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Was thinking about the Oviraptorid people I was talking about in this post again so I doodled some of their beautiful heads.

Color is a very big deal in their cultures among men, equally to to impress females as it is to show off to other males. Gaudy attire is the accepted norm, heavily frilled and patterned with colors our weak mammalian eyes cant even see. Jewelry is also very popular, the richest of them like to show off their wealth wearing an array of gold and jewels in daily affairs.

Women are able to wear a range of colors from white, black, beige, grey, and “undistracting shades of brown”. A women in a pink shirt is a ghastly sight, possibly signs of social upheaval and “unnatural desires”. The ”success” of a courting man in modern culture is not the beauty of their wife/lover, but rather the number of them, since polygamy is a big thing among them and accepted norm.

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Hiya! I know you guys don't play NAUX a lot, but do you happen to know the path for today's Daily Challenge?

Aside from killing the lvl 250 speed copter mob, this is the fastest path to get to the target enemy. If you find yourself at Snow White’s house, you either went too far to took the wrong portal, and you need to go back into the woods.

There are two portals at this point, go to the one on the left, towards the cliff.

Good luck! You’ll be warped to the target enemy.

If anyone else knows a faster path, let me know so I can post it.

~ Lucky ★彡

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How do you get hella orbs in bleach brave souls? :0

If you’re new do a lot of co-op to get that 600 orb

Complete story, sub stories and side stories (100%)

Also complete any events that you miss (daily/holiday/jewel/crystal/boss events)

Level up as many characters as you can that does not have the metal badge, If you already have characters with badges you should also try getting raid characters and level them up instead! (even if you don’t need certain characters to help level up a 6 star at least you get orbs by leveling them up and doing their event)

Do daily orders everyday, each orb counts

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it's probably a silly question but i'm a little bit confused about paid gacha. it's 60 (daily) paid jewels, right? so it means i can't spend more than 60 per day. but if i want to do several gacha rolls in the row then i should use free jewels only? does it mean that it's better to spend free jewels in this game?

This feature is like doing a daily discounted solo scout. Solo scouts normally cost 250 jewels, so they basically tempt you into BUYING jewels to do a solo for 24% of the usual cost. There is potential for this to be extremely worth it in the future if you happen to get an SSR.

Other than that, there is no advantage to using free or paid jewels in the gacha. Also, the game will always use the free jewels before the paid jewels if paid jewels are not specifically required. Therefore, if you want to scout multiple times, the game will use all of your free jewels before taking from your paid ones. However, if you have only paid jewels, you can use those to do the 10-scout or multiple 250-solo scouts as well. - Mod Natsuki

The salt has reached critical

Since the beginning of the epic medal carnival (pictured) the percentage of drops for the sea salt trio has been ABYSMAL - as has draw for any of the new medals. Meant to be easier to draw than Sephiroth, no one on my twitter feed for the past 5 hours has pulled any of them.

I’m talking people who paid MONEY to get 10k+ jewels only to draw.. none of them. Not even the supposedly new common pulls.

@khvanitas also had an abysmal pull and her post is HERE

So, what do we do as KHUX NA slowly turns into a shameless cash grab?

Daily jewels are lower than JPN, Jewels cost more, getting new medals is ridiculously harder.

Clearly the survey they took has done nothing to address the issues people have with the game.

I’m suggesting we down vote the app in the google play/ app store.

Doing this will not only make it clear to new players what their getting into, but send a msg to the NA team that we’re done with being treated unfairly and differently to the JPN players.