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I wanted to end this week with a tribute to the wonderful animated short ‘In A Heartbeat’ by Beth David and Esteban Bravo! It’s beautifully made and its message is so important, particularly for us at the moment in Australia 🏳️‍🌈💕 Happy #FanArtFriday everyone!

(Drawn in @adobe Draw on iPad)


(●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。Jack’s dream daddy! Youtubers edition 


I’ve started to watch jack’s playthrough of dream daddy. (´∀`)♡

And then mark’s bc i knew he would not say no to Robert .//cough cough//

btw,my dream daddy was the chubby one too but  eeh.. i’ve been kiiinda disappointed.i mean, not disappointed but i was not expecting such ‘agressive’ lovely daddy. Let’s see later if he’s rly like this or nah.

10-24-17 || Goretober Day 24- Infection

And sitting on that marble table is a chess set. And suddenly, there’s John. And he’s different. When you had parlay with him in the past, he was essentially a regular human man, but now he’s torn, and cracked, with rifts of— of black opal tearing down his face and body. And you can feel a faint heat coming off of him.


saturday, june 24 — i received my journal few days ago so i already started to play with it! i’m waiting my order from 2 different shops and one of them delivers in 12 weeks… i’m sincerely gonna cry. i wanted to wait for my supplies to arrive but i am obviously not that patient, so i started my bujo/journal/death note with the things i have!
i wanted to start my bujo with something i like and kind of represents my soul, and that’s how gilmore girls got featured in my first page! i’ve written the first script lines of the tv show because they literally changed my life (i’m getting boring here haha). i used my gel-ink muji pen and a faber castell brush pen! i’m quite sad tbh because i really had great ideas but since i have to wait for my orders i can’t really do cool things, oh and btw i ordered hella cute washitapes, stickers etc!

so yea, here is my “july page”, as i said on one of my previous post, i’m not gonna use my bujo in the “formal” way, i really want to be able to do everything I want with it so i’m not gonna use the standard key thing or calendars and stuffs, i’m still gonna use it for weekly to-do lists and stuffs but i’ll be featuring some other cool things as well, i can’t waaaaaait! hope you like it tho and do tell me if you use a bullet journal or a journal in general!

obsessed with boy.study (on instagram) spotify playlists, my favorite one is the apr / / 2017, and my current favorite song is crowded places - banks!