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I have ______ in the 2nd House  Positives

2nd House in Aries: You are assertive in the way that you go about making money as you are very motivated. Confidence can be linked to the money you are making or have.

2nd House in Taurus: You want a  lot of money so that you can spend it carefully on luxury.You are known for having expensive taste but are financially very sensible. You can be good at business.

2nd House in Gemini: You take a very logical and intellectual approach to your finances. You may spend a lot of time drawing up detailed plans but you can adapt to any financial situation you find yourself in.

2nd House in Cancer: You are good at saving money, and investing it. You generally don’t buy anything expensive unless it is for your home or your family Financial security is a big thing to you.

2nd House in Leo: Like Aries, your confidence is linked to the money you make and you want to live in luxury. You may have some difficulty spending a lot on something, though.

2nd House in Virgo: You document your finances to every detail. You try to be practical with money, and you always have a plan, although you may not always stick to it.

2nd House in Libra: You feel better about yourself if you have your finances under control. Balancing your budget is something your focus on. You have expensive taste, yet do not spend more than you have.

2nd House in Scorpio: You can be very secretive about your financial life. Not many people know what your situation is. You may make a lot of money in your life, but it may not be your main goal. You are good at investing. 

2nd House in Sagittarius: You have a very generous attitude towards money. You only really want as much as you need. You don’t have a problem buying something risky. You think long term with finances.

2nd House in Capricorn: Like Virgo, you are careful with how you spend and invest even the smallest amount of money. You can actually live on very little and over time build up a lot.

2nd House in Aquarius: Money can be unpredictable for you. You may find yourself making a lot sometimes yet at others, very little. You can be very unique in the ways you make money.

2nd House in Pisces: You can be careless with finances, forgetting to budget. You don’t, however, worry about spending a lot. You may trust others with your finances a lot.

Embrace change as an opportunity to start something new.
—  PhoenixRysin~LifeBlogger

The person who never has enough, who is always wanting more, is not really rich. What is really rich? The man who is godly and is content. And [therefore] having food and raiment let us be therewith content (1 Timothy 6:8).
How many people have brought themselves into really great poverty because they’re never satisfied with what they have? “ You have food, you have clothes, praise the Lord! Be content.
For the love of money is the root of all evil (1Ti 6:10): So it all comes down to what is the center of your life. If money, the desire for money, the desire for gain is at the center of your life, then you’re going to be a miserable person. If God is at the center of your life, you’re going to be rich, your life is going to be blessed, your life is going to be full.


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Hi! I am knocking on your kind hearts to help this little girl to continue her life.

She is Carina Nieva, who is unfortunately suffering from chronic lung disease. Her family badly needs support to finance her daily medication. The doctor told them that she has to undergo lung transplant, which is approximately cost to 1 million pesos. However, they do not have enough money for that. That is why she is now under daily medication.

The oxygen from the oxygen tank helps her to breathe. Because of poverty, her family has a financial difficulty to daily refill the oxygen tank which amounts to 230 pesos. The said tank needs to be refilled 5 times a day (230 pesos x 5 times a day), which is really a burden to her family.

Friends, please let us help her and her family. Your help will definitely give additional breaths of hope and future. Please share this post, most especially to the person or group of persons who could bring blessings to Carina.

Thank you so much and God bless everyone!

Being able to read math, to understand the meaning of its abstract symbols and interpret their significance, often proves to be a vital skill in lots of real life situations. Consulting manuals, route planning using maps, understanding paychecks, reading graphs, managing your finances… are daily tasks which require math skills.