daily fashion quotes


Emma Watson

The people who are truly for you- always find a way to be there for you, even when they can’t be. You feel them {deeply} and they feel you.
—  Lalah Delia

For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from Him. Psalm 62:5
Very often we are in circumstances where we feel that our only hope - is in God. All our strength fails; all our resources are exhausted; people cannot help us anymore; our own efforts seem to be vain; our plans are frustrated, and we are shut up to the conclusion that God alone can help us. How often is this felt by a parent in regard to their children? All our efforts seem to be vain; all that we say is powerless; our hopes are disappointed; our very prayers seem not to be heard; and we are made to feel that our only hope is in God - a sovereign God - and that the whole case must be left in His hands. This state of mind, when it is fully reached, is often all that is needful in order that our desires may be granted. It is often when we reach this point of total dependency our prayer is answered.


‘I don’t have that many memories of my childhood with my Mum.
All I want to do is make my mother proud.That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, When she died, there was a gaping hole, not just for us but also for a huge amount of people across the world.If I can try to fill a very small part of that, then job done.’

Prince Harry on his late mother