daily gpoj


I wear my St Patty’s Day green on my face.

BTW, if you like to do winged eyeliner, I 1000% recommend the Sigma Beauty Winged Liner brush. It is the best brush I’ve ever used for this! Like, winged liner is easy(ish) if you’ve got regular liquid or marker-style eyeliner, but for cream or gel liners - or, in this case, using Pixie Epoxy and then a green eyeshadow for my eyeliner - this is the ideal brush. It’s an angled brush, and it’s tiny, so it takes a few extra seconds to define and fill in the wing, but it makes up for that with the level of precision and control you get from this that you don’t get from chunkier angled brushes or from regular or bent eyeliner brushes. (I’d have never dared try this kind of dramatic swept wing design with my old eyeliner brush tbh. Not without approximately a billion q-tips on hand.) You can grab it on Amazon for like $15.