daily life arc

Hibari does put his arms into his gakuran sleeves once in a while

Something I found out while re-reading KHR! from the beginning:

And that he drives a motorcycle.
And that he praised Tsuna for ‘shooting’ Moretti: “Good job. You got the heart in one shot.”

Gods above.

They should have shown that in the anime in my opinion, but target audience concerns won’t allow it, I guess.


I know Naito Longchamp isn’t popular, and I don’t find him particularly interesting either, but this chapter from the Daily Life Arc never fails to crack me up. It’s not so much the design of the girls, but the way Tsuna and the others reacted to them. 

“It’s like they’re from another planet!” That was an epic line from Tsuna, especially in the context of the “Pshew Pshew” sounds from the pantomiming girl. Plus, Dino being chivalrous and Reborn in that “awkward girl” costume!

I still find the whole thing funny 300+ chapters later. 

Images are from Target 47 of the manga.

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Broken, sealed, it doesn’t matter which. Reborn leaves Hayato and Tsuna in the middle of nowhere. Neither come back the same.