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From page 50 […] a howling case of the maternal fantods.

Pigment liners on paper from the encyclopedia americana. Monday, September 11, 2017.

Somehow, I have this assimilation of Avril Incandenza as a corrupt incarnation of a Madonna.


I wanted to make a little post about the gift I made Nicholas for his birthday! Howl’s Moving Castle was one of the first movies we watched together, and it being a huge favourite, I used it as inspiration. 

I carved a stamp out of hard lino rubber to make the wrapping paper. I decided to just do the little soot sprites bodies and not their digits, that way I could hand draw all of their little arms and legs to make it unique. 

As for the gift itself, I hand painted a jewelry box, the inside of which was filled with feathers and held a special piece of jewelry. I’m especially proud of the box, which was a challenging but extremely satisfying project for me. It’s finished with a water-proofing lacquer. 

WOMEN: Look at you. Getting all those tattoos. Did one of you - ANY of you - think about checking with The Bear? Did any of you even think to ask what HE thought?


[On 3 June 1965, George, Pattie, John and Cyn - at the invitation of Barry Miles - stopped by Allen Ginsberg’s birthday party… leaving shortly after arriving]
At the party Allen got completely drunk and stripped off his clothes, putting his baggy underpants on his head and hanging a hotel ‘Do not disturb’ notice around his cock. It was at this moment that two of The Beatles arrived: John with Cynthia, and George with Pattie. John and George quickly checked that no photographers were present. Allen kissed John on the cheek, and John told him that he used to draw a magazine at art school called the Daily Howl [in reference to Ginsberg’s poem Howl]; they were friendly enough and accepted drinks, but then made quickly for the door. I asked John why he was leaving so soon. 'You don’t do that in front of the birds!’ he hissed in my ear. However, the next year, hearing that Allen was in the audience at The Beatles’ concert at the Portland Coliseum on their 1966 American tour [actually on 22 August 1965], John called out a greeting to him from the stage between numbers.
—  In The Sixties by Barry Miles

anonymous asked:

Why do ew have an axe to grind with Lawrence? What have I missed?

It’s become increasingly evident. Ever since Jennifer was named their Entertainer of the Year, EW has written or said nothing good about her. Joy, XM:A, and Passengers received significantly worse reviews from EW writers than the aggregate average (who will forget Nashawaty’s D+ for Passengers?). Jessica Shaw called her a “one-note actress” on the morning Sirius radio show with Dalton Ross, Nashawaty accused her of going through the motions on XM:A, and Kyle Anderson on LA Daily literally howled that “Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique (in XM:A) was the worst performance he had ever seen by a star in a superhero movie. And now mother! for which Lawrence has received favourable [indeed, glowing) notices from even those otherwise incensed by the movie, elicits some half-witted garbage from EW about what type of role she SHOULD be playing. A scurrilous attempt to limit her at a time when she’s showing her limits are WAY off in the distance.

Regardless, EW has never been a publication I’ve ever put much stock in the opinion of anyway. *shrug*


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