • Lukas has a sense of humor, it’s just very deadpan and plain, it doesn’t stop Feli for giggling every time Lukas says something though
  • If Feli is sad, Lukas has a charm that tells him and he sends a fairy or two over to make Feli feel better.
  • Feli isn’t too much into the magic thing, but he can feel the magical presence and can see hints when he’s with Lukas.
  • Lukas will tell him however that his cooking is laced with magic.
  • When they hang out it’s mostly Feli talking, and talking even more, with Lukas patiently listening in.
  • Sometimes if he asks nicely Lukas will read to Feli because it’s something they can both enjoy.
  • Under any circumstances, Feli will not let Lukas cook anything other than sweets, afraid of what he might make in the kitchen left unsupervised.
  • Their family and friends get along surprisingly well.


  • Love letters so many
  • Cuddle fiends too
  • Lukas is the type to blatantly say a compliment that will make Feli giggle for days.
  • Feli uses twelve different nicknames in one day and they change all the time.
  • Lukas doesn’t care much for most others think of him so when Feli clings or coddles in public, he just lets it happen.
  • He’s usually not one to start physical affection, but he does enjoy petting Feli cause his hair is soft.
  • Soft, they are so soft together, gentle touches and sweet words, it’s so soft.
  • Lukas has placed charms and such around Feli and his household to make sure he’s okay.
  • Matching charms for that matter.
  • Lukas can withstand the puppy eyes Feli gives him, he just doesn’t like to.

Bonus Nsfw?:

  • Very slow and sweet, nothing frenzied.
  • Feli makes them warm cuddle worthy food afterwords.
  • They both say the same amount of sweet words during.