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Someone call the doctor

I seem to have come down with a serious condition. Known only as “startitis”, there is no known cure. Symptoms include a sudden onset of desire to start all the projects I’ve had in my head over the last four months.

They also include an inability to reconcile the limited amount of needles I own (of the correct size) with my seemingly limitless project queue.

The origin of the disease is unknown, but perhaps it has to do with finally finishing university after four long years.

Treatments are experimental, and involve giving in to the desires to start new projects as they arise without any feelings of guilt. Over long periods of time, those diagnosed with “startitis” have been known to finish projects they begin, but the limited amount of data doesn’t allow for any idea of a timeline for recovery.

Until the symptoms subside, there will likely be a lack of finished objects hanging around, but an abundance of WIPs. Wish me luck in my recovery!