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Daily Fashion Illustration 56. Monday, October 11. 2013

Style submitted by Michael Dale. -instagram user @mikeydale
‘Find what works for you and own your style. Don’t be afraid to try something different but at the same time don’t go for something just because it’s on trend.     My love affair with menswear started in my teens, back in the days of backcombed hair and Stroke t-shirts! Over the years my tastes matured and tailoring began to play a big part in my style. British brands inspire me; Paul Smith, Oliver Sweeney,  Savile Row is a huge influence on me and my dream is to one day own a bespoke suit from Henry Poole, but I also wear a lot of high street and vintage items.’

Daily Fashion Day 39. Thursday, October 17. 2013

Submitted by Craig Hammond. -instagram user @that_dapper_chap
 ‘My style has developed with age and the confidence that age gives with which allows you try new things, to use prints and to use accessories to add personality to an outfit to make it stand out from others around you. Never be afraid to try something different.’

Daily Fashion Day 36. Monday, October 14. 2013

Submitted by Nicolas Richard. 
 'I’ve always been a style nut. Starting from junior highschool I would always watch everyone outfits, especially sneakers. Later on I was to find a fascinating book on my dad’s shelves: Dressing The Man. After a few years of style wandering (baggy sweaters!?) I finally find what I’d like to talk about as a personnal style. My buddies were coming to me for advice and that’s when I started blogging about men’s fashion. I believe being fashionable and stylish are two very different things and that’s I love to talk about on Kinowear.com’

Daily Fashion Day 35. Saturday, October 12. 2013. 

Submitted by Fleur de Otter. -instagram user @fleurdeotter
 'I’m working as a visual merchandiser at Suit Supply, menswear is my biggest passion and my father, Rob de Otter, is my muse. His style is bold and classic at the same time, he is always one step ahead and tops off his outfit with one of his many eccentric glasses. He loves to layer up and to use colors but keeps it elegant and simple at the same time.’

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