daily guy drawing

maybe it’s maybelline, the ant-ichrist, and the funny eyebrow man I only draw because I like his fluffy collar. an interesting combination…

Missed the Sketch Dailies Spider-Gwen prompt the other day, so I did this between projects today. Have some super gals and their super (competitive) dads.


Some more daily drawings feat trying to draw gross hands because they’re my favorite, mini background gouache studies and a doodle surprisingly popular on instagram ??

I’m really starting to feel the benefit of drawing everyday, even if it’s a bit daunting, I feel like I end up trying to make my sketches pop more, or not stop my studies at their bare minimum because I want it to look good knowing it will be on the internet

I really gotta start doing big illustrations again too tho

[AU] IM SO EXCITED TO TELL YOU ALL ABOUT MY NEW THOUGHT OF LEOKUMI AU!! [Noh Theatre LEOKUMI AU] Takumi is an actor/performer. He performs Noh which is: a style of Japanese theatre/play/drama, the stories and plays take place during the 10th century Japan, other plays that relate to it are: Kabuki theatre and Puppet Theatre. Leo (Takumi’s BF huehue) had not a clue that Takumi even took interest in dancing and performance. That is, until one day when he happens into the theatre Takumi was performing in. Takumi spots his lover in the audience and starts to blush while on stage but his act doesn’t falter! Leo just sighs and gives him a smile as if telling him “We’ll talk later, but keep dancing.” And he does just that, sept better and brighter than ever before. Because he knows his love is in the audience, he’ll give him his best act yet! (YOOOOO SO FOR SOME REASON THIS AU JUST POPPED IN MY HEAD ANDI WAS LIKE OK LETS FRICKING DO IT I HOPE LIKE THE AU!! I KNOW I DO)