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Thank god the whole keyblade weilder thing worked out for all of them, because school was looking like a real dead end. 

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its just a sketch, i said

i wont spend more than 30 minutes on this, i said

*3 hours later*

Color Pon Pons Need Members

After thinking for a long time about what should I do with @color-ponies I decided to make it a blog run by me and some other members. But there’s just one problem, there are no members. The color ponies basically look like this.

This is Cosmic Latte. Her color is, well, Cosmic Latte! Most of the ponies with light color look like this. But the color ponies with a darker color have a white background behind them. But why the black and white background you may ask. They live in a place called The Void. That’s why there’s either eternal darkness behind them or big empty space.

So that’s what color ponies are in general. But what I’m planning to do on this blog?

If you saw the blog before then you must’ve read its title. It says “Daily dose of color”. On this blog, I’m planning to post daily 4 panel short comics about those color ponies.

If you’re interested in joining please send me a message.

Have a nice day/night and stuff. ;)