daily life arc

Bianchi has been really subtly running a sexual abuse subplot on her character - she often kills all the men she dates and has been interacting with both romance and death as punishment from such a young age that it’s what she built her entire identity on, enough to become prolific - but actually getting confirmation through chronology she was a famous femme fatale going after her partners at 14/15 is another thing altogether

and reborn was her closest companion during this period. this man was an unconscionable asshole from the manga’s outset and didn’t start a redemption until he went into the world where everyone hyperdied, but it’s so hard to comprehend how firmly his politics meshed with people like iemitsu. 

think of how important it was that it was tsuna who earned rokudou “my family was hunted down and shot in the streets and they all decided to mesh even more tightly with shitty mafia politics to get themselves out of it” mukuro’s trust. reborn would have killed him, with contempt. tsuna bought the trust of every single member of that group who wasnt a serial killer

reborn’s “I thought I’d die like a dog” isn’t manly nihilism, the context reads like “that’s just…….how it works kid”. he’s spent years like this. he’s old as hell.  the reason he suddenly opted not to just die like he feels he’s meant to is because tsuna said “no it fucking isn’t”, because he wasn’t groomed into this situation. this is the same arc where reborn violently prevents iemitsu from using the same techniques he himself utilized during the daily life arc to “teach” tsuna (and implied to have used when training dino), and instead appealing to tsuna’s character and values.

in fact, the reason this series has so much integrity even though the writing is a garbage fire is because tsuna, someone who has never encountered most of these issues, has values that counteract them - he doesn’t say shit to mukuro, there is no shounen lecture, but mukuro spends a huge portion of the rest of the series putting chrome “mukuro projecting all of his insecurities onto a confused dying girl” dokuro in the hands of tsuna to the point chrome calls him on his genuine love for tsuna, she outright says it to his face, because tsuna isn’t and never has been someone who could be told about any injustice in the mafia without him reacting with genuine contempt and action. If you told sawada tsunayoshi that when bianchi was his age she was seducing adult men and no one - not even reborn - ever saw anything wrong with this he’d show up at everyone’s house to negotiate a nation-wide re-organization of the assassin circuit and make the vindice help him do it. 

I think the most outstanding example of this mindset is a set of 2 events, where tsuna is told that to become the vongola boss, you need to accept the injustice of the mafia, and he, a regular 14-year-old civilian, said “are you KIDDING, this is an INFRASTRUCTURE YOU HAVE”, and threatened to destroy it with such conviction that it proved his right to be leader. it was a hype moment, to be sure

but then in the Simon arc, Tsuna goes up to Nono’s face and says “I can’t take this position, because the mafia is a garbage concept, and it directly endangers everyone around me”. Tsuna wants to crush it, and is aware that leadership is the best place to start, but he’s also aware that it’s a phenomenon that eats the people that interact with it, and this happens in the arc where a literal ghost manifestation of the mafia is trying to kill everyone and possesses the only staunchly anti-mafia character to do it. The message is pretty obvious

Maybe the ending is justified under that - nothing about tsuna has changed because even after all the things that tried to warp him as a person, he maintained the mindset that let him deny the values of the mafia and in turn change what they consider normal, and build trust through that understanding. 

The series has a clear through-line in its narrative that really holds it together and is never made obvious and proves the need for “Dame-Tsuna” as its lead and that’s kind of great???

Hibari does put his arms into his gakuran sleeves once in a while

Something I found out while re-reading KHR! from the beginning:

And that he drives a motorcycle.
And that he praised Tsuna for ‘shooting’ Moretti: “Good job. You got the heart in one shot.”

Gods above.

They should have shown that in the anime in my opinion, but target audience concerns won’t allow it, I guess.


I know Naito Longchamp isn’t popular, and I don’t find him particularly interesting either, but this chapter from the Daily Life Arc never fails to crack me up. It’s not so much the design of the girls, but the way Tsuna and the others reacted to them. 

“It’s like they’re from another planet!” That was an epic line from Tsuna, especially in the context of the “Pshew Pshew” sounds from the pantomiming girl. Plus, Dino being chivalrous and Reborn in that “awkward girl” costume!

I still find the whole thing funny 300+ chapters later. 

Images are from Target 47 of the manga.

How to Make a Main Character

Time to make heroes for our premises!

Since the time Aristotle was around, people have been arguing about which is more important, character or story. He believed that plot, the events themselves, are most important. Here’s the thing: character IS story.

Basic definition? What someone does to achieve a difficult goal, and how that journey CHANGES them.

Story is about change. If the plot doesn’t put enough pressure on your main character to change them by the end of it — you haven’t written a story.

Look how grumpy that made him. Sorry Ari. Can I call you Ari?

When developing your premise (the foundation of everything in your story), you need to know four things about your main character: weaknesses, strengths, choice, change. 


Something is holding your main character back. Things in their head. Things in their character. Or in other words, psychological and moral weaknesses. In fact, these weaknesses are ruining their life. It’s your job, as the author, to figure out what they are, then shove your main character into a journey that will forge them in fire, and force them to overcome these weaknesses – and change!

Going from this:

To this:

It makes me giggle like an idiot every time, I’m sorry.

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Reborn and elDLIVE is NOT The Same!

ya know people probably won’t even compare eldlive with khr so much if it wasn’t made by the same person and some stupid khr fans just thought that hating on eldlive means they support khr which is a very dumb and completely ignorant act, and is not gonna do amano or any of us any good  because the series are nothing alike

In fact, here are some of your favourite comparisons debunked

1. Chuuta is a carbon copy of Tsuna

Yes people keep saying they’re literally the same character, well, they’re not.
First, the fact that they have no friends. No one wants to be friends with Tsuna because he’s dame, whereas Chuuta chose not to have friends (even though he really wants to) because he was deeply traumatized after the Taketori incident. We can see this when he always reject others’ offer of friendship, heck, he even wanted to decline joining eldlive at first. One was friendless by an unfortunate fate, the other friendless by choice.

And then there’s the fact that Tsuna is useless, while Chuuta is average. There’s a difference there, Tsuna’s school records are always below average while Chuuta’s score are that of your usual middle school kid; not too high, not too low. I remembered someone saying that people thought Chuuta was also dame due to a mistranslation in the first chapter where Misuzu said something about Chuuta’s score being “below and average” but was translated to “below average” in some translations, thus causing the misconception. I don’t remember who said it though so I can’t be too sure.

When people praise Tsuna (this happens in the daily life arc so it’s normal if you guys don’t remember, I try not to remember that arc too) what happened to him? He got a bighead and wants to show off more by using the drying will bullet again. We can see that he wanted more appreciation, which is understandable, I’d do the same if I lived my whole life being called useless. When Chuuta was praised, what happened to him? Well he was shocked, he was touched, he was deeply moved he was just

poor cinnamon roll must be protected

He didn’t get a bighead. He was grateful enough being acknowledged, referring to it as “a nostalgic feeling”. He thought of himself “undeserving” of such things, because he still thought of himself as the person who made everything go wrong. 

Tsuna is a boy wanting to find a place, and people, where he belongs, Chuuta is a boy not daring enough to even want friends, but slowly tries to overcome his trauma. Not fucking carbon copies. Do you even read the first chapter???

2. Dolugh to Chuuta is like Reborn to Tsuna

Reborn is dumbledore is all-knowing and is obviously a mentor character, while Dolugh is just as clueless as Chuuta (other than that he can sense SPH, which is an ability all aliens have) he’s more like Chuuta’s partner. Reborn encourages Tsuna so that he can become stronger, Dolugh encourages Chuuta because he was curious. 

“Chuuta, join eldlive! (and risk your life every single day capturing these weirdo outer space criminals even though you’re underage and has schoolwork and all but we can deal with that later)” 


“It seems interesting!!”

This is because Dolugh is a monitalien, whose job is to gather information and curiosity is in their nature. Reborn is curious in things that can cause Tsuna to grow stronger, and encourage him to do it for that reason. Dolugh is more like that annoying kid who told you to do stuff because they want to know what would happen if you do it. 

Dolugh is also considerably more selfish than Reborn, as seen in the first episode where he told Chuuta to escape (and save their own lives) and leave Tateyan.

3. Gucchi looks like Yamamoto!! EVERY ELDLIVE CHARACTER LOOKS LIKE A KHR CHARACTER!!1!!111

I just want to defend Amano a bit here, but everyone has that spiky haired sidekick/friend/rival like, always. All the time. To name a few:




Wait they all start with “Ka” I smell a conspiracy

Anyway, just cut Amano some slack. Most of the eldlive characters that look like a khr character looks like so probably because Amano have a very specific art style. I’m shocked people aren’t actually comparing Bnha’s Kacchan and Deku with Gucchi and Chuuta when I can see a lot of similarity appearance and personality wise (well gucchi is more like proto!katsuki tho) plus they’re each other’s childhood friends.

Hm, I wonder why no one compares Gucchi to other spiky haired characters? Was it because some people are just searching for reasons to compare eldlive and khr? Nah, no way.

(Also Amano actually confirmed that Laine is based on Dino so your suspicion for that one is actually legit)

4. The story is exactly the same

Proof that you hate on eldlive without even giving it a try. I’m not even going to bother with this one.

5. elDLIVE’s art style copies KHR!

Look, guys, this is pretty saddening but I saw this kind of post/comment/shit twice already. I… I don’t even know. My faith in humanity is nearing zero.

Yeah eldlive is such a copy cat, Amano should file a lawsuit against herself.


Well those are some of it. Note that I’m about 99% supportive of people who compares the two for fun, this post is directed to those who compares them to make eldlive as some sort of “shittier version of khr”, which it is not.

To KHR fans, you can dislike eldlive, but you can’t hate it because it’s not KHR.
elDLIVE is made by the person who brought you your beloved series, and just hating on it is not gonna bring KHR back. It’s just going to hurt Amano’s reputation and lowers the chance of any studio ever giving KHR a reboot/continuation. Plus it drives khr fans who also like eldlive away. You’re actually making the fandom smaller by hating on eldlive.

If you support KHR, support the person behind it. Give eldlive a try, and if it’s not your cup of tea, you know what? it’s okay. At least you’ve supported Amano by reading it, and that’s awesome.

Don’t be a dick!

peacefulgun  asked:

tbh youre such a pleasant and wellspoken person i wanna give khr a chance, just so i can know what are you writing about. do manga and anime differ somehow?

Ahhh! Thank you so much! You’re too sweet!!! 

Honestly, the answer to your question is kind of a difficult one though XD Let me explain:

  • KHR started off as a gag manga, so the first 80 or so chapters are episodic, and don’t really follow a narrative. They’re mostly just exposition about the world, and they introduce a lot of the characters that will go on to become really important later on in the series.
  • The anime cuts out a lot of the filler in the Daily Life arc, but it does include all the chapters that are important to your understanding of the series as a whole. (I’m still salty that they straight-up just cut Naito Longchamp from the anime tbh).
  • The anime also has an anime exclusive arc near the end that is super interesting, and further expands on some characters that don’t get much screen-time in the manga, but whom the fandom absolutely adores.
  • BUT the anime does end about halfway through the series. There are several arcs after the end of the anime that introduce some of the best characters in the entire series, and that go really far in explaining a lot of the things about the universe they live in

So honestly, it’s really up to you in the end!

I, personally, think you might want to just watch the anime first if you don’t want to sit through 80 chapters of exposition, and then just pick up the manga where the anime left off (and then you can go back and read the beginning of the manga later if you really want).

KHR is pretty slow to start off (I know I very nearly dropped it during the daily life arc actually but I had a friend that was urging me on to just hold on until I got to chapter 80, and I’m so glad I did), but it’s super awesome and it has a hilarious and quirky cast of characters that I adore. The writing is kinda iffy and messy sometimes, which can be frustrating, but it’s definitely one of the best mangas I’ve ever read!

Ahaha, sorry, my answer got kinda long XD

The Price of Stories

This is a thinkpiece on the use of narration in Wicdiv. It contains spoilers for issue #23.

Also this time the Sandman title pun is actually relevant ! Minor Sandman spoiler, MAJOR Watchmen spoiler. For those of you who are tired of my critical stuff, don’t worry, this is a good old hair-splitting analysis. Positivity ! Thank you so much for reading.

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