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This guy is awesome, no inhibitions, going for it!

anonymous asked:

(@rai-daily) vert buddy pal my core snek i made a scattergun for you wanna borrow it for the week?

“I’d love to! Now, let’s see how this works.”

10 minutes later….

“I’m sorry, Rai, but Cyan already took and destroyed it. Mainly cause of I somehow started a fire with it. I’m not sure myself how I did it….oh well!”



can you believe the dan and phil house contains, among other things, a sign that says dan and phil’s recording studio pointing up at the office, a blobfish plushie that phil has described as his baby and dan has described as a perfect representation of his personality, a kitchen sponge adorned in hearts, framed album art of a band that neither of them listen to much anymore but that partially brought them together eight years ago displayed front and center in their lounge, vanilla cake scented shower gel that phil claims he ordered but that dan almost certainly steals, and two cactus plushies with fringes, one for each of them, holding hands on the windowsill :(

nico cant take a break


Second Rule of ‘The Tom Hiddleston Fight Club’: Razor-Sharp Cheekbones Are Not A Reliable Form Of Defence…