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Altamaha-ha (Altie): Named for its habitat of the Altamaha river estuaries and rice fields in Georgia, Altie is a plesiosaur-like cryptid similar to the Loch Ness Monster. It is said to have features like an alligator, eel, and dolphin or porpoise. Sightings of Altie range from 1830 to as recent as 2010 (although it wasn’t named until around the 80s). 

[edit: I have learned that my rendition of Altie in fact resembles a mosasaur, not a plesiosaur! The traditional view of Altie is definitely more plesiosaur-ish!]

Daily painting 621

690: Muckie (Muckross Lake Monster)

I want to be friends with as many giant eels as I can.

Cryptid-Wendigo Has Shared A Video With Us Of A Possible Sighting

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