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Thank god the whole keyblade weilder thing worked out for all of them, because school was looking like a real dead end. 

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I recently discovered the artist @aw0, and while I was scrolling through his stuff, his bunny OC Nadya caught my eye. Bunny ladies being my secret weakness and all (see: Toffee), I immediately decided I wanted to draw her myself, and so here we are. What can I say, Dude has some cute OCs.

fatalkill  asked:

Why are your colors green & purple


Purple and Green have been a long running joke color scheme on 4chan dating back to 2008,

but also, TFYC 

it’s for Women in Gaming, so there was a dual use for the colors

4chan found a scapegoat for the colors if anyone questioned the use of “Daily Dose”

I won’t Deny the Piccolo x Vegeta gif, but its such an old joke that its the mascot colors for the board, it was done to stir shit up, 

if you get upset over it then it worked, but you cant deny what the Character Vivian James stands for

its just a sketch, i said

i wont spend more than 30 minutes on this, i said

*3 hours later*

anonymous asked:

icup spell: pour water from a cup onto a picture of your target to have them embarrass themselves in public

I.C.U.P. Spell

What You’ll Need~

  • Sponge
  • Water cup
  • Clear jar
  • Googly eyes/a sharpie to draw eyes/magazine clippings of eyes/eye stickers
  • Yellow food coloring, for effect (optional)


  1. Take yo sponge. This is your target. You may write their name on the sponge.
  2. Pour a little bit of water into a jar. Add a drop of yellow food coloring. This is your daily dose of symbolism.
  3. Before putting your sponge in the P-water, tell it “I see what you’ve done, I see your shame, I see your end, I.C.U.P.”
  4. Put the sponge in the water. Let it soak up all the liquid.
  5. Start dropping in your “eyes”, or drawing them on the glass or lid of the jar with a marker. Googly eyes work well, as do magazine clippings or paper drawings. With each eye say “they see you too.”
  6. Close the jar, sealing in all the bad energy.
  7. When you want the spell to end, open the jar and dispose of the contents. Depending on how long you waited, your sponge may smell funky.