Compared to the breakfasts of many nations, a typical Deutsches Frühstück is rather extensive. While I do not think that most Germans eat Spiegelei (sunny side up eggs) or Rührei (scrambled eggs) for breakfast or really take tea in the morning as pictured above (coffee usually rules the early morning), the rest (as pictured) is definitely what happens on the average German breakfast table. Cold meats as in cold cuts and assorted sausage and cheeses are served alongside a variety of breads and rolls. There are always some sweet toppings like honey, jam, marmalade, and Nutella. Soft-boiled eggs are common, and there may be some cereal, fruit, or vegetables like tomatoes or radishes. We’re obsessed with bread and rolls and have countless varieties, but usually only realize how good the bread and how uncommon our breakfast really is once we travel abroad, where it often just is some white bread and jam with coffee, or pastry. :) Other than the US and UK, we traditionally don’t do warm breakfasts at all - pancakes, bacon, baked beans, scrambled eggs or grilled tomatoes are not happening in the morning. It would be considered brunch or lunch by most. Muesli is the breakfast cereal of distinction in Germany rather than American-style sweet cereals, which many would consider to be kid food. Muesli is a mix of grains, seeds, dried fruit and other wholesome ingredients - like a granola bar in a bowl. It’s eaten with yogurt or milk. Many find muesli to be bland, though, so it’s a matter of taste. Bread/rolls and savory toppings like cheese or cold colds and jam are the main thing, and we usually butter our bread before topping it. The most common German breakfast beverage is definitely coffee, followed by fruit juices (usually orange juice, multivitamin juice, apple juice) and maybe tea and Kakao (hot chocolate) or milk. Cakes and pastries are more likely to be eaten in the afternoon as Kaffee und Kuchen.

I would never trade our current generations’ cartoons for the 90s cartoons, nah son. Modern cartoon aesthetics are way better, colors are better, storylines are better, look at Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall. 

PHILIPPINES - A boy pushes a wooden cart with his siblings on it at a market in Manila on April 24, 2015. The Philippines beat expectations after a surprising economic rebound saw growth accelerate in the last three months of 2014, with officials predicting further strong expansion in the year ahead. AFP PHOTO / NOEL CELIS

GREECE, Athens : Women walk past shut down store with graffiti on it  in central Athens on March 30, 2015.  Cash-strapped Greece wrangles with its eurozone partners over a new package of economic reforms needed to unlock a vital 7.2-billion-euro tranche of bailout funds ahead of a crucial week of negotiations.AFP PHOTO / LOUISA GOULIAMAKI                        

The awkward moment when you have a ship none of your close friends are into and you just remain there, in a corner, hyperventilating alone about how many feels this ship gives you, with no one to share them with.

A conversation today occurred as follows:

Person 1: Yea, a friend of mine was saying how much harder it is to be a vet than a doctor because your patients can’t talk to you.

Me: Well… its all relative.

Person 2: Well no offence, but the doctors have a harder job because there is more at stake. 

Me: Well… its all relative.  

….person 1 then went on to question me all about what I though about her cat having HCM.

While my friends were most apologetic for person 1 and their berating of questions about HCM, I have to say person 2 was the one that got under my skin the most. 

I don’t think anyone has the authority to determine which life, human or animal has more value then the next. More I work with animals, more I realize how little separates us from them. And while animal lives are under valued by the population in general who is to say a certain patient doesn’t play a very important role in a client’s life. It would be argued by that client that much is at stake if their animal fell ill.