daily growl

Understudy [Pt. 2]


You moved from behind the door eyes wide. “Please don’t call him back. Do you have any idea what he’ll do to me?!”

Lin watched as you began to list the types of revenge Daveed would bestow on you. He still held onto his pants to keep them from falling. He was wearing nothing but tighty whiteys under them after all. He looked in as you gestured with your hands, a quality he has grown in love with since meeting you.

“And ya know. I wouldn’t be in this predicament if the dance for ‘Say No To This’ didn’t change,” you continued. You were pacing at this point.

You pointed a finger in his direction. “Why did it change?!”

Lin blinked. “Well… I had them change it,” he replied softly.

The anger in your eyes diminished at his answer. “I’m sorry. What?”

Lin moved forward and placed a hand on your cheek. “You’re a really smart girl but when it comes to romance, you’re completely dense.”

Lin stepped closer to you, his dark eyes starting into your own. “I’ve been trying for months to get my feelings across [F/Name].” His voice was just above a whisper. “Stares. Coffee dates. Working one on one with you in secluded places…And then you started to avoid me. And that hurt.”

You stared at him. You had spent months suppressing the feelings you had for him because you strive for professionalism in the workplace. There was always the crush on Lin festering just on the edge of your heart but you believed that the stares, dates, and one on ones were to make sure you stayed on top of your game no matter how much these made you heart beat faster. Avoiding him was a defense mechanism that you automatically set up. You weren’t trying to but to avoid possible heartbreak, you shut him out. No feelings to get in the way. It wasn’t like he had feelings for you anyway. But…

You were so lost in thought that you didn’t realize Lin’s lips were on your neck. His tongue swirled as he tasted the exposed parts of your neck.

“That’s when I gave Jasmine a much needed break,” he said between kisses. His arm wrapped around your back. When your bodies touched, you realized how sweaty you still were.

You let out a stuttered sigh when Lin bit down on your collar bone. “I-I didn’t mean to. It’s just-”

Lin pressed his lips to your cheek while he unlaced the back of your dress. “I wanted to be close to you. Just up pressed against me. You have no idea how crazy you make me on a daily basis, ” he growled. Your corset loosened tremendously and your body was able to breath again.

You leaned back to look into his eyes. They were glazed over with lust and beads of sweat was rolling down his face.

“It broke my heart to see you on Daveed earlier,” he mumbled. He leaned forward, pressing his forehead to yours.

“I didn’t think you held feelings for me,” you said.

Lin smirked before tugging on the sleeves of your dress. “Or you were too stubborn to notice.” You laughed.

“Okay. Maybe that’s true.” You looked into each other’s eyes. His eyes asking the question. You bit your lip, nodding.

His lips captured yours. He ripped the top half of the dress off, leaving you in a black lace bra. “Don’t worry. You won’t be a pastime to me, ” he mumbled against your lips.

You shuddered as his fingers ghosted up and down your back. Your hands found their way to his ruffled shirt and unbuttoned it. You ran your nails over his torso. He let out a breathy moan before latching onto your neck again sucking. Lin quickly undid the buttons to your skirt revealing matching panties.

You pushed his shirt off, letting it hit the floor. You reached a hand to his ponytail hair, pulling the hairband off. His hair feathered around your face And you grabbed a hold of it.

He dropped his pants, stepping out from them and kicked them to the side. Lin stopped his assault on your neck to wrap his arms under you thighs and around his waist.

You pulled his face to capture his lips again. Your lips moved in sync, hands running through his hair. You lifted your hips, pushing your crotch to his. He responded eagerly with a thrust, a low moan escaping his lips. He walked to the couch and dropped you onto it.

Your breath was heavy as he went down on his knees. He looked into your eyes and seeing your own lust filled gaze, lifted your leg and left wet kisses down it. You threw your head back when his kisses reached the seam of your panties. You moaned as Lin licked your covered crotch slowly. He did this several more times each lick getting slower and slower. You could feel the wetness from the teasing growing into a pool.

“Goddammit Lin, ” you growled. He chuckled, pushing his sweat drenched hair away from his face. He pulled your panties to the side exposing swollen lips. With a finger, he swiped up between them. He sucked the precum from his finger with a satisfying hum. He pulled your panties off and placed his mouth over your core.

You bucked your hips forward when his tongue entered your slits. Damn he has a long tongue! You could feel him twisting and flick your clit like a master. His hands pushed down into your hips when you grew eager for release. Your moans were sure to alert others of what was happening but you didn’t care.

You grabbed the back of his head, pressing his mouth as close as you can. He laughed into you and a shiver ran up your spine.

Just when you were to release, he moved back earning a whine from you. He leaned back, rubbing his erection through his underwear. Licking your lips, you pushed Lin down onto his back. You hungrily pulled off the fabric and grabbed the pulsing appendage.

You licked the tip, swirling your tongue around it. You watched his back arch when you took some of him in your mouth. You gave one hard suck.

“FUCK!” Lin screamed and moaned together. You smiled, relaxing you throat to engulf him as best as you could. You bobbed your head up and down, using your hand to simulate what you couldn’t take. You took pride in watching him squirm under you. Sweat glistening his body. Muscles rippling. Moans filling the room.

Lin pulled himself out of your mouth and in one swift movement, got you under him on the floor. With one hand, he squeezed your covered breast. The same hand slid down your sides.

“You know you could’ve said no to this,” he stated.

You rolled your eyes. “Just fuck me Lin.” He leaned down, lips a centimeter from yours.

“I don’t fuck [F/Name]. I can only make love.”

He slowly entered you, your walls clenching his length. You both groaned as he filled you.

He started moving with even thrusts. Each time he pulled out, he made sure he went in harder than before. Your kisses became passionate when he became sloppy with his movements. Lips sucked on your breast while you bit his shoulder as moans racked your body. Hips collided clumsy as you both reached your peak.

White spots blocked out your vision when you came. Lin groaned, leaning forward until your foreheads touched. His wet hair fell onto your face. Too tired to speak, you both rolled onto your sides, holding each other.


“Something creepy, invasive and intimidating.”

Lori Scrawl, constantly failing reporter and detective, and Roary Scrawl’s younger sister, has only been mentioned on the Daily Growl by her brother and has never been given a canonical appearance.
So I designed her one.

When Roary interviews, he keeps some of his eyes on the interviewed and the rest on his paper. That being quite unnerving, I wanted Lori to bare a similar effect, with her tentacle hair rising and staring at you when she gets more excited over suspected answers to questions.
The fact that she tries to look good by giving most of her eyes mascara only makes them more prominent and scary. She doesn’t think things through.

I designed her in contrast with Roary. She has a turtle neck, while he has a collar. She has a tie, he has a bowtie. Etc.

Roary and Lori Scrawl belong to Moshi Monsters; Mind Candy
Lori’s design belongs to me