daily features


Weekly Planner PDF (Download Here)


  • Track daily/weekly salah. Prayers completed and missed. 
  • Acts as a substitute for university/school timetables.
  • Encourages using salah times to organise your day. 

This printable is a trial, please do let me know where improvements can be made. Baarak’Allaahu feekum. More printables available here.


I went ahead and made a new discord group for us dailies that feel left out of the big group, are too nervous to join the big group, would like more exposure, etc.!

If you’d like the link to join it, please send me a message! ANYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN, EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT A DAILY BLOG!!!

features of this group include:
-never being kicked for inactivity!
-an art gallery chat where you can show off your art, pokémon or non-pokémon related!
-a pokédex chat where you can advertise your own blog and meet others!
-NO voice chats so nobody has to stress about wether or not their mic is on! (ok sure this is mostly for me but i cant be the only one ok)
-goOD TIMES!!!!

if you want to join (or if you think your followers might want to) please reblog this! and if you feel nervous about joining the group please just message me, we can talk for about it and if you decide wether or not you want to join is up to you! I just want everyone to have a place in this fandom, and I think that having this could be a huge help. Let the good times begin!!!

Pokémon Go’s new update will have you coming back every day

Remember how the folks over at Pokémon Go Hub dug through the code of Pokémon Go and found information about a new, then unannounced daily bonus feature? Niantic just confirmed that finding was totally legit and they announced daily rewards you’ll want to take advantage of.

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